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Quoth(The Raven)
Announcing! THe Tribe Wyvern Mascot Poll! *Taa Daa* we are now taking applications for candidates for Tribe Wyvern Mascot. So Far, the candidates include: Arthur the Pendragon, Gwen the flying cat, Tobias the Pendragon, and, introducing: Emma, the rainbow duck. All concerned should tender their candidacy, now...
Don't forget that she sparkles!

Nothing to say here, just thought I'd continue the tradition!
Quoth(The Raven)
Okay... Emma the Sparkling Rainbow Duck...
WOW! My name is Emma too! (Although sometime Ema, Yema, EmaJane....) The small things in life that amuse me... *sigh*

YAY! The Cult can brainwash everybody, and then it'll all be like MUHAHAHA!

Does this mean I have to add Emma the Sparkly Duck to the roll-call at the front of the thread?

I'm free! Free!
Hello, I was browsing through the Matazone addicts anonymous thread, and for some reason I had a sudden compulsion to come here. I have no idea why.
Oh, and by the way, if you want to do proper subliminal messaging, at least make it white! It becomes much less obvious. That didn't make sense, did it?
Anyway, now I'm here, what do I do?
You must have a nice drink and a sit down. Here, have a cup of this nice bubbling green stuff.

Quick, Voices, IATB! we've got another live one!
I'm not falling for the bubbly green frog stuff again, I've had it before and I'm not going to...
Or maybe I am, who knows?
*Gets temporary amnesia*
Hey, look at this bubbly green stuff! That really is something!
Damn you amnesia, making me drink this bubbly frog stuff again!
And now for the metamorphisis...
*Turns into frog*
I knew I shouldn't have trusted you guys...
Ribbit. Ribbit.
Now who saw that coming? Meh, who cares, let's just see what happens next...
As Voices and IATB aren't here I'll have to do this myself

*Covers Jimi frog in glue and feathers*

Have you thought about the oppotunities of joining the Cult of Brother Black Sheep?

And you get the type small like this!
You say that I get to type small like this? That sounds pretty cool, except I already have my own two versions of sending subliminal messages, one of which is in my last post, the other of which is below in this post...

to Be peRfectly hOnesT, i tHink that thEse featheRy gluey things are pretty weird... are your plans to make everyone look like Birds? because if they are, i think some peopLe Are gonna look Crazy, and it would Kinda annoy lotS of people, as well as make everyone look like cHickEns. bEing a new member to the b.b. sheeP cult, I'm not Sure if these Are your planS, all i care is tHat this is onE wEird cult. i'm not too sure why i came to this cult in the first Place, I think i was brainwashed by your subliMiNal messaging. but mine is sO much beTter, so i'm KInDa rambling to fit in the rest of this stupiD sublImiNal messaGe.

Now that's subliminal messaging...
If weJmakeiyoumlookilike a mmagicaluduckswetcan sell youjtoiDubyaoandn get moneyCforomakingBaBglueS and feathers factory (with english classroom R'n'D department)with which we will create enough glue and feathers to take over the world. Or at least that's the plan.

If your going to subliminal message at least make it easy to read
And if you're gonna subliminal message, then at least spell right.
Hmm... I'm suddenly getting a sudden urge to suddenly join COBBS. Hmm... I get quite a lot of urges these days, and I'm always one to go by them. I hope that CheeseMoose lets me join...
And by the way, CheeseMoose, what's with the feathers and glue?
CheeseMoose, can I join COBBS?
*Gets certain nagging feeling from the space-time continuum telling me that there's something I've forgotten about*
*Suddenly transforms back into human*
Ah yes, that was it, I was a frog covered in feathers for a while. Now I'm not.
How's about now?
And those feathers sort of exploded off of me when I turned into a human. Just thought I'd let you know...
Of course you can Jimi Jimi. Welcome. Have a uniform feathery cloak and some complimentary pretzels. Damn right it's weird here, but I'm sure you'll fit right in

The glue and feathers thing started some time ago in the Bar and then moved here. Blame Voices.
Woo! Pretzels! Man do I love pretzels.
Are you saying I'm weird? Cos that's what you're implying by saying I'll fit right in...
So, what exactly do you do here?
Because covering people in feathers makes them look like chickens, not sheep, and especially not black sheep...
And I also want to meet the rest of the gang...
And how are feathers going to achieve world domination? And what's that got to do with BBS?
Whoever they may be...
And when you control the world what are you going to do to it?
Well, this looks like fun...
It livens up a bit when Voices and IATB are here aswell. Well it did for me tongue.gif

The cult roll call is in my sig. We just tend to lie in wait for people to come here then cover them in glue and feathers. Or we just Spam away to our hearts content knowing that we cannot be accused of spamming here.

I never said you're weird. And I can't be bothered to put a proper subliminal message in so I'll just do the Tiny Text. The people you need to ask about the glue and feathers stuff are Voices and IATB. They are the ones with the plans and stuff. I have no idea myself
Wow, you mean we can just spam spam spam?
Man I love Spam so much.
But anyway, I can't wait for the others to arrive if you say it's that much fun.
Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam...
So, what exactly do you do here apart from spam?
...spam spam spam egg and spam; spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam...
And cover people in feathers...
...or Lobster Thermidor a Crevette with a mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam.
Meh, it sounds fun here, I think I'll stay.
Hey guys, there doesn't seem to be many people here, so I just thought I'd pop in.
Hey guys, I was just wondering where the hell is everyone? Because normally there are people here by now, and someone would have posted, and I've only just joined this crazy club, and CheeseMoose doesn't seem to know much but says that Voices and IATB know everything. I'm just assuming that Voices and IATB are enjoying their Valentine's day, like most other people on this forum probably are. But I still wanna know the rules, the plans, what the deal with the feathers is if BBS is a sheep, what taking over the world will acheive and how putting feathers and glue on George W. Bush and Tony Blair will do. So, if there are any CoBBS members out there, please tell me what the hell is going on, what the hell I'm meant to do, where the hell I'm meant to go, what the hell the deal with the feathers, the world domination and such like is, and what the hell feathers have to do with sheep. Plus, I've been putting in the subliminal messages in pratically every post I've done recently, mainly to do with joining CoBBS, and other stuff including spam. Now, if there is someone out there who would kindly tell me the answers to my questions that would be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone know where anyone is?
Cult Announcement!

The rollcall is going to the First post as my sig is getting too big


Right Jimi, Your probably right about them being out enjoying Valentines Day. As to the rest of your post,

Rules: we only have one: Rule 1) Do not attempt to eat this giraffe

Plans: To take over the world by covering it with glue and feathers after creating a huge glue/feather factory from the money given to us by George Bush for selling him a n00b disguised as a Magical Duck

The Deal with the Feathers: Blame Voices, we all do

Is BBS a Sheep: Yes

What Taking Over the World Will Acheive: it will give us the power to spread the word of BBS

How Putting Glue and Feathers on Bush and Blair Will Help: It will incapacitate them so that when we take over they will be powerless to stop us

What the Hell You Are Meant to Do: Whatever you want

Where the Hell You Are Meant to Go: Ditto

What the Hell is the Deal With the Feathers and the World Domination: See Above

What the Hell Feathers Have to Do With Sheep: Don't Know, Blame Voices Again
Woo, I'm here! I'm just desperately trying to read all the tiny text and subliminal messages. I've already done all I was going to for Valentines day, I'm not a big one for the commercialism of it all.

Oh and I almost forgot, I'm very sorry master for my failure in getting JimiJimi with the feathers. ph34r.gif
At least you actually did something, me and Jimi have been stuck here all day

Thats okay IATB, I got him then he joined us!
Hello IATB, how are you? You missed so much, you missed a pointless ramble about spam, and that's about it really.
So, I must not eat the giraffe eh? But it's so tempting! Damn you tempting giraffe in all your temptinginess. So, I want to know how far you are with the covering of the world with feathers and glue. As of yet I see no feathers and/or glue on my house. When will you sell Dubya a n00b, when will you build this factory, and can I eat the giraffe yet? And is there anyway I can help?
Well it was barely doing stuff. It was more playing card games all day and then a looooong telephone call, pretty boring really.

More people to worship BBS, the more people to take over the world. *High five*. Hehe.
Still more interesting then my day

*High Five* And I don't know about the plans, Care to enlighten him (and me) IATB?
So, now all there is left to do is put on some valentiney music...
*Valentiney music plays*
Now, the bugs in the smoke alarms won't pick up our voices, and the strange van with the sattelite dish on top can only hear that love song CD that came with the daily mail. Anyway, who was that high five aimed at, and don't bad-mouth card games!
*Takes it out, tears it up and puts Battle Metal on*

The high five was for IATB. And this is better music for distracting people
You know, that's probably the first time I've used the word 'buggers' without it being an insult.
There is a subliminal message in this post. Try work it out. Hehe.

*Flies backwards* Woah, don't stand to close to the speakers...

I use it all the time, mainly to describe my friends
Sorry IATB, I just don't have the most cryptic of minds. Is it in your post, or somewhere in the thread? And give me a clue!
Hehe, no I just wanted to 'see'/read (?) you puzzle over it and I didn't have anything much to put in tiny text. No message wink.gif
sneaky little -----
Hehe, sorry. Is there any of that rainbow drink, BTW; or did Voices take it with her?
I think there is a keg under the bar

I think it's gone black and gloopy now. YAY! Good track just came on: "Ain't your fairytale" by Sonata Artica
*Drinks rainbow drink and turns into some forty year old rocker* Woah, thanks for telling me it went black and gloopy in tiny text. wink.gif
Wow! IATB turned into Duff McKagan! Thats some powerful stuff
You cheeky little bugger (as in the sort that puts bugs in houses)!
Well, there are two subliminal messages here...


Umm, Tremblin fear. And is the other one something to do with the Bible? huh.gif
Nearly, the first is 'TREMBLE IN FEAR', and the second is nothing to do with the bible, I'll give you a clue, you'll need to know how to count and you'll need to know the alphabet.
Can I be head of subliminal messaging in the CoBBS, or is that just a bad excuse for authority?
ABCDIHTMN.... Yep, then that's pretty impossible for me...

Is it like the number that correspon with the letters when you put them next to eachother?
Well if its codes your after then

22,50 52,70 91,39 52,31 10,40 10,51 10,52 22,30 50,22 52,11 50,81 50,32 81,52 10,51 32,80 50,62 50,91 11,50 22,52 70,20 60,22

The code itself is relatively simple. There is however a twist
Well, there are eight letters in READINGS and eight numbers in the code. Now, you need to use one with the other, eg use R with -16, use E with -3 and so on...

[edit] *Looks at CheeseMoose* blink.gif
Looks like I'm never gonna be head of subliminal messaging!
BBS Rules!
Woo! CM worked out my hilarious code! That code was made by me, and invented by me.
Can I be head subliminal messaging guy yet?
But I'm still scared of even looking at CM's code... Man that's scary... and the fact that there's the word 'twist' in it makes it even scarier...
The twist isn't that bad, it's just that the message is in Latin
I know some Latin! Now, to work out the code! Mwuhahahahahaha! Then to work out what IATB is on about...
Oooo, I'm learning Latin, YAY! But I'm am confuddled because the number go above 26 and that scares me!

Ooo, just thought I'd add:


(HELLO=HSNOS < doesn't that make it easier)

Oo, just thought I'd make use of the 'edit' button again. Yay for CheeseMoose working out that message! And Yay for Jimi for thinking it up. smile.gif
IATB's Code: This is not a sublimnal message. Join the CoBBS.

Unfortunatly I have to leave you now sad.gif Bye!
Au revoir CheeseMoose! Yay! You worked out the code!
Still, I MUST work out CM's code...
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