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Full Version: I Am A Smexy Kittenfish, Hear Me Roar!
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Good for you, Lola! Bite back! PWM is a pretty decent guy, but he needs a nip every now and then to remind him that his opinions are not the only ones!

Welcome to the forums! Sit back, relax, enjoy the duct tape, and make good use of the Daft section! You'll have your own shiny new member title in no time! Have some brownies!
First Fey, lay off. I love other people's opinions and was sharing my own. I don't want to insight a flame war, so I won't, but I've people that dislike me enough without you taking pot shots at me each chance you get. Not even I do that. Let's both let this drop.

As is, I'm here to clear something up. I did not, in fact, mean what I said maliciously, though in hindsight the "attention whorish" and statement about how I don't care if I've driven you off were a bit... caustic. If everything was taken that way, I apologize. However, it was meant amiably (well, amiably as one could be not knowing a person). Anyway, I'm not going to try and further justify, but I didn't mean so much offense so I'll shake your extended hand of peace. Cheers.
Lola the SMEXY KittenFish
Thamk you...and I'm sorry, because I realize how attention-whorish I really am, now that I read all that I've's probably best I post only in the Daft and Games forums...Heh happy.gif;;
Okay, if that was sarcasm, then I think it was misplaced. If not, then I think you are mistaken. Either way, I'm gonna keep away from this topic for the most part.
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