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Full Version: Birthday Wishes Thread 2005
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QUOTE (I_am_the_best @ Sep 17 2005, 07:58 AM)
Happy birthday exceptional. smile.gif

I had birthday wishes! And I wasn't even here! Thanks IATB, Cath, CheeseMoose! biggrin.gif

Happy late birthdays to Cath and IATB, now that I'm back smile.gif
Sorry Ex, I must've missed the listing on that one. Happy nearly-two-months-after-your-birthday!
A very happy birthday to the Froggy. Hip-hip-hooray!
Usurper MrTeapot
11 minutes too early dear.
Bah. Erm.... I was going at 88 miles per hour at the time I posted that. Yes, that's my excuse and I'm, sticking to it. tongue.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
Happy Birthday Froggy!

*gives you a dog to walk*
Yay! *pounces on Froggy and hugs her lots*
Happy birthday Froggy!

click at your own risk O:)
Cath Sparrow
Happy Birthday Lady Froggy. I will have my revenge when I figure out what it's going ot be. It will arrive when you least expect it!!! evil.gif
*lot and lots of huge hugs*
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Hoppy Birthday Miss Frog!

Extra special hugs and kisses to you and I hope you have a good time. biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Froggy
Thank you biggrin.gif

*is hugged and dog walking*

Wanna see wot I splashed out on? A bag!
Thats one uber schway bag laugh.gif

Happy birthday lady!!
Happy birthday to funked_out_frog!
Happy birthday Apollyn and Funked Out Frog smile.gif
Happy B-day Froggy!
Happy birthday to the Apollyon and el frog del funk.
Hehe, Hoppy Bifday Apollyon!

biggrin.gif *bounces some more*
Wow. That bag... just wow. Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Froggy! I give you lots of love and other goodies. Have a good one biggrin.gif
Did I miss Apoll's b'day? Dammit. 'Hope you had a good time!
Happy birthday, Frog!
Happy birthday Apollyon!

And of course, happy birthday Miss Froggy, Goddess of Smut! biggrin.gif Bwahahaha you're as old as I am for about 5 months! *points and laughs* (well, okay, I'll technically always be older, but it's the same number!)

Hehehe...I hope you both have had a great day smile.gif
Is Arpeggiodreams still around? Who knows, but I hope they're having a nice birthday!
DAMMIT! Couldnt get on and read properly before- Happy Belated Birthday Frogmella the Frogful.
Please burn all of those Korean fisk stick/tube thingies and dont offer them out in birthday bags, its just not nice! smile.gif
Happy birthday Asenyth! It's another person who's not been around here for a while, oh well...
Happy birth day Asenyth biggrin.gif

This is the card Witless made me! Yay!

QUOTE (Smiler @ Nov 18 2005, 05:40 AM)
Please burn all of those Korean fisk stick/tube thingies and dont offer them out in birthday bags, its just not nice! smile.gif

Oh dear lord...she still HAS some of that stuff?!?!?! That's from when Jaq visited at the end of July! blink.gif You didn't eat it, did you Smiler? Oh dear...well, you seem to still be alive and well regardless tongue.gif

I was just thinking about Asenyth awhile ago cause I remembered she wanted to move to the UK and after learning exactly what is involved in doing so I wondered if she even applied. Hope she had a good birthday even though she no longer comes here...wasn't she 5 months pregnant the last time she posted or something?
*Edit* Wrong Pixie ..... But hey Happy Birthday anyway laugh.gif
{Gothic Angel}
Happy Birthday Greeneyes happy.gif

I know you don't like being the centre of attention, but try to have a good day, yeah? tongue.gif

Cath Sparrow
Happy biffday Greenypie. *pays Greeny lots of atention* biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Greeneyes.
Happy birthday Poofie!

A birthday beer, I think is in order wink.gif
Hippidy bippy Greeneyes!
I'm a day late on here, but Happy Birthday Greeneyes. biggrin.gif
Happy late birthday Poofie!

Happy birthday Oscarhilton
Happy Birthday Oscar.

Have a link.
thanks guys!
Sir Psycho Sexy
heheh... spiderseatingmealive, read as 'spider seating me alive', mental image of a spider usher in a theatre.

edit: this is relevant because it's their birthday today tongue.gif
Happy birthday Whorebag! (aka Tigersong >_> )

HAHAHAHA you're 23 too now! Nyah nyah nyah tongue.gif


(It's not as old as you think it is, though, you silly Geoff. We don't need walkers quite *yet*)
Cath Sparrow
Happy Birthday Tigersong may all your geese have orgasms! biggrin.gif
Happy birthday Geoff

Have fun unwrapping the intense cherry goodness.
Happy Birthday Geoff!

May Lo's image load for you, because it isn't for me sad.gif
Happy Birthday Geoff!

Cath already said it but have excellent goose orgasms.

Happy Birthday Geoff biggrin.gif Don't get hyperthermia now!
Happy birthday to Tigersong, who I do not know but whose operatic voice just graced my iPoded ears. The things that collect in one's music bin are astounding--I've been near-asleep on my bus at times only to hear Mata embarassedly introducing himself while on Shuffle. It's like the whole forum is in my pocket.

*creepy smile*
Hoppy Birthday Geoff! biggrin.gif
Damn, missed Tigersong's b'day. 'Hope you had a good'un.

It's Lola's birthday today. She's not been on here for ages either. How come I only seem to see disappeared member's birthdays?
Yeah, I wonder what happened to Lola? Happy birthday to her anyway.
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