Life as a Stage

We feel as if we are standing in the spot light
on the stage of life,
acting to the crowd of strangers.

We never know when the show will end,
so we keep on pretending
with that fake smile forced upon our face.

We sing and dance
trying to show the world we're ok,
but we know the truth of it all.

The outside is protected by our walls,
but on the inside we are screaming in agony and angst.
We wish to be understood
to be heard.

But all we can do,
is stand upon the stage.
Until someone calls curtain


My heart aches within,
These feelings I try to hide.
I don’t want to make things worse.
I just want to make you happy.

I can’t help the way I feel,
And I know you hate how I act.
I try to do my best,
In holding myself back.

You must understand,
That if I hide too much,
It’ll slowly eat away within,
And cause much worse in the end.

So please understand,
When I let loose a little,
It’s only to help us get better,
And grow closer together.

It may cause pain,
And it may cause tears,
Hell it may cause you to hate me for a little while,
But in the long run,
I’d do it again…
Because darling…

I love you.

Me and My Mates

Listen up you scalawag’s wags!
Swab the deck!
Raise the sails!
And set out for the open sea!

Let the wind blow through your hair,
Let the smell pick your nose,
and look out to the wide open sea!

Oh joyous it is to be free as a bird,
barking commands and enjoying the sea.
There’s nothing better,
then to be a pirate.

I stand tall on the deck
with a grin ear to ear.
Me and my mates,
taking the ocean on,
no matter how it acts.

Oh yes, this is the life I want…
I want…
A pirates life for me.

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