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Usurper MrTeapot
None to sure where to post this but its sort of asking a question.

Googlebot Contacting member via email Today, 08:46 PM

I thought Googlebot was just searching the site for infomation, I didn't think it could contact someone. Can someone explain what a Googlebot is as I think I've got it wrong.
It just follows links. It followed the link to email a member, it obviously can't email the member, it just can go to the page to see what's there.
You never know. Maybe it's become sentient and is trying to make contact. After all, it does know more information than anything else on the planet probably!
Usurper MrTeapot
Cheers Missy, I was worried for a second. unsure.gif

But I also think that I should be wearing a tin foil hat when I'm browsing incase the Googlebot evolves and becomes a psychic power of unknown terror! *has been watching too much sci fi*
Don't joke too hard, I know of a chap that went a bit nuts and actually did end up wearing a tinfoil hat "to keep out the signals"! Apparently he wore it underneath a normal hat so people wouldn't think that he was mad...
Have you added a 'robots.txt' file to the server document root?

Any spiders which obey Robots Exclusion Standard (hopefully most major search engines) should look for this file and obey the rules within which will tell them where they can and cannot search. Googling for 'robots.txt' should give you the necessary information.
Apologies if you've already done this.

</second geeky post of the night>
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