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Hey, we do things properly round here

Has everyone stopped typing small?
Although I guess it really is how you define the word 'proper'... wink.gif

I'm still typing all tiny and stuff... and Dave typed tiny AND green, taking tiny text to a whole nw dimnesion...
Good point. We do things well, if not entirly properly biggrin.gif

Does he not know that the only worthy colour in this thread is ORANGE!
Yes, the feathers did take some work, but not near as much as making super-power glue!

How did the whole thing with orange get started, anyway?
The multi-coloured feathers are uber-schway as is the super power glue

Orange is my favorite colour so I started doing all the cult stuff in orange
I work hard at it...

Blue's much cooler though, don't you think? *countiues in taking over the world*
Ooo, do you know what would be so incredibly cool... SPARKLY GLUE! Man, we have to get working on a new invention like that don't you think?

Wouldn't it be more apropiate to have an animation called Brother Orange Sheep? That would be so damn cool.
Sparkly Glue, now that is uber-genius

It would indeed. *starts calling for Mata* Mata! Mata!
I'll work on that once I get back to english class!

I've never seen an orange sheep before...
Are you on half-term or do you have like.. really different holidays in America? (Random question but I've always wondered what the deal with it all is...)

Well that's just more reason for Mata to make a Brother Orange Sheep animation, YAY!
1) it's a weekend.
2) I have a cold, so I've been absent for awhile.

But the sequels are never as good as the first movie!
Hah, we're off school for a holiday

It could be good. There was a thread about what Mata should do an animation on next a while ago. I'm going to go and Bump it
What holiday?
MOOP! let's get 'em!
*dumps glue on moop's head*

What happend to taking over the world?
Unless he reads back 3 pages he's gonna be really confused by the tiny text. and being covered in glue and feathers isn't going to help. Oh well

Found it and bumped it. Also used it to outline my idea for a plot
It's half-term. So we get like a week off so that we don't go mad from school for too long.

*Tips bag of MULTI-COLOURED AND SPARKLY feather all over Moop*

Well I think that we still have CheeseMoose tied up.
innocent.gif what tiny text? there isn't any tiny text!

what about weekends?

now we just have to kidnap bush!
Of course not. He isn't posting, do you think we scared him?

I am still tied up and I have made a plot for it
Well we get week-ends off aswell, hehe, otherwise I would die! I've been off school too, but I went in on Friday because it was our schools' birthday and we always do really fun stuff and so I went in and then practically died when I came home. Funfun.

Practically died why?

Cheers IATB. It wsa just an idea, influenced by watching Bill Bailey DVDs whilst stoned and listening to 'Dark Side of the Moon'
you guy are SOO lucky to get school off.....

that's one way to get ideas
Well I was ill, but I felt that I had to go in to school for the birthday. It's like the only day of school where you can't get yelled at. smile.gif

Wherever you get your inspiration from... Hehe.
You probably make up for it elsewhere Voices. I only got 10 days for christmas this year. Why were you ill IATB?

works for me. 46.846recurring% of the replies on this thread have tiny text on them now
Only 10 days! ohmy.gif Poor you! Hehe, last year we got like 3 weeks for Christmas because the school burnt down and so we couldn't go in to finish off the rest of the term. Hehe.

Who is Bill Baily?
You burnt it down didn't you?

He's an amazing comedian. Now 47.32142857recurring% of replies have tiny text
Ten days of Christmas? Now I feel bad for you.

*drags bush into cult* I got 'em guys.
"Where osama? You said he'd be here!"
*knocks hole in floor*
"he's right down there, bush"
It's okay, I was in NYC for most of it

Now Mr Bush, repeat after me: I do hereby renounce all claim to the Presidency of the United States of America, and do hand over all power to Cheese Moose
Hehe, it.. um... wasn't.. um.. me. I.. umm.. promise! Uhuh.

O ho, I have to go now. Au revoir.

It has been said before, but I'll say it again. You are a genius Voices. smile.gif

Sure, what ever you say.


of course she is a genius, we all are here

Now, now cheese moose, we can't have that. *puts bush in a diffrent room* now, mr.bush, repeat after ME: "I herby renounce all claim to the Presidency of the United States of America, and give the powers to IATB and Voices_in_my_head."
Only another 6 posts and half the thread will have tiny text on it!

*CM dons a Dick Cheney outfit* "Don't do it George! Give all power to Cheese Moose." And Bush always does what Cheney says
I'll work on that! 5 more post....

*gags cheese moose* we can't have that, now can we?
*throws CM into trunk* now mr. bush, repeat after me, And I'll tell you where osama is.
"I, president george bush, herby renounce all claim to the Presidency of the United States of America, and give the powers to IATB and Voices_in_my_head."
Is IATB still here? EDIT: evidently not. 4 more posts

That was going well up to the throwing in a trunk part. I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. *Using superpowers that come from being in his own thread CM breaks out of truck and hits Bush. Knocking him unconcious*
Not anymore...3 more post

Too late! he's already said it! Plus, how could you hit him if your tied up?
Why is hardly anyone else on the forum posting anything? 2 more posts

But I am your leader (albeit tied up) I can be the power behind the president right? Right? And I ws thinking that i burst out of the trunk and went flying through the air into Bush
Beacause their all too amused with our tiny text!

I've had your cult-leader lisence destroyed. I wouldn't want you ruining our evil plans! plus, he's still already said that me and IATB are the presidents! I Win!
They must be cunningly watching without entering the thread. Fiends! We have more posts than Tribe Wyvern

Ah well, I'm happy just sitting here covered in glue and feathers and tied up with a Feather Boa and gagged
sad.gif I have to go too....

*throws bush into the trunk* I'll keep him there until we can find out his plans for world domanation.... *dumps more glue on Cheese Moose*

I suppose I'll just sit here then. or not, cunningly escapes leaving an empty shell of glue and feathers on the chair, complete with feather boa.
Woo! I'm back! But everyone else seems to have gone. Meh, I shall just have my own mini party. *Drinks some multi-coloured, sparkly stuff and everything turns like so totally hippified, man*

I think that this can be settled. George, please drink this *hands him over hippified multi-coloured, sparkly drink* and repeat after me. 'I am a plonker and so I have decided that I will hand over the whole of America and all my world domination plans to Brother Black Sheep because he will show us the way.
*get's a headache from enlarging all the tiny print*

I think I shall make a radical departure, and NOT post tiny print.

tongue.gif okay, so I lied
Quoth(The Raven)
Hello? (Lots of echoes) Where is everybody?
*Shouts* Come to the MAA!!!

*Echos* Come to the MAA!!!!!! seems echos are a good form of advertising.

*Tobias shouts* Cheesedoodles!

*Echos* Cheesedoodles!!!!!!

And a good form of fun laugh.gif
Quoth(The Raven)
Telepathy echoes... blink.gif Who knew?
well, if there's nothing in the mind.....

*Gets pounced on by Tobias*

ok, ok, I'm just kidding! laugh.gif

Here, have some peanuts.
IATB! how did you find my sparkily, multicolored drink?
*sigh* It's okay, just take a deep breath and you'll be okay.....maybe..

ohmy.gif you gave it to bush! NOOOO! you ruined my plans, my brillent plans! wait a sec....did cheese moose escape?
Well, it's pretty hard to miss considering it's sparkly and multi-coloured, barely discreet. Was I not supposed to?

Nono, you see, when he's all hippified from the drink he will sign the contract and then on his return from 'Lala Land' he will realise what he has done, have a heart-attack leaving him unable to do anything against us. MUAHAHAHA! (Yes, CheeseMoose got away when I wasn't here. I didn't do it.)
*CM reappears inside recently vacated glue/feathers shell*

Hey guys, I'm back!

Yeah Bush handed over the power to the Cult as a whole, which means we all get some. Right girls?
I'm back, still covered in feathers.You know, I could populate a lot of my posts with font this size, and this color, and most people wouldn't know. I would be able to leave subtle subliminal messages, like, you love pgrmdave, and other things, like, beef is good for you. Maybe I could become like the corporation, you love the corporation. Conform, Consume OBEY...okay, so really, the point of this post is to see how many people actually read it, and to try and see if people do pour over all my old posts to see what I've edited into them. I know that I don't have the color perfect, I'm still tweaking with it. If anybody wants to help, just pm me. In fact, since I'd like to see how many people notice this, pm me anyway. I think that this is enough, for now. However, don't tell anybody else about this, let them find it on their own, so that it becomes just an understood joke.
*Gives CM some of the sparkly drink*
I'm still perfecting it, so I need a labrat evil.gif

also, I've actuly managed to perfect something....
*pulls out multi-colored-spakly duck*
Her name is emma, and she wants to join the cult too.

Hmmm.....I'll consider giving you some power, but first...
*re-ties up Cheese Moose*
we'll have to untie you!
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