Yep, I don't know if it's just me being a freak as always but don't you just love writing poetry that stinks but still makes you laugh at the time and then you can look back and think... woah.. I was such a freak?

Anyway, here goes:

The one-finned fish

I had a little fishy friend
Whose name was bob-jones-jim,
He floated on one side because
He only had one fin!

His 'friends', they laughed and teased,
Because of his sideways swim,
And so to put him out of misery,
I threw him in the bin. tongue.gif

Yep, feel free to criticise the awful rhyme and anything else you want, but hahahahaha, yep. But just remember, don't disciminate people because they only have one arm, because you never know what that one arm could do to you.. MUAHAHAHAHA. wink.gif