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I still can't work out where IATB's code comes from, nor can I work out how to work out CM's code...

[edit] I now know where IATB's code comes from, swap letters over!
Try to work out how HFNOS comes from HELLO...
Hello? did I miss it?
And don't.touch.the.keg. It's mine. all mine.

And hello, JimiJimi sorry guys, I had TONS of homework from being sick for so long! And no, I didn't enjoiy valentines, much.
*dumps new Perma-glue on JimiJimi*

blame Voices? how could you blame a 12-year-old, a nice, sweet, and caring 12-year-old, at that?
Hmm... so in IATB's code you need to go one letter further on in the alphabet each time? Hmm... that still leaves me with gobbledeegook...
Sorry, IATB, you're gonna have to give me a clue, so far I've come up with TXG... then gave up because it didn't make sense, then I came up with SWFRQ... but then gave up because that didn't make sense...
You're travelling the wrong way! Think about it if you go 1 down the alphabet from the real word, you have to go one up the alphabet from the code...

Wey! Now my signature is full of subliminal messages!
Now, all we have to do is work out CM's Latin, and then we can get back to covering the world in feathers.
Hey Guys! You still haven't got the code? Okay here is a clue: CoBBS = 30,91 60,60 22

Sorry Voices. But it was still your fault
Could you give us any possible hint as to what to do with the numbers?
Come on! I'm really stuck here!
You don't have to do anything with the numbers. Each number stands for a letter.

C = 30
O = 91
B = 60
S = 22

You just have to work out the sequence
Ah, it's a cryptogram! Let me see... I have this so far:

S-,-- E-,-- O-,-- E-,-- T-,-- T-,-- --,E- S-,C- --,S- E-,-- --,-- --,-- --,E- T-,-- --,-- --,-- --,O- --,-- S-,E- --,-- B-,S-

Is that close? What have I gotten wrong so far?
The main place you are wrong is that each 2 digits is a letter. So you have far to many letters
You people make my brain itch....

Oh, everyone, look! I've taught Emma to say "brother black sheep"
Okay emma, say brother black sheep....
"brothquack quack quack"
dry.gif close enough...
(the way,IATB, I didn't know your name was emma...maybe sometime you'll have an imagenary pet and name it after me on acident!)

*re-ties cheese moose* Um...IATB, I think you killed Bush...
*pokes bush* nope...still not moving.
Quoth(The Raven)
The polling place is open! Help decide Tribe Wyvern's new Mascot! Ten days only! Vote now!
Quoth(The Raven)
Vote now!
Quoth, Their all going to vote for Emma, RIGHT GUYS?
*hint,hint, wink,wink*
Quoth(The Raven)
Maybe, But Arthur has more street cred... and he's a dragon. Tribe Wyvern Needs a dragon mascot...
S - E - O - E - T - T - - E S C - S E - - - - - - E T - - - - - - O - - S E - - B S
I'm getting there, it won't be long now! Mwuhahahahahahahaha!
Better CM?
Cos it better be!
Could you tell us how it's punctuated etc? eg Join CoBBS, NOW! would be ---- -----, ---!
Give us a hint here!
It's better, next clue: 52 = space

I expect you all to vote for Emma in the mascot poll
Ah hell, just tell us!
Covering the world in feathers is more important...
I can probably work out the Latin...
At least I hope I can...
Ok, this is scary, I'm so used to seeing tiny text that now I can read it without having it enlarged. Oh what is the world coming to!....

Hmm, I've always had an imaginary friend called Blem, who has died several times and all that, but I really doubt that your name is Blem, Voices.

Yay! JimiJimi worked out my code! I'm not even going to attempt CheeseMooses...
Okay, in Latin it is: Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes

Why did you call him/her/it Blem IATB?

I can read it too blink.gif
Nope, I can't work out that latin at all.
So can I, unfortunately... and my resolution is at 1280x1024
If this reader asks too much, they have knowledge???

Oh, and I called him Blem because it was the first thing that popped into my head... I really don't know where it came from, we just needed an explanation for the spare seat in IT, and then the teacher sat on it, resulting in the death of Blem I.
It's meant to be "If you can read this then you are over-educated" but I didn't translate it so don't blame me if it's wrong.

Your teacher killed Blem? sad.gif
MURDERER! and name isn't Blem. It'd be pretty cool if it was, though...

blink.gif wow, I can read it too. And that's saying something, considering I'm practicly blind!
Presenting- Emma, the sparkling rainbow duck:

It's a bit creepy how much people think alike....No, I didn't make that one(except for the words) but how much of a chance did I have of finding "sparkly rainbow duck" on yahoo search?
Quoth(The Raven)
Arthur flies in, upset...
*Tribe Wyvern needs a dragon mascot... I'd sooner see Gwen, there, than some stupid duck!*
Gwen: *Yeah!* pauses a moment, thinking. *Hey!*
Gwen chases Arthur out of the thread...
ohmy.gif how dare you!
*emma chases after Gwen and arthur*
Oh no, Emma...Don't do that! Just be a good duck...
*chases after Emma*
Quoth(The Raven)
If you give Gwen Duck cooties, I'll send you the vet bill!
*cacthes Emma*
Ducks have cooties? You learn something new every day....
Quoth(The Raven)
you do know, don't you, that Tobias recently purchased a duck press?
*Tobias flies in with the duck press and hovers in the corner, watching, crunching peanuts*

We'll just wait and see how the election goes....
What have you lot got against ducks? It's the will of the people that Emma will win, you should accept that
Yeah, what CheeseMoose said! It's all fair and that and I'll be able to accept it even if Emma doesn't win.
But Emma will win and YOU won't stand a chance! Hahahahaha!
So, let's just say no matter what happens in the poll is final, even if Emma wins, it's still fair right?
But seriously though, all the luck to ya. Even though you still don't stand a chance! Hahahahaha! Err... no, but really, good luck, not that it will help! Hahahahaha! I'm sorry, I'll stop now...
I love Emma!! Yay! Woah, this place is, like, FULL of animals! *Is stampeded by dragons and ducks*

Oh, I think that I'm just a bit bad at Latin, I mean, I'm considered one of the 'disruptive' ones who have to stand up every lesson... *sigh*
Err... yeah whatever.
Woo! Now I can go down to SIZE=-6! I think you can also go down to -7, but I'm not too sure if that works.
So, what should we do now?
Back to taking over the world maybe?
Lets just go back to discussing.... The CoBBS Bar!

*typing with right hand only because left hand is being used for eating toast* We already have taken over the world
Ooo, the one with halter neck, sparkly tops? Yay!

*Is typing with just right hand aswell because left hand is occupied with a really tastey apple* Well, most of the world, except Tribe Wyvern. MUHAHAHA!
Err... yeah whatever.
Woo! Now I can go down to SIZE=-6! I think you can also go down to -7, but I'm not too sure if that works.
So, what should we do now?
Back to taking over the world maybe?
YaY! indeed, do we actually have any drinks except for the green stuff?

Isn't that exactly what Jimi posted before? Or is it a hint? Should we take over the world or just sit here and get stoned listening to Dark Side of the Moon?
Umm, well there's that rainbow drink, except Voices has given strict instructions not to drink it, and then there's some of the older rainbow stuff, now black gloop...

Well sitting here stoned and listening to the Dark Side of the Moon sounds pretty good to me, we can take over the world tomorrow...
The question is, will it get us drunk?

Floyd it is then. *looks for it* It's not on my PC sad.gif *Gets it off his MP3player* That's better
Meh, I'm sure there's some vodka round the back...

Yay! Man, you have an MP3 player! I don't even have a CD walkman, haha...
Good, Good. Have you got any hash?

Yeah, what was with the 'haha'? God this is weird
You guys can't take a hint can you? Ah well, let's just take over the world tomorrow, but for now, we have a choice of these albums:
Let's have a look...

A whole bunch of Pink Floyd
If you're up for very long songs
A whole bunch of Hendrix
If you're up for awesome guitars and wah pedal
A whole bunch of Led Zep
If you're up for strange songs again with awesome guitars and heavy riffs
A whole bunch of Alice in Chains
If you're up for songs about drugs, Vietnam, and anything else that they could be bothered to write about

And anything else you've got.
If you're up for somthing that YOU like rather than me.
Doing stuff is overrated. Hitler did stuff and doesn't everyone wish he just stayed home and got high?

At the moment I'm on the Floyd but I may move to Led Zep in a bit. Possibly even some RushNow thats long songs

The important points are:

1)Are you ginger? I only buy weed off ginger people, it's safer that way
2)Have you got any weed?
3)Can I have some?
1) No.
2) Maybe.
3) No.

Woo! Everyone loves Rush! Tom Sawyer was voted by Nintendo as the song to play arcade games to. I wonder why... it's long, boring, and monotonous.
Also it has the lyric 'Today's Tom Sawyer he gets high on you and the SPACE he INVADES gets by on you'
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