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Full Version: New Moderators?
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Thanks Mata, thats cleared my mind up a bit, i understand and agree now, go for it. I'm not going to specify an opinion on who should be a mod, i haven't been here long enough to know anyone well enough to say. Hopefully this situation will be over soon and people will stop leaving.
QUOTE (racingaway13 @ May 8 2003, 03:20 AM)
leo is about the only truely mature one of us that isnt a mod just yet, i dont know about anyone else but i am announcing that, upon his vow to leave ish VS. ness out of moderation, i will support him entirely

I'm confused... Racin, if ya think I'm mature enough to handle it, why do ya need a vow from me?? Surely that's contrary to what yer sayin?

I'm not really sure how the whole ish v ness thing started anyways... I never started it out like that an I even suggested a truce in the ness thread... I only get excited about ish cos it's the only club I ever started where the member count got any higher than one... plus it's the only half-decent idea I ever had fer a web address...


But since there seems to be a general feelin about it... here goes...

IF I was to become a mod (an this is a big IF here) then I won't be usin it to beat up on people. I think of you guys as friends, an I want it to stay that way. I've no intention of alienatin anyone...

I hope that satisfies people, but I really wish I didn't feel I had to say that...
Hey Leo that kind of sounds like a campaign promise. biggrin.gif

I must say that Mata..........great words once again from a great man. (no I'm not kissing butt.)
If there has to be a Mod (which is so sad) I think Leo is the man.. but I would really like to see some self-control instead. *singing* dream a little dream for me...... wink.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
i have to say i'm sorry it's come to this, but lolo, leo, crissi all get my vote of confidence, i'd even nominate myself, but i don't think that's a good idea, makes me feel....big headed really, and besides i'm not here enough
well..ive been here a long time and know loadsa people, ive been a pretty much silent obverver as you can tell by the amount of posts compared to the fact i come here almost every night....but that means nothing! i cant do it and noones voted for me anyway, i would vote for leo or lolo as they are pretty much the forums big brother and sister!
Just to update.......this is not a competition, I just think it may be easier to see who people are nominating thats why I keep turning it into actual numbers.......nominations now are

i put in 1 vote for everyone! all the people are great here, just need to smile at eachother more often!
Lolo is a goddess... i wub.gif her... laugh.gif
one each for leo, lolo and inky...

btw, people actually nominated me? i'm scared...
Personally i think Leo would be great as well as Lolo, Crissi or MistressAlti.

All of them show maturity and common sense, but most of all they love the forum and want it to be a safe place to visit and discuss, they are also here alot, and as most of them are on diffrent time lines, then someone could be here (in theory), all the time.

Just my 5 pences worth. wink.gif
- chants -

LoLo! LoLo! LoLo!
Mr Fuzzy
I would offer myself, but I dont post/observe often enough, and more importantly, Mata knows I'm a babbling drunken fool!

Long live the booze!
QUOTE (Mr Fuzzy @ May 9 2003, 12:34 AM)
I would offer myself, but I dont post/observe often enough, and more importantly, Mata knows I'm a babbling drunken fool!

Long live the booze!

since jonmans post that song from the tv show martin is going through my head.......sorry just had to say that
*drags thread back on topic* i dunno if we really need another mod. with mata's new restrictions against spamming (tho that doesn't STOP spamming, it'll help) and since everyone seems to either be happy or leavin (tho i wish we'd all be happy sad.gif ) i dun think more mods're really necessary. but if they are, i suggest only one more mod. that way ppl dun think that there's a secret police force watchin whatever they say
(Mr Fuzzy @ May 9 2003, 12:34 AM)
I would offer myself, but I dont post/observe often enough, and more importantly, Mata knows I'm a babbling drunken fool!

Long live the booze! 


Nope, that's Barry, another chappie from around Winchester, you've not met him.

I'm really not sure where this whole 'secret police' idea has come from, I think it's a pretty good idea really since I'm often too busy to be on here more than a couple of times and day and Jonman has a job that sometimes requires him to be internet-less for a few weeks at a time. Having another mod around will mean that the content sticks to the rules and that everyone has a person they can turn to if things get out of hand.

With a bit of luck the new anti-spam measures will work but there's more to being a mod than stopping spam.

Here's an example, say someone were next week to link to a porn site, Jonman's away, I've finished working for the day and have gone offline, it could be another 16 hours before I come back on here. While I know that a lot of people on this forum are more than capable of ignoring that kind of content there is the point that we really shouldn't have to. Having another mod just means that things like this can be dealt with quicker.

Maybe it's just a symptom of a larger issue... Some people say that they hate the police, but they're just doing their job. They don't like ruining people's lives and if they can help it they won't take action. If the laws of the country are fair then the job of the police would be easy but they're not always fair so therein lies the trouble.

This forum only has a few 'laws' and generally, like most people in the world, we're self-regulating. As mods we're here, like the police, to make sure the fair rules are stuck to but we won't go about imposing them when they're not relevant (see my earlier post about the fetishes thread).
QUOTE (Mata @ May 9 2003, 07:22 AM)
Having another mod around will mean that the content sticks to the rules and that everyone has a person they can turn to if things get out of hand.
With a bit of luck the new anti-spam measures will work but there's more to being a mod than stopping spam.

Amen to that.
Being a member of several different forums and mailing lists and so on......This is a pretty tame place. I haven't seen any type of "in fighting" like I have seen on my other lists. People seem to "police" themselves and each other fairly easily and frequently.

I don't oppose adding another Mod, especially if it would ease up on the responsibilties of Mata and Jonman , because I am sure they have other stuff to do. My only concearn is that you (by you I mean the entire forum) choose wisely. Don't pick your friend, e-wife or whatever....choose someone capable of controlling their emotions and being able to be non paritzan.

Ex: I am on a list of friends(250 local memebers), we all(well the 15 or 20 of us that don't lurk) get together once a week to play pool, hang out etc....The Mod(personal friend of mine) Had an argument on list with another member...She regulated him. Openly attacked him on list, yet would not let his defensive posts go through.

You have all become a family ( i don't include myself because I haven't been here long and don't post often)And I don't know about your families, but mine has sure had it's fair share of ups and downs and fights and so on. It's going to happen. I realize alot of you have become friends, but at the end of the day, this is just the internet and maybe some ppl take it just a little too seriously. If you feel emotional about a topic...Either leave it alone or speak your mind in a calm and rational way. There is no reason to hurt anyones feeling or have your feelings hurt.

Honestly, I don't know what this big "fight " was about, I must have missed that thread. This is just my input as an experienced outsider looking in I guess. There is no need for ppl to start droppping from the forumbecause their feelings were hurt....Unless you feel you have gone beyond it.

That's all.....we now return you to your regularly shceduled broadcast....
trust women with pink hair smile.gif They speak the truth.. and look good doing it. laugh.gif
You know it!!
Thanks for the words of advice Princess C. I tihnk people are being quite thoughtful in their choices for nominations so far, and no I'm not saying this cause so many people have nominated me, in fact that boggles my mind that people have.
I know it might seem like I picked who I think would make good moderators based on who I'm the best friends with... but I really didn't.... sad.gif I like a lot of people that I did not pick!!! I just really think that LoLo and Leopold would make great Mods... smile.gif
ok i do believe this whole mod idea will help, but i think the only way this mod will know what exactly to do is if we have much more specific rules, the thread on "rules" is so vauge that some people think cursing is only F*** and SH** whereas some poeple (including some teachers who have problems with people of the above nature [myself]) believe that curse words are anything from hell. the rules must be explained at a great length. i for one dont like rules that dont tell me exactly what you expect from me, but i must warn you, expect these rules to be pushed far. i know that i have been quite leaniant with my use of curse words, and if you tell me outright "F*** and SH** are banned and anything else goes" or somehting to the effect that would help me know what you expect. also, other rules, there are some vauge rules about linking to vulgur material. some sites some might find offensive and others may find it extremely hilarious. the other thing is, can you maybe dictate that some thread emoticon will show linking to somewhat objectionable and one emoticon will show cursing or possiable cursing. that would be a way to keep people that have weak constitutions from seeing things they find inapproiate and those of us that have the mouths of sailors and the drinking habits of the local barfly. that way i can go in to threads that are properly labeled and curse my mouth off... you know you want to...
Wow. I'd nominate myself, but I'm not here nearly enough to even know that you all had a fight. I've never seen any need for moderation on this forum.
I suppose I should read some old threads, eh?
Thanks Princess and Racingaway for your posts, both making some very good points.

Together they do give weight to my belief that we're pretty good on here at judging what is and isn't appropriate. Racingaway, you ask for more specific rules but then you point out that what may seem okay in one place doesn't in another. If I made the rules more specific then it would be harder to apply them fairly with consideration of the circumstances. If I said that swearing will get you thrown off but someone was doing this in response to another person swearing then I wouldn't really want to apply it to the person who was reacting as much to the person who started it.

Being a mod has a lot of consideration of circumstances, by keeping the rules flexible it allows us to be fair.

I'll start a new thread and unpin this one in a moment...
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