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Full Version: Birthday Wishes Thread 2005
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I'm missed so many people. ._.

But Happy Birthday Polo and Little Bear!
Happy Birthday Polo! biggrin.gif
Happy birthday Polocrunch!
Usurper MrTeapot
Happy birthday Sir Polo!
Happy birthday Alex!

For you, a chocolate banana!:

{Gothic Angel}
Happy Birthday Polo happy.gif
Cath Sparrow
Happy Birthday Polo.
Happy Birthday Polo dahrling.

-There are KCL drinks planned for Friday the 30th if you are interested?
Happy birthday Polo! For you Orlando Bloom showing his belly! ohmy.gif

Oh, wow, I'd totally forgotten my own birthday. I went out to KCL to see a schoolfriend and went drinking, but it was purely accidental. I should celebrate somehow but I'm just too tired. Cand... err... thanks? I'm kind of impressed that they managed to get the banana to stay the right way up on that stick. Otherwise I am mildly disgusted. And Lolo, wtf? I don't need no shirt-lifting action from that great big pansy Bloom! (Though he is looking unusually tasty in that picture - except for the tattoo; what the hell is that about?).
It's Chronotub's turn today. Today you are old enough to watch naughty videos legally in the UK. Congratulations!

I think Mr Bloom needs to buy a belt.
Happy birthday Polocrunch and also
Happy birthdays!
Thanks for the happy birthday especily as Im not the most active poster, I just got back from the pub and I'm a bity pissed, hada good night out exept for my sisters boyfrend almost had I fight with my uncle.
also happy bday Polocrunch
Happy birthday Hinsley.
Happy birthday, Fey! smile.gif
Happy birthday Fey!

Who doesn't want a pic of a woman in a bikini that says "Saucy" on it for their birthday?
Happy birthday Fey! happy.gif
Happy birthday Feyliya biggrin.gif
Happy birthday, Feyliya!
I hope you have much fun on your birthday Feyliya!:)
Happy Birthday Fey!
Happy birthday, Fey! Have a great day, yeah? And happy advance-birthday to PWM, because I have my forum settings so's I can see peoples' birthdays about two days in advance. Hah! :P
Happy belated birthday, Fey.

Happy birthday, Mick.
Usurper MrTeapot
Happy birthday PWM!
Cheers, PWM. happy.gif Happy birthday.
Happy birthday PWM.

(this link is just for you. No one click on it, k?)


Birthday PWM, have a good one
Dammit, I always miss people's birthdays... or is it still your birthday there?

Either way, I hope you had/are having a good one :D
To Mike-o, Upon His Eighteenth.

To my fair lady: I heart you so;
I wish you many cups 'o' Joe
This rhyme's so crap you surely know
For you alone I sink so low.

Your loud mouth and fanny squeezing;
Rude comments and raunchy teasing;
Your ridicule and no-angst rants--
You know we love your Buddha dance.
Here ends this ode and all will barf:
I wear the pants, but you wear the scarf.

So hope your bday brought you loot
Now that you can smoke and shoot
Drink? Alas! three years; NJ is sh*t
Bet now you wish you were a Brit.
Hope you had a good'un Mike.
Happy day after your birthday PWM.

Hey they might have your size in black.
Hoppity birthday, PWM wink.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
Wow, it's a nostalgic day for birthdays, we have NoName4444, poppa.moo and pvc fairy. *sends birthday vibes*
I'm off to see PVC fairy this weekend, and I know she still comes on here as a reader. As for NoName and Poppa.Moo, well, it's been ages since I've seen them on here. I hope that they all have lovely birthdays, whatever they're up to!
Thanks for the pressy, card and birthday wishes
I really hope you are not here coming here this weekend as i'm at a wedding in hampshire- check your calander.

best birthday wishes to all those that have gained a year today as well

Aawh! I was offline for my birthday, so I didn't get to see all the good wishes I got, but this is deffinitely a case of saving the best for last! I wub.gif you guys!
Hmm... don't actually know you too well, but..

Happy birthday snugglebum, my would be polar opposite apparently!

You hate your birthday from what I know, but meh, using up time worrying about having wasted time is one of those ironic oxymoron type things that helps about as much as any of these things:

ice skating up a steep hill,
eating soup with a knife and fork,
wearing anti perspirant to go swimming,
and voting for george bush.

It doesn't get you very far.

So be happy, start bein proud, and take advice from a stranger you don't know!

Happy birthday!
Forever Unknown
Bah! You got to say happy birfdee to my sister before I did!

Snugs will be getting very very drunk in London for her birfdee, watching Serenity, going shopping, and losing her Starbucks virginity. 'S'all good.
I'm pretty quick on the posting... like a quick draw cowboy... but with the add relpy button!.. man I'm sad..

ooo.. she's in london the exact time I'm away from london.. coincidence? Who could say!
Usurper MrTeapot
w00t Snuggs. Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Snugs biggrin.gif
Happy birthday Snuggs! Curse my lateness! May your day be full of 40% proof joy.

Hmm... Witless and Snuggs are never seen in the same place at the same time.... I smell a conspiracy.

Edit: And Bryden!
Happy birthday Snugs and bryden42!
Hoppy Birthday Snugg!
Happy birthday Snugglebum and Bryden42. And I've missed many birthdays, so happy birthday to the people I have
Sir Psycho Sexy
Happy birthday snuggs, have a sparkly one. Don't get...umm...arrested? biggrin.gif

Happy birthday Bryden, have a sparkly yet manly one. tongue.gif
Cath Sparrow
Happy Birthday Snugs and Bryden. Enjoy it lots. biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Snuggs, Erin and Bryden
Happy birthday Snugglebum

Did you know if you do a GIS for Snugglebum that not only do you get a picture of you, but you get one of D and Snoo snuggling? I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

Also happy birthday Bryden. You get this rather odd looking guy.

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