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Full Version: Home Education Vs Formal Schooling
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Two of my siblings have been home ed for the last year and a half, my third sibling has now decided to join them. I myself was educated in state schools from the age of 5 upto 16.

I was just wondering about my fellow forumites thoughts on home education versus 'schooling'. Any one here been home educated who liked it, or wished they were sent to a school? Any one here who was sent to a school who liked it, or who wishes they were home ed? Any other questions anyone can think of?

Oh bum fluff. I just realised I posted this in Games, not Issues. A lill help here please Mod?
Personally I think it's better to be educated at school because you make more friends and all that. However, I seriously hate school because it dominates your life! That's how your life is structured. And I hate it because I want to have my own life too. Also, teachers are so rude because when my hard drive went suicidal, they were like, have a detention for losing all your work. I mean... mad.gif humf.
its p. im just on n's login name, but well, emma
i agree with your first point

you get to make friends and gossip!

(p.s.emma, i hate j.p. now)
Oooooh.. yay!!.. I have spread the wisdom of Mata far tongue.gif NOOOOOO.. WHY DO YOU HATE JP????!!!!! (btw, you do know that he knows about matazone don't you.. I'm ntos rue if he's discovered the forums.. but imagine he read this!!!)

well. hes a bit rude. shall we phone him tomorrow and say happy birthday?
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Getting back on track, I read this bitchin' article about homeschooling and I'm very much down with it. I was homeschooled for a year since my parents and I had problems with the local school system. I had a buttload of fun. I got through what would be a day's worth of work in a few hours and devoted the rest of the time to music, writing and Legos. That was when I got into film and comic books. My only complaint was that it was rather lonely, but that wasn't a good reason to go back to public school. All in all, I liked the education I got that year and I recomment public school to anyone looking for an alternative to public school.

Oh, and read tha article. It's bitchin'.
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I have always thought that home schooling seems like an awesome concept, especially having gone to public school and sitting there bored to death and wishing I could just go along at my own pace! I think I would have missed being around people (well, SOME people) and field trips, things that you can't exacly have at home. It was also kind of nice to get out of the house some days. Has anyone ever heard of like a collective home school thing where like half a dozen kids are home schooled but still do stuff together to so there is some social aspect? I read about it in a book once, I was just wondering if any existed in real life.
Yeah, they have like homeshcool undergrounds where everyone gets together to learn homeschool style. We tried to get into one, but there wasn't one in the area.

And you can do field trips with homeschooling. I went to an abandoned prison and Valley Forge park and a bunch of other neat places I couldn't go to at school. It was rather awesome.
Well that's sounds just dandy then. Maybe I will have my kid in home school then when the time comes. biggrin.gif
Thanks Ri for getting the thread back to topic wink.gif

Living in a city, there are lot's of home ed groups about.

Asenyth, about being able to go along at your own pace, that's one of the main reasons my mother decided to offer home ed to my sister.

In all honesty I don't see that my sibling miss out on the social aspect of school, but like I said, we live in a big city and the groups are in fairly close proximity.

Like Ri says, there are 'feild trips' to be had. Quite a few places give educational discounts for groups of home educationers.

Do you wish that you'd not gone back to school Ri?
I'm currently in the public schooling biz, and I can see both sides of the issue. The extra time would be lovely, and the "getting-a-better-education" as well, but there are a few problems, the largest of which being that my mother is the one staying home and she heartily despises math \snarkiness> by which I mean she is not very good at it /snarkiness>. Also, I would miss my orchestra class (pathetic though that sounds) and seeing people I know.

I do think that if my parents were up for it, I would consider home schooling. Some of my teachers fit the profile in previously mentioned "bitchin' article", by which I mean they're racist. I also tend to snap at people who enjoy swear-filled public critique of whatever it is I'm wearing. I tend to get bored in class, and spent my math period thinking about perfect squares and the relationships between them. Which is all well and good but we happened to be doing slope that class.

Oh, and sorry I'm not Ri--I do realize the post previous was intended for him and this overlong post is poor substitute. I'll go over there now *points*
Don't be silly Elphaba *me tuggs back*, the initial post is for everyone tongue.gif
When It comes to homeschooling I'm not aure I agree with it in most cases. As you guys know I am a teacher. I teach english in a comprehensive Secondary school. There are some situations where home school DOES work, I will admit that, but in most cases kids seem to see it as a way out of going to school (N.B here I am NOT referring to anyone in particular)

The education that you get at school will always be more comprehensive than one you would get at school. First of all, in most cases, majority of parents do not have the expertise to teach subjects like science at anything more than a basic level. Of course if your mum or dad is a biologist or physicist then you're laughing here, but will they be able to help you with your french/ geography/ history? Especially if you are doing GCSE's or equivilent?

Also, home schooling really only seems to work with students who genuinely want to work and do well in school. Those who don't want to, just don't do any of the work. I know that that is the same inside school as well but with a support network of god knows how many teachers it is easier to help these students to find out what it is they need to get them into the education system.

School is also a vital part of a young person's social education. Whilst I agree that social interaction is not the main reason to go to school it is a very important part of development. I have seen somewhere (and of course now I can't find it!) statistic that show that young children benefit from being at playgroups etc in later life due to the interaction skills that they learn. Imagine going into a job for the first time and you have NEVER socialised with anyone who doesn't have the same interests as you! I often have students working in groups that complain that "I can't work with him/ her. They smell/ don't like me/ are a boy (or a girl)"etc. My answer- When you leave school you will have to work with people you don't get on with that is a fact of life. Deal with it. Harsh I know, but they generally can't argue with it.

I feel that home school is necessary in some cases but in most the students should be intergrated into the education system in some part at least
Now that I've been thinking about this topic, I remember one kid that I went to school with. He was in my class until middle school which in the town I was living is a regional school that 3 towns use as well as the high school. He was then home schooled, but because he was in band and wanted to take a language, he would come to the school to take German and band. I think this might have been a special program that some schools have. I think he might have gone on field trips too. I'm not really sure, I just had a huge crush on him when I was like 12 wub.gif But anyhow, did any of those who have gone through home school do anything similar or at your school, Faerieryn, do they have a similar program?
I'm not saying that homeschool works for everyone. Some people would rather formal schooling (however, I'm a bigger fan of private schooling because you have a wider range of teaching philosophies). Public school doesn't work for everyone, therefore homeschooling should always be considered an option.

And Frog, to answer your question on whether I wish I'd gone back or not, well yeah and no. I do think I could have had more fun learning at my own pace, especially if I were in a homeschool group. Textbooks, computer programs and loose asignments beat the hell out of the daily grind but suffering through said grind made me the person I am today, for better or worse. That and since I can't time travel, it's a moot point.
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