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Full Version: Suggestions?
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Dreams On Hiatus
Nyoko - an original character I drew

I just got a scanner and this is the first piece I have been able to scan into my computer.

I want to color it in Photoshop 7.0, and I started out but it wasn't working right. I know I was probably doing something wrong. Does anyone have any good Photoshop hints, not just for me but for forumite artists in general? Or perhaps some good tutorials that anyone knows of?

I think it would help others and myself out a lot. smile.gif
Would it be possible for you to use the 'magic wand' tool to select the solid, white areas without selecting the black, then fill that selection with your chosen colour? Then, you may be able to add shadow and creases with the 'burn' tool. Trouble is, it may be hard to colour each bit in a same selection a different colour. For example, to illustrate my point, if you wanted her to be wearing camo trousers.

Plus, another person who can draw brilliantly.

*shakes fist*

Dreams On Hiatus
Thanks for the suggestion! I shall definately do that. smile.gif
If you're looking for a tutorial on how to make anime type people using photoshop, Alpha Shade have a layer by layer flash thing on their website which might be useful.
Her right foot is turned a little akwardly towords her thigh, other than that its awesome
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