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That's a good question- I've always wondered about that.
When one is warned, one gets nice little orange bars that say "warning level" __%. One bar is 20%, Two is 40%, etc. You can click it then to see what the reason that the moderator modded you. Fun stuff.

Noooo... I don't have any warnings.
I have two warnings, and I'm on 40%. I think I got one the first day, and the other on the second day, but now I'm going straight.
Yep, below your profile that is next to your posts you can see a bar. In your case it says 'Warn: (0%)' and then has a bunch of squares that turn orange when you're given a warning. If you click on the percentage a window pops up and tells you what the warnings are.

If you're a mod you get to see what warnings everyone has been given, but users only see their own. So Voices, you don't have any and Mike can be quite rude to people at times (other times he's lovely) so he's had a few spankings. smile.gif
Mata, are you REALLY bisexual?
QUOTE (exceptional1709 @ Jan 9 2005, 09:43 PM)
EDIT: Please stop with the language. Otherwise Your warn level meter will be raised.
Saucy, Mod.

What is a warn meter?

The little bar you see just under your avater with 0-100%. The mods can give you warnings (or is it just Mata?) and your meter will start to fill up indicating just how naughty you are. Hopefully none of yours is coloured in red yet, cause if it is you've prolly done summat bad. Either that or the mods are trying to give you a fright to welcome you to this place we call home tongue.gif

Edit - oops, I really should check there are no more pages to a thread before I answer...
QUOTE (Mittens2317 @ Jan 10 2005, 06:27 PM)
Mata, are you REALLY bisexual?

Yes, he REALLY is. As are a number of members on this forum, so if you act shocked every time you're going to spend quite a lot of time asking everybody "really? You are?"
. . . sorry, I just thought he were trying to 'fiddle' with my mind.

(See, I can replace swear words after all!)
Quoth(The Raven)
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