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Full Version: So I Hit A Problem
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So my computer died of course. Now I rebuilt it and such, but part of what I was going to do before it died was reformat... Now it's not detecting my HDD during setup, but it does on startup.

So basically, why the hell would it detect at startup but not during setup for the OS?

Ignore this. It's a WD HDD, and those function without jumpers, so I removed the jumpers and it was detected (even though the jumpers were correct before...) So this can be deleted or something.
Quoth(The Raven)
awwww, where's the fun in deleting a needless thread, when we can spamm it, instead?
Is that just the way the picture was taken, or does that ferret have blue eyes?
They glow blue, but they're not really blue.
Ah, everyone loves eco-matazone-warriors, with their crazy 'save the needless thread' schemes.
I'm not all that sure as to why Mata hasn't noticed this and deleted it, because I'd have thought all the mods and administrators spend their lives patrolling the forum for spammity spam. Ah well, who gives a damn?
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