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That two threads closed in one day.. we have almost beat logic's record.
Mr Fuzzy
QUOTE (Mittens2317 @ Jan 8 2005, 10:58 PM)
MOD!!! HE USED A BAD MUTHA F|_|ŠK||\|G WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad words you say? Well, you claim to be a mod on another forum. Do you like it when people abuse your rules and ignore what you tell them? No? Then...

Shut your foul mouth you little shit. I don't give a crap whether or not you think you should be allowed to swear or if you think you should for some unknown reason be beyond the rules. You will stop behaving like a precious little bastard and do as you are bloody well told.

There, you see we're all perfectly capable of swearing, but if you click on my profile and look through my previous posts you will see that I can quite easily reign in the urge. Twat.
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