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Full Version: I've Made A House To Explore
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Actually I'm off for a meeting with a chappie tomorrow who I wanted to show something good to so I've made this minisite to show that I can do more than just make cartoony things.

What do you think?
Thats really awesome Mata!
cheese is funny
nice work there mata, genius as usual biggrin.gif

And now you've seen inside my house too, although admittedly you've seen it in nightvision through tiny compressed video sequences but you've seen it nonetheless. Well... The staircase at least...
Nice staircase! I wish I had stairs in my house. lol
cheese is funny
i can now say ive been in the house of a genius... <feels special>
That was very cool...I'm not sure I understand the swingy arm bit.....but I am also running on very little sleep which is not good for me, so I probably missed something....Or was it just a demo of what can be done?

Cool none the less.
Free Psycho
That was so cool!! Wish it was longer...when you're going up the staircase a second time, did you run into something? It kind of sounds that way...Great job though!! I loved it!!
I'll have to have a look at it again with the sound as nap time so I had my speakers off.
thats some crazy shiznit, m-dog laugh.gif
Free Psycho
LMAO @ m-dog
wow that kicks butt!!
It was very dark on that staircase!

Yep, the whole thing is a demo of what can be done, so there's a lot of things on there just for the sake of showing style and techniques.

Even at the length it is it still took several days only breaking for food and occasional sleep to make!
wat does it say at the top of the stairs? looks like it says sometihng on the floor when your goin back down. maybe its just me. y would it say summat on the floor? blink.gif
i think that turned out great *really impressed with the flash*
Looks great Mata! Now you have to wander through the rest of your house...
QUOTE (kaytee83 @ May 7 2003, 05:11 PM)
Looks great Mata! Now you have to wander through the rest of your house...

laugh.gif laugh.gif i was thinking the same thing
Thats pretty kool Mata....Your night vision videos still scare me but it was rather artistic nonetheless. Good job!
That's far out mata, great job. If only other flash animators were as talented! But i must say, i didn't get the stretchy arm bit either!
Wow Mata, that was uber-cool, the night vision thing reminded me of a cross between bLAIR wITCH and My Little Eye, very spooky! The pictures on the wall are gorgeous too, I love the Raven Headed Man one. Another string to your bow methinks!!! biggrin.gif
Wow cool! My house has stairs that lead to toast
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