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Full Version: Cult Of Brother Black Sheep
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RIP CoBB I never knew ye.

I think we should have a funeral and a ceremony etc.

I never really posted but I did read what you all said, as I was too scared to post (I was a newbie and no one liked me)
But... I still am sad it died sad.gif
Meh, we couldn't be arsed with funerals and such like, so we left it at some weird posts with blood stains and discarded cigarette butts. And theme tunes from 'It's all Coming Up Roses'.

Unless you want to anger people more by brainwashing noobs into coming here to a funeral.

[edit] Although now that it's gone, I'm coming on to Matazone less and less and alas I'm beginning to find it boring... Although this has happened before and I came back.


Been a long time since I died here.
oh thats so sad!!! Dam you all for destorying these peoples lives!! sad.gif
This is to all go to my topic but cobbs and spill!
What? No one posted here in a while..... sorry.
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