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If you play an instrument/make songs/sing, then this is the place for you. Record and post whatever you want.

Here are some odd guitar noises made by the one and only me.

Soon I will post more! Mwuhahahahaha!

I hate FreeWebs, tell me if you can't get hold of the .mp3...

As much as I hate mp3's...

The Pinball Wizard couldn't hear sounds seeing as he was deaf, dumb and blind you know...
We'd all like to hear your band, voice, instrument/instrument skills, songs, mixes, odd noises, cool noises you can get outta things, guitar shredding/teeth drumming/tapping/speed/dive bombs/excessive bending and so on.

Record, host and post!



ooo... I'll post some of my compositions here... just have to get a recorder first tongue.gif but I'm not sure... because they're classical music...
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