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Full Version: Stand Alone Flash Player
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I know there is/was a stand alone Flash Player (NOT the installer), so that you could play swf files without needing to start a properly plugged browser. I never been able to find it on the Macromedia site. Does anyone happend to have it and could get it to me or know where I can actually find it? I currently have the version 6.
that's not what I'm looking for. It's a program that can open .swf flash files and plays them. Here's a screen shot of the program I have now.

Sorry, I'm a little confused as to what you actually want. Could you try to define it a little more?
Macromedia has a program that plays Flash animations. It is program all in itself, not using a browser that has the Flash plug-in installed. Totally free standing, you can set up MS Windows to associate that program with the files and play them just by double clicking, like you do with Word .doc's or video files. I'm not sure how else I can explain it, I hope this helps.
Could you check something for me. Install that file linked to above, then go through your start menu > Programs > Macromedia > Flash Player 7.

Does that folder exist? Given that Macromedia's site seems to suggest that the download I linked to above is the only place to get the player, I'm guessing you do already have it on your machine after installing that file.

Also, what exactly do you want this for? After all, if all you want to be able to do is watch Flash movies that you have saved on your machine then surely you could just associate them with your web-browser, and watch them in there?

The file launches the player is called SAFlashPlayer.exe so you might want to search your machine for that too if you can't find it through your programs folder.

I've also found this

Check out the software at the bottom of the page.
I used to associate the files with a broswer, but my computer is slow to open them now, and the stand-alone is open immediately unlike the minute or so that my browsers take.

SAFlashPlayer.exe is what the screenshot is of.

The file you linked is what I had installed before posting, in the hope it might help. No such folder was made during the install.

Thinking about it, I think it is actually in the Flash MX or whatever they are calling their .swf making software now. So if someone does actually have that, there should be directory that has the plugin installers and the the SAFlashPlayer.exe file and maybe a .dll or two. If anyone has it and could get me SAFlashPlayer.exe that is newer than 6, I'd be in your debt.
I've sent you a PM. I'm still very surprised that the Flash player hasn't been installed with the plug-in but I can email you the folder of mine.

Oh, and if your browser is taking ages to open then try Firefox, it's got a far smaller footprint than IE and takes less system resources smile.gif Yep, it's me pimping Firefox again!
Actually I do use Firefox and that take longer to load than IE, (just a little bit) but it's mostly due to a slow 4200 rpm hard drive. Well I'll be building or getting a new system soon so it will all be good.

Thanks, Mata
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