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Full Version: Birthday Wishes Thread 2005
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Happy birthday, Bel!
Hippy bathday to Bel for yesterday, Jimi for today (33? Really?), and also our new-ish member Snow White.
Happy Birthday Jimi,

(And yes Mata, he really is 33)
Happy belated birthday Beleraphron!

Happy birthday Jimi! smile.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
There's another golden oldy with a birthday. Happy birthday to lygophilia.
It's Little Twit's birthday. This means that he is now officially 39% as old as I am! W00t 'n' suchlike! Hippy biddy LT.
Happy birthday LT smile.gif
Happy Birthday Queenie!
Yay! Queenie's b'day! *sends mental hugs out to Queenie in the hope she'll drop by* 21? Crikey, we're all growing up aren't we? I remember when she was knee high to a grasshopper... Actually... *insert punchline here*
Cath Sparrow
Happy Birthday Queenie hope it's fun. *hugs*
Happy birthday Queenie!

Aw, Happy Birthday Queenie! Miss you lots!
Happy birthday to my former noob, Queenie! The only noob of mine who ever stuck around at all ohmy.gif

I hope it's wondermous and that I get to finally meet you next time I'm over there. smile.gif *hugs*
Hey guys!!

Cheers for wishing me happy birthday laugh.gif Had lots of fun!

I still pop in occassionally Mata, just don't tend to post anything!! And i think i was 18 when i first met you!! Seems like forever ago lol...

Lea xx
Cath Sparrow
Happy Birthday Little Pie Fairy may all your spangles sparkle. biggrin.gif
Aww, Lil'Pie, is she still around? I don't remember seeing her post for a while...

Korbin Dallas was also a regular for a bit.

Happy birthday to them!
Happy birthday to little pie fairy, and boo to Cath for nabbing the 666th post in here. I planned on getting it, if only to make myself appear a little more the badass.

Happy birthday Oni!

Don't worry, you seriously will always be 18 to me! biggrin.gif
Happy birthday Oni.

Aww... They're all growing up. I'm so proud! *sniff*
Happy Birthday, Oni, you old man tongue.gif

<3 love you, e-hubby.

Happy Birthday Oni!

/me licks
Happy birthday little pie fairy. This is the first thing I found with a pie image search and it make me giggle.

And of course happy birthday to my head secret service agent! I hope you have a great birthday Oni! For you, a new shiny car with flags on it!

Cath Sparrow
Happy Bithday Oni make all your geeky wishes come true. tongue.gif
Happy Birthday Oni!! =)

Love always, your traumatizer
Happy birthday Saucy Tara! Who wouldn't want a dog and a lizard?

Aww how cute!! Thanks sweety!!
I can't top a dog with a lizard but I can offer hugs... *hugs Tara*

Also merry birthday to Sjbbandgeek, who is irritatingly young. Only 16? Crikey... The www barely existed when I was 16...
Hugs to you to snookums biggrin.gif And happy birthday to sjbbandgeek too.
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