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Full Version: Another Poem!
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So.....take a look and see what you think

My White Knight

My White Knight:

Hates the cold
But loves the snow

He has no love
For self ritious beings
But is moralistic
To a fault.

My White Knight:

Can hate easily
But love eternally

He tolerates no angst
From others
But has a past
Incomplete without it

My White Knight:

Is quick to anger
But fierce to love

He tries desperately
Not to love
But tells me he loves me

My White Knight:

Has seen my best
And my worst

He keeps me floating
When I drown
And keeps me grounded
When I fly.

My White Knight:

Makes me cry
But not as Iím used to

He teaches me to love
Myself included
And I love him
Deeply and honestly.
Thats really beautiful smile.gif
Thanks! biggrin.gif
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