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Full Version: Embarrassing Slip-ups
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Snugglebum the Destroyer
Another one I do quite often is waving at people I think I know but then on closer inspection I really don't.

Funnily enough, my Dad actually does this on purpose to throw people. The thought that the stranger in question spends the next 3 hours trying to work out who he was entertains him.
in school i regularly called my teacher mom...

the other day in church i was making an example of a few people and of course... gave everyone the wronge name

if andy (eric) smells bad and i tell aaron (andy) about him smelling bad just to relay the information... am i gossiping about andy (eric) or am i just relaying the information and if andy tells eric (aaron) about it is he gossiping? or just further relaying the information to aaron?

everyone looked quite confused for a while...
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