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Quoth(The Raven)
I'm breaking my vow of silence to vote for the egg being a dragon with sparkly rainbow feathers... It would make a wonderful sight, flying through the air, leaving rainbows in it's wake... we could name it Quetzel, after Quetzelcoatl, the Mayan feathered serpent god... How about it?

ooooooh U told me Jack was called cheeseater or maybe that was jack.... or maybe im retarded.

sorry about that lol.
I'm going to say a fire-breathing duck. Cute, but deadly! Mwuhahahaha!

Although it would be nice for there to be a mix of both with twins...

Then they could go do my bidding! Mwuhahahaha again!
QUOTE (Quoth(The Raven) @ Mar 24 2005, 10:29 PM)
I'm breaking my vow of silence to vote for the egg being a dragon with sparkly rainbow feathers... It would make a wonderful sight, flying through the air, leaving rainbows in it's wake... we could name it Quetzel, after Quetzelcoatl, the Mayan feathered serpent god... How about it?

I think It sounds awesome, but it's really up to IATB.
and there's always the chance that we'll get something completly diffrent from a fire-breathing duck (terrorizing a park near you!) or a dragon with sparkly rainbow feathers...
Ah, freaks of nature. You gotta love 'em. Usually they're cute but deadly.


Anyway, besides the 'Nyaa!' I have nothing else to say on the matter.

Nyaa again!
...and now I've gone and missed my 750th post. Woo.

and Nyaa.

Does anyone know what Nyaa means or did I just make it up?

I probably made it up.

Or maybe it's something from the future that I de--

I'll shut up.
Isn't it what little kids say when they stick their tounge out at someone?
I thought that was more along the lines of 'purrpupruprpuprppurpuprupruprpuprupruprpurpupuprpurpupprpurpuppurpupprpurpuppurppurp', although I'm not sure as I don't really know how to spell a raspberry blowing noise.
I think the "Nyaa" that Voices was detailing is found in the context of "You can't get me, nya nya nyaa nya nya nyaaa" and then usually is followed with a tongue.gif.
I used to say 'ner nick i doo dar...' That might have been because I wass a bit of a freak...

Well I'm not sure about what's happening with the egg... I mean, shouldn't Emma be sitting on top of keeping it warm?
Quick! Get an incubator before it dies or something!

*Pulls incubator out of jacket pocket*

Lucky I always have one handy.
*runs around looking for Emma*
I had no Idea I had raised such a bad mother!

Emmmmmaaaaaa! where are you!?
Thanks Jimi! *Puts egg in incubator* *A large crack appears in the egg*

Everyone! It's hatching!

We should have a baby shower for emma! (Any chance for a party smile.gif )
*Emma waddles in, followed by Voices*
She was quite upset about almost missing this, but she's here now!

*breaks out sparkly stuff*
yep, any reason for a party!
*Noone breathes in anticipation*

*Everyone gasps as the egg cracks some more*

*The egg shell breaks, revealing...*

Congratulations! It's a --

What gender (and more importantly, species) is Tobias' and Emma's egg thing? Tune in next time to find out!
Perhaps we should wait until CM gets back because I think that he's going to be away for a while? I just hope that the egg waits!

Has Tobias been found yet aswell? Do you think they'll get married? (more parties smile.gif )
They'd better!
[/over-protective mother]

*Emma wadles up to the egg, and nudges it with her beak*
"hurry up! We don't have all day!"

Hmmm.... she seems a bit impatient...
Come on CM! We can't wait for ever!

*Has a sneak peek*

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist... The suspense was killing me!

But anyway, I'm not gonna spoil the surprise, you'll have to peak for yourself!

*Gets duck-slapped by Emma for peaking before her*

Ow! No fair! You have claws!
*Tobias swoops in*

Whew.....I just flew from the other side of Matazone, and BOY are my wings tired happy.gif

Just glad I got here before it hatched.

*Positions himself near Emma to watch the hatching, and laughs at Jimijimi's red wingprint on his face*
This isn't funny! Emma's got really sharp claws on her feet!

And also I think a chewey wazaa ma--

*Jimi passes out on the floor from blood loss*

And just to show how bored I am not having any animations to work on, I've drawn myself passed out from blood loss:

*pulls out bandedges*
To prove that I'm much more bored that Jimi:

That's a bandge on your face, by the way.

Nice shot, Emma.
*Wakes up*

Argh! A colony of red ants have put a hammock on my face an-- oh. It's just a bandage.

*Glares at Emma*

I'll get you, you... err...

Does anyone know any good ducky insults?
*Emma bites Jimi*

You know, I can't just keep puting hamoc...I mean bandages on you. Not to metion, when your passed out, we can do funny things like shave off one eyebrow, or draw on your forehead!
Hmm... must make sure the next time I pass out from blood loss that I either wear my drawing/shaving resistant mask or just die - then hopefully you'd respect the dead and not draw on me.

*Jimi receives Emma's bite. It took until now to receive it because Emma had activated her slow motion thingy*

Ark! My jugular! Help someone! I'm gon--

*Dies, but has the strength to write and hold up a sign saying 'I am dead - respect me' just beforehand*

you seem to be constantly should see a doctor about that.

*covers Jimi in glue*
*Wakes up*

Ah... Ah seeh to ee co-erd ih gue... ah cuh oo wih ome helh...

He-oh? He-oh?

Ah da-it!
Someone help me, me, my nephew and this girl in his class are having a three-way conversation trying to stop the girl killing herself... any advice? Because I don't really know the person but my nephew needed some help in dissuading her...
Why does she want to kill herself?
She thinks that everyone hates her although Jimi 2 (my nephew) seems to think that everyone's her friend...

I think we're talking her out of it, she just wants some time to herself and wants to run away from school for a while...
We've succeeded in talking her out of running away and killing herself, Jimi 2's gonna update me on how she feels. We've gotten her to wait until the end of their two week holiday (how much holiday do they need?) and to see how she feels then.

Right now I'm listening to some Hendrix vinyl to calm down.
two weeks? lucky people.

Well, it'll give her time to think, at least.
I just needed some help in what to do.

And now back to normal Cult business.

Whatever it may be.

The amount of times I've said that.

I don't think we really have any business.

Ah well, let us all play the orange game.
I hate the orange game...
Prffffft. Spoilsport. Then you think of something to do!

We could always buy some mango biscuits...
Last time I watched that, I went around the house for an hour, reapeating it...
I thought to run a biscut shop you'd have to be a biscut purist....
dang it.

I've just been back to the first page and noticed that CM put little hearts next to IATB's name...
Must. Stop. Being. Easily. Amused.
How odd, I also went to first page and noticed that.

This is my landmark 791st post! Woo!
And that such a man could Never run a biscut fraud on tourist...

You just want a party, don't you?
Two posts to go!

Who said I wanted a party? I never said that, and I'm not implying that either!

*Hangs streamers and 'Happy 800th post JimiJimi!' banner on ceiling*
Me netheir...
*Pulls out Bowl of sparkly stuff*
800th! Woo!

And I spent a lot of time making that black to white gradient. But anyway.

*Runs around Cult wreaking havoc*



*puts Jimi in a straight jacket*
You almost cracked the egg!
*Emma Glares at Jimi, and then bites him again*
Now, How about some sparkly stuff and tranqualizers?
Ow! F*** you Emma you ******* **** of a **** duck **** ****** **** **** tortoise ****** *** ***** **** drink **** *** *** in ***** shot glass **** *** ** ***** ***** *** ***** monkey shoes!

*Tranquiliser is administered*

I think that you should alllllllll gooo o and Emma duck bite me ow hurt too many times n buuuu i th... BUT EMMA HAS CLAWS AND IT HURTS YO0ooooou... when everythi,... soo coslad and drareyr and weak that tinrt ashduqluiasl;ier thingag kisdf lrealayf gosing itsts's jojonb...

*Dies unexpectedly expectedly*
You really ought to stop dieing. We might just bury you...

evil.gif hmmm....
Emma, get the shovel.
*Wakes up*

Hello? Hello? Help, it's dark in 'ere!

*Bangs on coffin lid*

Ooh, it's maple. So comforting to my knuckles. Ahh...

*Bangs some more*

It's almost... like a relaxant.

*Notices tranquiliser dart in neck*

Oh. That would explain the relaxing effects.

*Dies of over tranq-ing*

Oh great. And now they don't know I'm dead.


Hmm... maybe I should shout 'I'm dead' before the next time I'm dead.

I'm dead!

*Dies for what could be a final time*

Only to be proven wrong.

*I wonder if this will be my final death this post.*

Yes it will.

*But by saying that you un-died and now must die again.*

Good point.

*Shut up!*


*When I say shut up, you just nod your head and die, OK?*

*Nods head and dies*

*Throws rug Over the mound*
They'll never know...
Don't look at me like that, Emma, It was your Idea...
No, I'm sure he won't come back from the dead again..
Fine, I'll make sure of it.
*pulls chair on top of the grave*
I'll just sit right here...
*see's sparkly stuff across the room*
ah, forget it...
Woo! We have the internet at work! Finally...

*Wakes up*

*Calls local doctor*

Err... hi. I have no idea what time it is because everything is black. Anyway, I seem to have a problem where I keep on dying and waking up a-- euuuuurgh!


*Wakes up*

...and waking up again. Now, it has only occurred to me as a problem now because I have been buried, and I needed some help getting out, and preventing me dy-- euuuuuuurgh!


*Wakes up*

...preventing me dying again. Also I think there's someone sat on top of me to stop me getting out. Anything you can do?

Nothing at all?

OK, well thanks for your time.

I've just been back to the first page and noticed that CM put little hearts next to IATB's name...
Must. Stop. Being. Easily. Amused.

Hehe. When will you be back so that we can watch the fine coming of new life brought forth by our fantastical marriage? wub.gif

*Is trekking up a hill for some reason*

*Suddenly Jimis hand flies up in the middle of the hill*

Aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!! *Runs away*
*Another hand comes out of the ground and Jimi pushes himself up*

Brains! Brains! I think I bashed my head and hurt my Brains!

What are you looking so worried for?
QUOTE (I_am_the_best @ Mar 28 2005, 11:18 AM)
Hehe. When will you be back so that we can watch the fine coming of new life brought forth by our fantastical marriage? wub.gif

I'm back. Hours early as well you lucky lucky people.

I turn my back for less then a week and you guys add 2 pages to the thread? Why does no-one post that much when I'm here?

And now I'm here the egg can hatch
Wooo! Welcome back CM! *Party poppers go off*

ohmy.gif The egg! Move your butt Emma, you're not supposed to sit on it whilst it's hatching! *Picks up Emma*

*Fire shoots through the crack* Argh! unsure.gif
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