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Full Version: Birthday Wishes Thread 2005
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depressed lonely crazy person
happy b-day artist unknown may your wiskers never droop
Happy happy Birthday, AU! Binge on cake and dance!
Happy birthday AU and Patient #212 smile.gif Lick the cake bowl after it's made.
Happy Birthday MB!!!!!
Oh, and Happy Birthday MAtt! I don't know if you browse here anymore, but I remember you! Have a good day, or else!
Usurper MrTeapot
Happy Birthday AU!
Sir Psycho Sexy
Happy Birthday MAtt....I wonder whatever happened to him....
Happy birthday, artist-unknown!

*hands over hippie skirt*

(it's paisley)
Aw, shucks. *feels loved* Thanks all.

*hugs all around*
Happy Birthday Alanity. smile.gif
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Happy Birthday Spacehappy, you old knacker!!

For you - I have a whole basket of puppies screaming out for you to kick. Also, lard and lots of it.

Enjoy! tongue.gif
Gawd, I've missed loads again! Hope you had lovely birthdays!

Spacehappy, 'hope you are doing well and have a good day!
Cath Sparrow
Happy B'day you Welsh Git! tongue.gif Hope you had a good one.
Happy Birthday, Space! Post here more, dagnabbit! We're below our minimum requirement of Welsh! laugh.gif
Happy birthday Spacehappy! Now post more? Please? biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday, SteelWingedCherub and Princess Cadhla! Have great days and eats lots of cake and sweeties! And come back and post, Princess! We wub you!

And happy birthday, sweetie. You know what I'm getting you! wink.gif
Happy birthday Laramon ans SteelWingedCherub!
Ha! I'm here first!

Happy Birthday Artemisia[Lana]!

Take that Geoff! tongue.gif
Happy birthday, Artemesia.
Happy birthday Artemisia!

Happy Birthday Artemisia! Have a good one! wink.gif Go get someone else to bake you a cake now!

Dang, LoLo beat me to the GIS.
Cath Sparrow
Happy Birthday oh small corrupted one! wink.gif *snugglehugs Sarah*
Here have some Real Smartie Icecream none of those fake american smarties! tongue.gif
Happy birthday Sarah!

*hands cake and duct tape*
Happy birthday to my favorite little corruptee!

*snuggles Sarah* wub.gif <3

I will get your present in the mail as soon as I can figure out a way to disguise it so your dad won't get angry! ohmy.gif
*blinks* what did you get her?!?!?

Happy Birfday Sawah!!!

*uber hugs* wub.gif
Happy birthday Sarah, I got you a doll, even though you are now the age to make me a hypocrit, I want to pretend you're still a little girl. laugh.gif

Yay for your birthday Sarah. ^^
Happy Birthday Sarah! Now you're not 12 anymore!
Thank you everyone smile.gif

I've had a very good day! happy.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
I missed Sarah's Birthday? OMG *world ends* Very sorry, many belated wishes.

Also, Happy Birthday Random Trout!
Well, happy birthday Moribund on his 100th birthday and happy birthday Random Trout on his 101st birthday!
Moribund is my responsiblity Im afraid, apologies for his complete and utter randomness smile.gif
Happy Birthday Maro (e703)

I miss you in IRC, hope you have a good day!
Happy Birthday Maro!
Usurper MrTeapot
Happy birthday Prince Aries and Dreams On Hiatus!

Happy Birthday believe!
Happy birthday, Aries, DOH and believe!
Lots of peoples birthdays! Happy birthday everyone! smile.gif
Happy birthday to all those who's birthday it is, and those who's birthday I have missed because I haven't been checking the stats panel
Cath Sparrow
Happy Birthday Aries. *hands over pocket fluff*
Happy Birthday all biggrin.gif

*meeps back out of the thread*
Dreams On Hiatus
Happy Birthday to everyone happy.gif wub.gif
Actually.. I'm an idiot and didn't fix the date til day. I think I was thinking of 4/11/81, when I put it in. Who knows. Anyway, my birthday isn't til the 11th. But thank you for all the early birthdays greetings. happy.gif *hands out snickerdoodles early*
Even though you're tricky and don't have it set so the forum can see your birthday, I am even trickier with my frightening ability to remember birthdays after being told them birthday, Spoony! tongue.gif
Cath Sparrow
Happy B'day Spoony *hands Spoony a urinal*
Happy Birthday Spoony!
Happy birthday Spoony
It's my birthday?

Oh.. I mean... It's my birthday!
Happy Birthday Andy! happy.gif
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Happy belated Birthday Evil!! Are you legal yet? wink.gif

Ahem, I mean have a great day. Oh yes I did. rolleyes.gif
Happy Belated Birthday Andy! Have you passed all your courses yet? tongue.gif
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