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Full Version: Silly Comic Strip Idea
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For a long time, some friends and I have been bopping around a silly idea for a comic strip/book called Oriku Ronin: Skateboard Samurai. THis comes from our love of samurai and skating and how cool it would be to hack up posers, cops and in-liners. My friends and I have written some stuff, but we've been having some difficulty getting the protagonist, Oriku's, character down. His story is that he was sent to live with his uncle at thirteen to study the arts of the sword and the skateboard. He then learned that his uncle was the keeper of the Teneo Edge, which once belonged to the skate god Teneo the Protector. The keeper of said sword is Teneo's instrument on earth, the defender of skating. He trained hard for many years devoting every waking moment to skating, the sword and, of course, music, skate videos and junk food. I dunno. It's hard to balance samurai additudes with skater additudes. He's intelligent, wise and deep but at the same time individualistic, nonconformist and hardcore fun-loving. Does that make sense?

Anyway, what I really need help with is the skateboard samurai's code of honor. We've been compiling this stuff for a while now but I think we may be missing some stuff. Here is is in it's entirety.

Serve, in this order, your sponsors*, the skate gods and your fellow skaters.
(*sponsors are very important in skate cultrue; without them, pro skating would never exist)

Strive to better yourself as a skater, a swordsman and as a person always.

If two of your sponsors are at conflict, abandon both. It is better to lose two sponsors than be shamed for betraying one.

Never push mongo*. It is an abomination.
(*mongo refers to using your front foot to push instead of your back foot)

Bail* only to prevent serious injury. Otherwise, it is an act of cowardice.
(*to escape a trick)

Falls are inevitable. View them as a test of your loyalty to skateboarding. Wear your scars as badges of courage.

There will always be someone who can ollie* higher than you or can spin faster than you or has done more tricks than you or has more sponsors than you or has cut more men down or won more comps** or a multitude of other accomplishments. Remember always to be humble or you may end your career or lose your life long before you should.
(*jump) (**competitions)

Skate, swear and draw your sword in a similar manner: only when appropriate.

Cops are the bane of skaters and always be, however engage them only in defense.

BMXers and surfers can make good allies. Never trust an in-liner and ignore the existence of scooters.*
(*in-liners and scooters are looked down upon by skaters, though in different ways)

A skate park is a battleground only when empty and at night. Otherwise, take your battles to the street.

Never challenge a poser*. There is no honor in that.
(*a skater who's all talk)

Your body, your mind, your board and your sword must be one. Take care of all four. Keep your mind clear, tend your wounds, keep up your appearance, sharpen your sword, keep your bearings* clean, replace parts when necessary and know when to part with an old deck**.
(*what keep the wheels moving)(**the board itself)

When buying parts or swords, research what you want and seek advice. A bad purchase could compromise your career and your life.

Be respectful to novice skaters, for you were once a novice yourself.

When doing tricks, focus on what is happening, not what will happen or what has happened. Have no expectations, even with a familiar trick, as you may have to adapt to a new condition.

When attempting a new trick, envision yourself doing the trick taking note of everything could happen. However, once you begin the trick, keep your mind clear so that you may accomplish your vision.

Regular* pushers should fight right-handed. Goofy** pushers should fight left-handed. Also, it would be wise for a skater to be able to fight with his other hand as well as he can skate switch***.
(*to push with your right foot)(**to push with your left foot)(***to push with the foot poopsite you are used to)

Be sure to skate for fun whenever you are able. Otherwise, skating will become a burden to you.

Draw your sword only when you intend to battle. Lay your board down only when you intend to skate.

If you are chased away from a spot, acquiesce unless you are threatened or attacked. In that case, defend yourself.

Remember the pain you feel during a fall. Become familiar with it. You will feel it again.

Always bring your own wax*. Make sure it is professional grade. Candles are substandard.
(*used on curbs and ledges to allow your board to slide better during a grind)

Of all the skate gods, give most reverence to Teneo the Protector. Without him, the art of the skateboard samurai would have been lost long ago.

When skating, be courteous to others. Watch out for walkers and keep quiet at spots. Do not get in the way when someone is setting up to do a trick or ollie a gap.

That's all I have. Anyone have any imput or suggestions? The guys and I would appreciate it.
I'm sure as hell looking forward to this!

And now to make this post non-spam:

Make it. Get a publisher, or just do it on paper and send it to a publisher, or animate it, or whatever. I don't care, I just really wanna see this! A skateboarding Samurai. As well as Samurai being a name of a band I can't stand *shudder*, I can't quite imagine a gentle Samurai on a skateboard. This I gotta see...

Anyway, things and stuff. Etc.
The thing is, I'm not sure how to balance his stoic samurai-ness with the aggressive skater edge. The best example I can think of is Mike Vallely, formerly of the Black Label team, now with Element (LABEL FOR ELEMENT?!). He is an aggressive, bad-ass skater who's humble enough to take time out of a skate session to skate with some kids trying to ollie off a curb. I listened to his philosophies on life. He's really down with a lot of good views on treating your fellow man, respect to others and the like. He's also ass-kicking enough to defend himself and Bam Margera against an aggressive landscaper in an Acme parking lot. He's also been arrested for not obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. I also saw video of him beating the living hell out of four guys for calling Bam a "skater fag." That's kinda what I'm going for. Make sense?

I'd like to do it. I really would, but none of us can draw well.
this storyline will kick all royal ass, i would be honoured to make sprites for you...

I can use ruroni kenshin's outfit and sword while changing the head with someone a little bit spunkier, and the skateboard, no problem at all.

should i make more?
What we invisioned was a dude about 5'7", 170 lbs who wears either blue or black baggy cargo shorts or pants with white socks and black Circas (best damn shoes ever). As for his top, if you think of Samurai Jack's garb, minimize it to about shirt size with short sleeves then cover it with patches from Spitfire whels, Black Label skateboards, Circa shoes, Panther bearings, Phantom trucks, Zero skateboards and other similar companies. As for a board, I keep invisioning him having his own deck even though he's unsponsored. Red with black griptape; no design cut out of it. I see it covered with stickers from said companies. He'd wear a bad-ass gotee and have his hair shaved under and parted with a little bit tied up a la Samurai Jack. Use your imagimination (I meant to spell it that way).

And recently I borrowed Mike V's Greatest Hits which shows footage of some of the confrontations Vallely's gotten into and his commentary on them. Tone down the aggressiveness and intensity just a bit and that's Oriku.

Dude, if you (or anyone here) are interested in drawing this stuff, PM me. Make a drawing or two and I'll show the guys.

PS- You guys wouldn't happen to have any ideas for additions to the skater's bushido, would you?
I think he he should have like a bunch of japanese character on the back of his gei that spell out

"skating is spirit, spirit is life" or something like that
How about the old addage, "SKATE OR DIE"?

Hmm. I actually knolw some cats who could hook me up with that kanji.
The rules of the skate samurai sound superb. Although some of them sound extrmely Samurai (altruistic and yodaish) but others sound very skaterish. Not saying that either is unsuitable I just think that the styles need to be combined more thoroughly to make it really believeable.

WHat does your protagonist do whilst he is not skating? Alter ego? Or something else
The thing is, he's a skater. Even pro skaters spend their downtime skating. It's not just a sport; it's a lifestyle, much like being a samurai.

When he gets free time, he will often skate with guys he meets, watch skate videos (very important to skate culture), appear in a video here or there, listen to punk, eat junk food, play video games and just chill. In one story, he's payed thirty pieces of gold to protect a skate park (being the defender of skateboarding doesn't pay the bills) but was able to negociate three days worth of free skating. I wrote another story where Oriku went to the beach, chilled out then went surfing with some islanders.

A lot of his time is taken up by a kid named Ryo that he took under his wing. They skate both as work and as play, though sometimes the line is blurred because skating is fun regardless. Also, if Oriku's strapped for cash, he'll enter a comp and usually get first.

And I thought the code of honor was well integrated. Take out everything involving swords, battle or Teneo the Protector and you have the unwritten rules of skating, just put in nicer terms.

ANother issue I'm having is how aggressive Oriku should be when it comes to violence. I figure he's somewhere between Mike Vallely and Samurai Lapin. Hmm. THis'll take some thought.
Get the point with the free time aspect. Teaching another future sket Samurai is a very noble pursuit.
i think when hes not skating you should go for a comical strip and make him stuff his face with ramune and ramen. XP

this character sounds like hes kind of like yoh asakura, very relaxed until he is challenged or drawn out, in which case he is merciless. But he can take time to enjoy the finer things in life, like skating
QUOTE (Ryu @ Jan 18 2005, 08:20 AM)
i think when hes not skating you should go for a comical strip and make him stuff his face with ramune and ramen. XP

That's kind of a given. I envision Oriku and Ryo sitting down at an inn in front of the TV with ramen, barbeque chips and cans of soda watching skate videos or on a curb after a skate session downing rice out of takeout boxes while sharing a 2-liter. THis is the kind of stuff skaters really do, though not always with ramen and rice.

this character sounds like hes kind of like yoh asakura, very relaxed until he is challenged or drawn out, in which case he is merciless. But he can take time to enjoy the finer things in life, like skating

That's most skaters. Like I said, skating is a lifestyle so if you're in the middle of a trick or are competing then you get serious.
groovy idea, but why would u chop up cops? posuers, i understand.....
Cops are the bane of existance for skaters. In this world, cops only recently began oppressing skaters and if they threaten ot attack a skater, the skater must step up.

...And come on, what skater wouldn't like the idea of hacking a cop's head off?

EDIT: スケートかダイス or "Skate or die."
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