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Full Version: Matazone Addicts Anon.
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QUOTE (JimiJimi @ Feb 9 2005, 05:37 PM)
I remember I was one of the first to try that green bubbly frog stuff. I'm still getting side effects.

*Spots random person in room, mistakes for a fly and eats them*

Like I said... saide effects...

Anyway, who wants to ransack the place for no apparent reason? I sure do...

Why suuuuuuuuuure, you can trash it.......

*sneaks up on JimiJimi and completely surrounds him with ductape*

Tobias, Pascal, take 'im away!
Quoth(The Raven)
*That looks like fun* Gwen Opins
Arthur shakes his head. *They've got everything under control, Kit.*
*Aw, I never get to have any fun!*
*Tapes Jimijimi to Tobias*

Now, you and Pascal go have fun with him- take him out to a field or something.

*Tobias leaves with Pascal trailing*

tchtchtch.....such a mess he left.

*begins to clean madly*
Quoth(The Raven)
Arthur fetches a broom, and Gwen brings the dustpan...
*bounces off the wall and into the glass vase*
padded funiture might help too....
*Lands in jug of green, bubbly stuff*

And padded drinks I'm thinking aswell?
*bounces up and lands in green stuff on top of IATB*

What do you mean? I had a perfectly soft landing
that's beacause your covered in feathers!
Isn't everyone by now? If they aren't, possibly you two should start doing it in the n00b threads. Just a thought
no, not everyone. just the people who came into the brother black sheep thread.

and I've thought about doing it in the noob threads, but then I'd have to hand out kittens AND cover people in glue.
Good point. We must lure more people into the CoBBS thread
I'll work on that!
I don't think that eveyone has admited to being an adict yet!

come to the BBS thread! Come to the BBS thread!
Subliminal messaging. Genius Voices.

Come to the BBS thread, we have cookies - stolen from Tribe Wyvern
Owww! *Chucks freen bubbly stuff at CheeseMoose* Hehe, that's for landing on top of me wink.gif
(And because food fights are SO INREDIBLY FUN!)

More tiny text here aswell?!
Food Fight! or more accuratly, Green Bubbly Stuff Fight!

Of course, we must use the power of tiny text to pass subliminal messages to people all over the forum. Come to BBS, Come to BBS
Wow what fun! And because we have bouncy walls, when you throw it, it bounces right back! It's like a whole new dimension to food fights!

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes; you're under. You will come to the Cult of Brother Black Sheep and vote for him in the 'favourite animation' poll. You're back in the room. <<I'm sorry, it's another of my completely pointless aims in life but I've ALWAYS wanted to say that...
Good point. And it means you can do deflection shots.

Hey if it works I'm not nocking it. Come to BBS, Come to BBS
*deflects shot off wall to hit Trunksgirl in the head*
What if we have bouncy straight jackets aswell?! Now that would be like woooo!
*Tobias flies in and dumps an entire pot of Blue bubbly stuff on Dave*

*sigh* this is what I get for trying to clean up, I suppose, happy.gif

*wipes the green stuff off of her head*

Though I do like the idea of the feather furniture
*Pascal freezes Tobias, dips him into bubbly with telekinesis*

Pascal and I will win, oh yes, we will be triumphant!
not just yet!

*the bubbly proves to be too hot and melts the ice. Tobias drinks his fill and spits it at Dave and Pascal, covering them from head to toe*

Ange skips by and places a cherry into the bubbly on each of their heads.

Pooooor little Dave. You thought I would lose in my own thread?

Not to mention the fact that I control the universe.

*sticks out tongue and skips away to begin the clean up*
*Pascal freezes the bubbly, and cracks it off of himself and me*

Okay, I suppose you win...this time.

*goes off to plot revenge*
*eats cherry*
*CM walks in* Whoa, what have you guys been up to? tongue.gif

I'll leave you to it *CM walks out*

Come to BBS, Come to BBS
Hey now, no subliminal messages here.

I say we share everyone between us.

*sweeps up the spangly trail CM left*

Come back anytime! Food fights with the bubbly stuff are always entertaining.
*sets down feathery funiture*
there you go, I didn't know what color feathers you wanted them in, so I just used the white shiney ones....
Quoth(The Raven)
Arthur decides enough is enough, and launches a new, and improved Sudsbomb™(Guarenteed not to singe or burn)... flies in, grabs Tobias and Gwen, Shouts *Fly!* to Pascal, and exits thread at top speed. Bomb goes off, flooding thread with hot, soapy water and foam. When the water recedes, everything is sparkly clean, with no sign of green stuff, which, diluted, is now draining into the Matazone storm drains...
*shakes off water*
Quoth! you got me all wet again!
*mumbles something about ruined hair*
Quoth(The Raven)
I'd be more worried about what the green stuff is gonna do to the critters living in the sewers... can you say: C.H.U.D.? laugh.gif
How about the ROUSes - I'd be more worried about them.
dry.gif you still messed up my hair....
*sniffles* I have a ADDICTED TO MATAZONE! AHHHHHH!! okay..there..i admitted it.
Well done for taking the first step. The next step is to drink some of the randomly coloured sparkly stuff and start bouncing off the walls

And then you must join the CoBBS
Hey! - No small text in MAA. Subliminal messages in a place with already weak minds is just wrong.
tongue.gif if you do it, make it even more difficult to see.
But small text is So much fun!

by the way...I'm ordering straight jackets, so just fill out the form:

Color of buckels:

Before any of you say anything, I know I'm weird.
Fair enough, Dave. Crap, I can't even see it!
Polka Dot (dots are purple)I'm getting closer
I should fill out a form too....

name: voices
size: small
color: electric blue
buckle color: dark blue
pattren: diagnol blue, of course.

I couldn't even see that one!
Quoth(The Raven)
*Tap, tap* Testing, one, two, three, testing... *Ahem!* we intterupt this thread to announce The Tribe Wyvern Mascot Poll... We are currently lining up candidates for Mascot. So far, Arthur the Pendragon, Tobias The Pendragon, and Gwen the flying cat, have thrown their hats in the ring... any other candidates should enter now... We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread... Already in progress...
Quoth(The Raven)
New entrant: Emma the Sparkling Rainbow Cat... Let's have a big round of Applause...
i vote we tie all the straight jackets together for a more comedic effect.
*Wakes up to find self covered in duct tape*
Lucky I do my tape ripping excersizes at home, and with one little rip, it should just... Nooooooo! Industrial strength! Has anyone got any scissors? Or better yet, any secateurs? Man...
Now who has the best subliminal message? Hardly visible and small, ooh yeah! Aren't I great! Only problem is I don't have anything to put in a subliminal message. Meh, what are you gonna do?
And anyway, how am I meant to become an ex-mataholic when I'm tied up with tape in the middle of a field?
Black stripes


Coem and join the CoBBS! You know you want to. We have a bar
It's interesting, I've posted quite a lot tonight and I've noticed that after many hours my posting, not many people have actually posted... Which shows one thing, a lot of the people on this forum don't seem to care about the forum on Valentines Day... which shows that even Mataholics have their Mata-less side, which puts everyone one step closer to being ex-Mataholics!
Err... I think part of CoBBS is to make people join CoBBS subliminally, so here we go... JOIN COBBS! JOIN COBBS! JOIN COBBS!
Except me because I've been here on and off all day

Addiction Update: Matazone is now my homepage

Come to CoBBS, Come to CoBBS
and the only time I've been off was to run to class

oooo, maybe we can hang some of the addicts from the ceiling and give the room some extra character
Thank you for volunteering trunks girl!

*Staples trunks girl to the ceiling*
I'm sorry, I'm already in a make-shift straightjacket made out of duct tape, so sticking me to the ceiling is out of the question.
I loooove testing things like these out

*begins swinging*


*swings too hard and falls from the ceiling*

hmmm, better try industrial strength super-glue

*glues CM to the ceiling and skips away*
anyone else need a staight jacket? I'm sending out the orders otherwise...

CheeseMoose forgot that the coBBS's bar come with one awesome bartender in a sparkly halter top!
Can I ask for a modification to my straight jacket? I want it to be covered in bubble wrap.
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