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Yeah, but consider who was there in February, and who's STILL here...

There ain't many of us.
I have a pretty ok life, but of course it could be a little more exciting, like when I went to see my boyfriend biggrin.gif ah i loved it so much. All i know is every night around 7pm (98% of the time) I come online and stay online for a while. On school days its till 11 or 10 if i can call my angel, and on weekends its pretty much whenever I want. Since school is almost done, I probably will be on here more offen tongue.gif I also still needd to get my volunteer hours done for high school next september laugh.gif
QUOTE (CrissiLove @ May 15 2003, 05:06 PM)
come to Texas... I'll let you have mine tongue.gif LOL

considers a holiday to texas to pick up life
why? you not using it anymore? or did you find a new one?
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