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Full Version: Samuri Lapin 3
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I'm too tired and emotionally drained to explain.

It's just been hell.

I hope you like it.

The link is in the usual place.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off for beer and Metroid Prime.
All I have to say is WOW
The animation is VERY nice, Mata. Hope you feel better.
WOWZERS laugh.gif you are god, mata
WOW! YAY! SAMURAI LAPIN!!! biggrin.gif
easily one of the best (if not THE best) of all your anims. and that's sayin a lot biggrin.gif
Great piece of animation Mata, music was great too. Quick question are the all the quotes from Sun Tze Art of War?.
Mr Fuzzy
You know, somehow I can see Sues as a ruthlless bunny samurai apprentice...

You have no idea how worried this makes me.

Heh, "And now, for your first lesson, you take the ones on the right"

Beautiful quote, simply beautiful.
wow! i love it! its so...matrix-y!
it amazes me how they get better every time, mata.
cheese is funny
whoa... mata... thats genius.. its filled with bunny related carnage!!!

mata keeps getting better and better... keep animating mata! i plan on buying another tshirt soon... my cannable sex kitty shirt is getting lonely...
Ok ive watched that about 7 times now!! Its fantastish! The next t shirt I will buy will be a samurai lapin one, I just need some money to buy it with!
I'm feeling a bit better today.

The reason it was so hellish was due to various problems with the sound. For a start the composer Shok had misunderstood one of the problems with Flash and the score he wrote is currently about 40 seconds too long. He'll be putting together a new version of the music over the next couple of days.

Secondly (again to do with the sound) for no reason that I can fathom (and believe me I tried everything I could think of for several hours until late last night) I couldn't get the sound to play when you pressed the 'watch again' button so eventually I gave up and removed the button altogether. I'm still not happy about this because I don't know what's wrong with it but I'm not sure I care so much anymore.


Yep, there are quotes in there from The Art of War by Sun Tzu and from the Hagakure: The Way of the Samurai. In the previous two animations I usually quoted directly, this time I've rewritten sections to fit the story slightly better but those texts are the basic sources.
$2 coming your way,
i figer its all i can offerd, but ill send ya $2
when i can smile.gif

hey, maybe one day ill save up the $2 and
buy a t-shirt :0
cant find the donate button..
can someone point me in the right direction..
i can only view at 640*600 so maybe its off screan...

i did find it once before, but its no where to be seen!!
Mata, that is one god-like, and sharp animation, superb work. You are the god of all things flash.

/me bows down and chants 'I'm not worthy'
Sun Tsu
QUOTE (Mata @ May 8 2003, 10:25 PM)
Now if you'll excuse me I'm off for beer and Metroid Prime.

LMAO!!!! laugh.gif
I wish sooooooooooooooooooo much I had remembered the correct spelling of ''Sun Tzu'' when I signed up. Now I look like a moron. dry.gif
*shouting to the sky* Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!????

Anyway, excellent anim, Mata.
meh it could be worse, you could have a crappy name like mine! Yeah i was wondering about the lack of watch again buttons! Meh its not that hard to restart it myself never mind!
Blimey... That's really really good is that! Ya should be justifiably proud, Mata smile.gif

Yer talent is definitely maturin there... it's great to see an I'm as impressed as hell that ya can manage all of this on yer own! Plus I'm envious of ya cus I'm so damn talentless... laugh.gif
me2 sad.gif Although i did manage to dance pretty damn goodly today on a playstation dance mat! Its quite scary as i'm a guy and that was what i spent my entire day doing tongue.gif
Don't knock the dance mats, they're really good exercise, and quite frankly anything that makes us get up and boogy a bit gets a plus vote in my books smile.gif
I seam to be having problems with it. it starts at 34%
then stays there and will not load any more
and lapin is the best as well sad.gif
Clear your cached internet files then try loading it again. There's more details about this issue in the FAQ on the main page smile.gif
that worked
Thank you very much
and OMG that has to be the best one yet Nice work that was fab tastic biggrin.gif:D
Absolutely loved it Mata. Sheer class. Glass the pink bunny didn't stay dead wink.gif
Great animation Mata!! biggrin.gif
hi! new here. can anyone tell me where to get that awesome music from the animation?
Yay I loved it <333 It's so....... philosophical! And nima, you can get it off Kazaa or something. happy.gif Just search for it!
QUOTE (Mata @ May 11 2003, 03:21 PM)
Don't knock the dance mats, they're really good exercise, and quite frankly anything that makes us get up and boogy a bit gets a plus vote in my books smile.gif

No seriously, I'm addicted!!! They are sooooo fun!
Yay I loved it <333 It's so....... philosophical! And nima, you can get it off Kazaa or something.  Just search for it!

Hmm... I doubt it! The chap made it for the animation. That was one of the things that was causing problems when I was making it... For reasons too complicated to go into here the musician believed that the animation lasted about forty seconds longer than it actually does and so the music is keyed up into completely the wrong places. He's considering making a new version of it that will fit the animation how he wanted it to.

I'll have a word with Shok next time he's online to see if I'm allowed to pass the music on (it is copyright to him so I can't do this without his permission).

You might be able to contact him yourself via the website that's linked at the end.
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