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Full Version: Hiya. Any One Else From The Uk?
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Hello! Just wanna say, this site is SO cool smile.gif As as soon as I get some money I'm buying the Mr Snaffleburger hoodie smile.gif
So, is there anyone else from the uk? Are you from the UK Mata?

Oh, yeah I just wondered Mata, have you thought of making some DVD type thing with the animations on? and how about Posters? (I just wanna have Mr snafflebuger on my wall to confuse my cat biggrin.gif )
Yes, I'm from the UK and I know that quite a few of the other posters on here are too, I'll let them say so individually.

I've looked at making posters. Basically the cost of production is fairly high at the moment, but not extraordinarily so, the problem really comes in the distribution. Unfortunately the cost of sending a poster tube to the UK or around the world is rather high, especially when compared to the cost of the poster itself. Maybe I can get WHSmiths to stock 'em wink.gif

BTW That's a lovely little avatar pic you've got there!
Thanks. i made it myself from a tshirt in the shop lol! i'm having troiuble uploading it thou :S the site said to contact you about it. so, hello, I am contacting you... smile.gif
You said the poster tubes are fairly expencive? Maybe you could sell them folded. I know they can look a bit naff with the creases in but they'd be cheaper then i suppose... cheaper to send anyway.
My bf said you thought he was from wales (Valleyboy2k?) You e-mailed him about his t-shirt or something... Anyway, he's wearing it today and making me jealous, because I can't afford a Mr Snaffleburger hoodie yet sad.gif
Yep, I sent off your bf's top last week I think smile.gif

Due to the ammount of bandwidth I'm using at the moment I've restricted uploading to the forum. Basically you can't do it. I did see your avatar the first time I looked at this thread though...

You'll need to find a place to upload it to that allows remote image accessing (not Geocities for example) and then you can link to it there.

I believe there were FTP details posted in another thread about this. You can download free FTP software from the web. Try I use WT_FTP Pro which I found very easy for my first go.
hello! I'm from the uk! *grins*

I tend to shove all my pictures on a tripod account.... it works for me anyway.

If you can't be bothered setting yourself up one then I could put it on my perkiaccount for you. Let me know. *grins*
Hey i'm new here.And yes I am from the u.k as well.
Hehe, Where abouts in the uk ppl?

I think i might set myself a tripod account up and give it a go...
Well I am from England in the u.k.
talking to faeries
I'm also new, and I'm from the Uk
hi, im also from england here. the home of chaz and dave!
My mate's seen Chas'n'Dave live in a nightclub in Leicester. I'm jealous.
I'm from the UK.
Industrial Kybosh
I am also from the UK. Yaaay! I get to be one of the popular ones!


Specifically, I am from the north west of England - a luvverly (read 'christawful') place called Warrington.
well i'm not from the UK.. but i can pretend right. meh us canadians dont really have our own country.. its all just an illusion ohmy.gif
I'm scottish. be afraid. wink.gif
where in scotland?
hello I should point out I am now the forum clown tongue.gif jus thought I'd start off with that...neway

Hey I'm from skotland and the place I live isnt exactly the livliest of places eg it sucks ass. On a lighter note I'm goin to see soulfly on the 22 in glasgow neone else goin down???

Later Demanu blink.gif
QUOTE (Industrial Kybosh @ Mar 4 2003, 12:44 AM)
I am also from the UK. Yaaay! I get to be one of the popular ones!


Specifically, I am from the north west of England - a luvverly (read 'christawful') place called Warrington.

I used to live near Warrington.

I've been all over the place lol....I'm from Yorkshire - i've lived in Wigan, Liverpool and I am now settled in Portsmouth.

Its too flat down here. No hills. tongue.gif
Industrial Kybosh
Got away from here as quickly as possible, eh? Don't blame you... wink.gif

You should try living in Bangor, North Wales. Hills aplenty there. I lived there for five years, and my leg muscles were like rocks... Sadly, flat dull Wazza has allowed them to grow flabby, but soon, soon I shall break free and forge a life of my own.

Maybe in Leeds.

I like Leeds.

Or Liverpool.
Me is from Dundee in Scotland. Pourqoi?
I LOVE SCOTTISH PEOPLE!!!!! my best friend lived half his life in scotland scotland is sooooo cool
Bit late, but yes - I'm from the Wales. A place called Aberdare, to be precise, in the Valleys. I'm in Bath at the moment though, studying. Im surrrounded by the English!!!

I'm from the UK too, up here in Manchester.

Well, Hyde, to be more precise... home to three of the most famous serial killers of the 20th Century. Yay me for still being alive then ph34r.gif
Industrial Kybosh
Any plans to make the total four, leo? Arf!

I like Manchester because the Wetherspoons there serves doubles for 1.99 - including good stuff like Glenfiddich! R4wr...
What, me? Kill?? Never! I'm as law-abiding as that Richard Hillman, me! wink.gif
Industrial Kybosh
Take off those gloves and back off, mofo.

I love Richard Hillman - best thing to happen to soap operas since JR got shot.
richard hillman, lol! i hardly watch soaps, but coz of him n this gail stuff oooo, got me griped it has!

welsh people *drools* just luurve that accent wub.gif Any of you welsh Anne Robbinson haters? I hate her, nasty peice of work she is mad.gif
Anne Robinson? *shudders*

We hates her we does. What gets me is the fact that if she had made that remark about any other ethnic minority group she would have been branded as a rascist, whether she meant it as a joke or not. But because she said it about the Welsh nothing happened. There's a conspiracy in the BBC I tell you! A conspiracy!!!
i totaly agree... I've never liked her. Love the USA one coz they all answer back to her *Grins*
My mates think I'm stupid coz I love welsh accents. They don't find it as sexy as I do lol
My ancestors a long long long time ago came from the UK... does that count? ::sigh:: Stupid US, why did our goverment decide to give our country such a bad name?
i'm living in scotland, in a crappy suburb of glasgow, called cumbernauld (don't visit it's deadening to the soul) which had its ten minuets of fame for the film gregory's girl and winning the well deserved award for worst town in europe.
QUOTE (miss_snaffleburger @ Mar 6 2003, 02:24 PM)
My mates think I'm stupid coz I love welsh accents. They don't find it as sexy as I do lol

I think welsh accents are sexy. In the same way brummie ones are wink.gif arf arf!!

Ah, I remember Annie when she was all nice on Points of View, and she used to smile and wink. This was back in the days before the wink became her trademark. And we can all thank Terry Wogan for that.

/me makes note to self: Stop mentioning stuff that shows me age!
[B][FONT=Arial][COLOR=blue]Hey all! I'm Luke (Lafro) from Grimsby near Hull, vaguely near Lincoln in the UK!

I'd like to say that this site opens up the BIGGEST CAN OF WHOOP-ASS I've seen in a LONG time.
Big up da UK massive, and everyone group 'aaaaaaaah' for those poor American sods for having such a dumb-ass government/president/political puppet who seems to be controlled by Bart Simpson!


visit Dumbass for more 'other side' style humour!!! Soon to be officially recommended by Mata (hopefully)...
bart simpson is overly cruel to us poor americans with his practical jokes sometimes isnt he.
grrrrrrr. <_<
poor bush... he doesn't know what he's doing...


There's no 'I' in team, but there's a 'me' if you look hard enough!

visit Dumbass for more 'other side' style humour!!! kinda recommended by Mata... he said "It's good to see a consistent colour scheme. A lot of the pages that I get sent look absolutely hideous with their clashing colours! The eyeball thingy at the bottom is rather cool too. Some of the links at the bottom of the page didn't seem to work..."

I'm from the Uk, small town in Cheshire about 2 miles south of Manchester. Lovely weather down here you should come visit sometime. Bring a brolly.
Im from North Yorkshire.

Hmmm....please dont visit if you wish your sanity to remain intact. Thanks....... bye.
Industrial Kybosh
QUOTE (Quinny @ Mar 10 2003, 04:13 PM)
I'm from the Uk, small town in Cheshire about 2 miles south of Manchester. Lovely weather down here you should come visit sometime. Bring a brolly.

As a Warringtonian I would like to know which town you speak of.
Warrington is a nice place, bit of a drive away from me tho.
Industrial Kybosh

You have obviously never lived there...

I'm in the uk - in winchester smile.gif
Hi, I'm from the UK aswell. Winchester. Well, Winchester at the mo, I'm really from Oxfordshire, just studying here (don't ask me why).
Oh, hello Laydybird, must'v missed you there, sorry!
the U.K rocks!

(slight rustling noise as personalities revolve like some sort of stupidly designed door)


(thumping noise sounding slightly - but not much - like an alter ego getting hit with a hot branding iron)

no, i didnt

im from scotland too
we rule, dont we?
no, not us Dace

<---- loves the scottish
Cardiff wales here...if anyone of you come to Cardiff goto Dempsys pub on a friday night look for the only guy with a LLG teeshit usually talking to the voices biggrin.gif
QUOTE (craziness @ Mar 9 2003, 03:33 AM)
bart simpson is overly cruel to us poor americans with his practical jokes sometimes isnt he. grrrrrrr. dry.gif

fix the post. it made the screen all annoying again mad.gif
Im from cumbernauld in Scotland
coolies, same place as Prez
i'm from near scotland
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