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What do people like more than complaining? nothing, of course! So, here at last, is the ranting thread! Just post a nice, long rant and you'll feel better, I promise!
The one rule of the ranting thread is this: you etheir comfert someone once they've made their rant, or you ignore it.
Since I have alot to rant about, (or maybe just beacause I'm, really, really obnoxious) I'll start.

I've been sick for 4 days, It's spread around to everyone in the family, and even my sister's friend, and we don't even know what it is! I have TONS of school work to catch up on, can't go out of the house, AND the worst part of it all is that it's my mom's birthday! Also, my mom runs this sort of at-home daycare thing, and she had to work today, and the little kid she's taking care of found out how to open the doors, and woke all of the sick family members up.

see? I feel A little better now, so don't wait, and put up your rant today!
Ooo! I didn't see this thread. What a great idea. I have a LOT to rant about and so I just shorten it into three words. I hate Mrs Andrews. Oops that was four.

Aww, poor you! I hope you're feeling better now! Hmph, I lot my voice yesterday and now it's come back it sounds like it's breaking...
How'd you lose your voice?
I'm feeling a bit better, since the little kids wern't here today.

Other than still being sick, I don't have much to rant about.....
I'm banning myself from this thead for my own safety and the safety of a small minority who shall remain nameless.

Forever Unknown
My teeth bloody hurt all the arsing time at the moment. I have to cope with it until Thursday (emergency appointment my bum!) and it feels like my brain's leaking out my ears. I'm on so many painkillers that I can't think straight, I'm constantly exhausted and can't do my job properly. Because I'm on so many painkillers, I can't get my tattoo done tomorrow.

And then, in order for it's fixage on Thursday, I have to face my biggest ever phobia (ze dentist, with 'iz drills and needles). Terrified? Just a little.

On the bright side, at least it's a kick up the bottom to finally go see a dentist, which I've needed to for years.

Ooh. I really do feel better for that. Thankies for a very useful thread! I hope you're feeling a little more healthy and human.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Not really a rant - more of a winge.

The boy's ill, the other half is ill and now I've caught the chuffing bug as well. mad.gif

Difference is, where they can sleep it off/live on drugs and generally get over it - I still have to run the motherarsing house, cook, clean, wash, iron and work. I'm fecking shattered and my tummy hurts and it's really rather pathetic to want your Mum to look after you at the age of 25.

Now, I'm going to crawl into bed, cuddle my pillow and feel sorry for myself.
see? doesn't that feel better?
sad.gif And I hope you feel better soon!
Quoth(The Raven)
Normally, I'm healthy as a horse, but lately, I've had two Migraines, and a lower backache that lasted a week. The back is better now, but I've picked up some kind of flu-like bug... erg! I'll be crawling back under the covers, soon...
Aww, everyone is ill (almost). *Hugs everyone* I do hope that you all get better or stop having toothache or stuff like that. Meh, and then I went and got my self a nice dosage of flu and so now I have to miss my piano competition and it means that I can't go to Camden today. Oh and I still told my parents about my *sigh* three damned detentions and oh ho, as much as life loves me it seems to be bullying me right now. sad.gif

Man, that felt good. You are a genius Voices.
Grah! Easyjet must die.

They caused me an entire week lying in bed going owowow thanks to a throat infection. Learn to filter your recirculated air you bastages! Then headache badness the next weekend and now some weird painful thing that makes it hurt to breathe in deeply.


Health seems to hate me these last few weeks.

Oh, while I'm at it Heart of Midlothian football club and all other major sports teams must be stopped too. It took me 20 minutes to cross the road last week thanks to the outflow of idiots (according to the impression of football supporters the media gives this is mostly justifiable) from their stadium (which is 0.8 miles from my flat) who'd just finished cheering or booing for another 22 idiots who had mastered the godlike level of skill required to kick around a fake inflated pigs bladder.

Any football fans offended by this post, sorry but professional sports is a bad bad thing in my opinion:
1) Think how much less hatred and violence there would be if people didn't hate other people purely for their support of a certain sports team. We have enough international conflict as it is without this conflict within our own nation, even worse that hatred is based on something completely irrational.
2) Professional sports people earn huge amounts of money yet give back nothing to society while enforcing the horrible celebrity culture that we seem to have at the moment.
3) Lots of kids aspire to be professional sports people, reducing the future number of candidates for useful jobs which are beneficial to society and the human race.
4) If people enjoy sports they should get out and play, not sit on a couch or in a stadium eating junk food and getting fat.
5) It forces innocent people like me (this was while I had a throat infection, causing difficulty breathing when cold among other things) to have to stand in the cold for 20 minutes just to cross a bloody road.
huh.gif what happened to banning yourself from the thread? smile.gif

My mom's pretty much recovered from the cold, but everyone else is still sick. I've already missed 4 days of school from it, and all of the make-up work is just makeing a pile on my desk! We cleaned the house yesterday, and my sister, being the genius that she is, used bleach on EVERYTHING. My eyes are watering like crazy....
Everyone feel free to skip over this post. I really ought to get myself a blog, but Polocrunch did say Matazone is my blog.

I have enormous problems with my drama teacher. She runs all the plays at my school, and apparently there was this schism when my mother (who was very good friends with the former drama teacher and did all the costumes for the plays) commenced to costume for this new teacher. They didn't exactly get along, see. So I, who has always loved acting, join up for her class two years after she started at my school. From the very first day she's been glaring at me in class, and that was magnified by my missing a rehearsal for the play (that she, incidentally, refused to cast me in, despite what I can say without *much* arrogance was a damn good audition) that I volunteered to help out with sorting costumes. They had to clear the building because of a fight and this arsebucket security guard wouldn't let me back in.

The next day in class, she spoke to me in a voice somewhat like that of Satan. For a full six minutes (I kept glancing at the clock) she dressed me down as the rest of the class looked on in a confusion. One of the things she said was, "There is no possible way I can cast you now, knowing this."

So, another audition comes around. I audition anyway, on the council of everyone I know. Didn't get cast. A friend who stage manages with her and watches the auditions mentioned I got put in the "absolutely not" pile. Ow.

Then I fell down a flight of stairs and missed the midterm. Someone I shouldn't have trusted told me they would reschedule it with her for me, but didn't. She bites my head off again. In front of the class, again. Louder this time, though.

Try out again, for the play with the largest cast. All of my friends get cast. I don't. She tells everyone to sign up for a benefit to fund the casts of the past two plays' trip to Disney World. I offer to usher, not because I want to help, but because they get to dress up as Disney characters and I have made a lovely Tinkerbell outfit. It took me about a week, but it is lovely. I tell her in class what I plan to be and get the ice smile. "That sounds great. We'll see you there."

A week later (today) it is benefit time. I show up, and find there to be another Tinkerbell. She stares at me. Apparently, two days ago, the drama teacher told her they *needed* a Tinkerbell, and would she please be it?

I am told to tell the children coming to the benefit that I am Tinkerbell's cousin.

It's a slap in the face, and I can't believe this. Reading over it, I sound like a no-talent obnoxious girl who can't take a hint, and for that I apologize.

You may resume your normal foruming now.
Ayi, poor you. That teacher sounds like a right meanie. Maybe you could get her fired if you get your parents to talk to the head. There is nothing sweeter than revenge... wink.gif
*Revels in the sweet sweet pity*
QUOTE (moop @ Feb 12 2005, 05:56 PM)
*other stuff removed*

...another 22 idiots who had mastered the godlike level of skill required to kick around a fake inflated pigs bladder.

Actually, it does take extreme levels of skill. To be able to kick a stationary ball perfectly and guide it into the top corner of a rectangular area (whilst at the same time other people are doing there very best to stop you) takes skill. And the balls aren't actually made from pigs bladders anymore...
QUOTE (little_bear @ Feb 12 2005, 11:52 PM)
Actually, it does take extreme levels of skill.  To be able to kick a stationary ball perfectly and guide it into the top corner of a rectangular area (whilst at the same time other people are doing there very best to stop you) takes skill.  And the balls aren't actually made from pigs bladders anymore...

Yep, so it takes skill. It also inspires needless hatred, violence and riots; causes people to aspire to a career which does society no good; reinforces the damaging celebrity culture in which people try to imitate the usually excessive and harmful life style of the football players they practically worship; makes people who just sit around and watch it on TV fat and in addition to that makes my 300m trip to the supermarket into a nightmare.

QUOTE (moop @ Feb 12 2005, 04:56 PM)
[snip]who had mastered the godlike level of skill required to kick around a fake inflated pigs bladder.[/snip]

Hence the use of the word fake, highlighted for your benefit in the above quote of my previous post and now highlighted in my original post.

I have another rant to add to the list: people who ignore the main point of a post and instead pick holes in the irrelevant parts, usually assuming that this in some way counters the main point made in the post.
Usurper MrTeapot
I really have no problem with the game, just the culture.
Likewise, playing sports is a good way to stay healthy but when it gets over commercialilised to the same proportion as football has here things start to get ugly and a lot of negative effects spring up.

Watching sports on the other hand strikes me as mind numbingly boring.
Blue packets are salt and vinegar, green are cheese and onion. Anything else is an aberation of nature.
I'm tired. I'm tired of having plans and then having them be cancelled on me. I'm tired of coming home specificly for plans that get cancelled. I'm tired of planning beforehand how I'm going to look, and what I'm going to say at these plans that get cancelled. I'm tired of not having control over any of it.I'm tired of crying. Oh so tired of crying. I'm tired of not feeling loved, even when I'm told I am. I'm tired of feeling caught in a snare. I'm tired of working for something and still not getting it. I'm tired of feeling worn out emotionally. I'm tired of people telling me one thing one minute and something else the next. I'm tired of being the only one trying to figure it all out. I'm tired of not knowing where I stand. I'm tired of knowing what I want, but never knowing what anyone else wants. I'm tired of not being able to find any solutions. I'm tired of being hurt. I'm tired of loving too much all the time. I'm so very tired.

Thanks for reading (if any of you actually could, lol) and I hope everyone else here feels better/solves their problems.
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Quoth(The Raven)
amen, Mike, amen...

And, Ange, hang in there, it gets better...

To everyone else, I hope things get better, soon...
Elphaba, I'd start writing down a list of your greviances with your Drama teacher. Then I'd give it to your mom and dad and tell them all about it. Then I'd start carrying a tape recorder to her classes. "Accidentally" leave it on. The next time she does something nasty to you, turn the evidence over to the principle and bring your parents with you. Your teacher should NOT be doing stuff like this.

And now for my rant...

WHY is it that the arts attract such @ssholes to them? Like drama teachers. I have YET to meet a drama teacher who isn't a Drama Queen. I swear, they think that just because they're "artists" that they can run around with their noses stuck high in the air and take out every little greviance on others around them. And the same goes for the majority of chorus teachers that I know. The couple that I've met who aren't snobbish Drama Queens are so religious and into religious music that they make me want to scream. Yes, religious music is beautiful. Yes, the majority of the religious-affiliated music the schools recieve and are allowed to perform were composed for the purpose of "praising Jesus and Christianity". DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO PUSH IT?

Every time I meet one of these stuck up, snobby, self-absorbed "artists" I just want to become an accountant instead of a writer. Do things as far from art as it's possible to get because I DON'T want to be associated with them, even by the most tenuous of bonds. Sometimes I HATE the human race...
I have another rant to add to the list: people who ignore the main point of a post and instead pick holes in the irrelevant parts, usually assuming that this in some way counters the main point made in the post.

Yep, that's me alright. tongue.gif. I just object to the generalising of a demographic purely based upon the actions of a minority. Annnyywayy...

Very well moop. I acquiesce. *extends olive branch of peace to quell any potential hard feeling.*

Okay, now for my rant.

Yesterday, my Eclipse 512k connection went down. Okay, so this was for the first time ever, so I was fine with it. So, I decided to ring up Eclipse tech support and try and see what I could do to get it back on. I was greeted with a delightful recording saying there were no 'advisors' available at the moment to help me, and that I would be put on hold. Now, I'm normally pretty patient, so I waited and waited listening to 'musak' staight out of the school of 'I know a song that's going to get on your nerves'. I waited. And waited some more. And even, for the fun of it, waited a bit more. Finally, I got through, and was met with the most sanctimonious, condecending tech support person I think I have ever met. He didn't seem to want to help me in any way at all, and came across as though he knew f*ck all about the field he was employed in. I've spoken to countless tech support staff, and they've all been extremely genial and helpful. But this guy just had me fuming. Gah! I finished the conversation by (politely*) excusing myself and saying I'd fix the problem myself. Not knowing the first thing about Internet connection protocols and whatnot, I failed miserably, but thankfully my connection came back on three hours later. But bugger me, he was the most horrible man I've ever had the 'fortune' to have a phone conversation with.


*hugs bb connection*

"Let's never part again, okay? *sniffle*"
elephaba, I've had teachers like that....well, maybe not that bad, but I hated them all the same. I've never been known for thinking things through before I say (or do) them, but I would still give the teacher a good taste of her own medicene!

Or at least put a thumbtack in her chair....biggrin.gif

I'll get back to my random complaining.....I've lost my voice, but It seems to come back whenever it feels like it. I'm STILL sick, and This stupid cold (or whatever it is...) doesn't show any signs of going away. I've lost 5 pounds...but that's not a good thing for me, since I look like a skeleton as it is!
Thanks everyone. Feyliya, those ideas are excelente! I've talked to my mom a few times about it, just because it's _so_ frustrating, but I had to talk her down from calling in to the teacher last time I did. I actually had to unplug the phone because I knew that if she did call, the next day I'd get a BIG smile and a "So, I talked with your mother last night." and then *somehow* fail her class. Something like that. I will start with the tape recorder though. I feel like a spy already!

{irrelevent} It sort of brightened my day when I checked the away of a former student of hers who I talk to sometimes and it said " 'teacher's name', you will always be the obnoxious slimy girl who never got asked to prom in my eyes". It's heartening to know other people had bad experiences with her and went on to be sucessful in theater (this person is doing a lovely job in the Dinner Theater near here and has been cast in an Off-Broadway show starting next fall) {irrelevent}

*deep breath*

Ange, you are a great addition to these forums and I hope you feel better. To the caffienecave!

Moop, I know exactly what you mean. Lots of sports fans have a bad habit of being loud and stupid (not that they all are, little bear).

FU, dentists suck. They suck a lot. I like to imagine mine in that horrible chair as I poke around her teeth with something pointy and shine a bright light in her eyes to disorient her.

I_am_the_best, I see we share a common enemy in idiot teachers. Unlike me, you had the restraint not to blather on about it. It's a great trait, and more power to you.

Little Bear, people over the phone who think they know the best thing to do are stupid. I suggest taking a moment when they are full-steam ahead blathering and pick out a song on the keypad. (Mary Had A Little Lamb: 3-2-1-2-3-3-3-2-2-2-3-3-3-3 and so on)

Snugs, Quoth and Voices, I hope you all feel better! *administers e-medication* Voices, have you considered hopping out from behind corners and croaking at stupid people? In full goth makeup? Might be a mood-lifter.
It certaintly would! Espesilaly with the full costume on:

What even more fun than that is putting on my old halloween costume (I used to always be an angel) with the goth makeup on, and THEN jump out at stupid people......not that I would know or anything....

I'm feeling much better now, But still have alot to rant about:
I have been dragged all over town today, just to look for valentines, and ended up spending WAY more money than I needed to. I mean, c'mon people, $8 for a candy heart the size of my hand? Then, I had to talk my mom out of buying a pair of sweatpants, but theese wern't normal sweatpants, They were bright pink and had Big, replusive hearts on them. they were also $10, which was WAY too much....okay, maybe I was being a bit pushy, but she would have never worn them, and if she did, I wouldn't claim to know her....biggrin.gif
Since no one else has put up an rant lately, I'll do it:

Valentine's sucks. All day the really, really preppy girls talked about the dance
"so anyway, this is what I wore:(insert mindless blabber here)
and this is who I danced with: (more mindless talk),wow, I, like, forgot to breath."

And I'm not kidding.
Voices, you should see if you and your family might agree to celebrating Valentine's the day after- all the candy that doesn't get sold goes for at least half of what it was orriginally priced. My sister makes it a goal of hers to go to the mall every year after Valentine's day and get as much chocolate as she can for $20- and believe me, when she comes home, she's practically swimming in chocolate, lol.

As for the sweatpants- been there, done that. Parents never get less embarasing- I'm in college and my mom still pulls some weird stuff, but the best thing to do is to have as much fun with it as possible. Sounds impossible, right? It takes some getting used to, but it's worth it in the end.

And as much as being single on Valentine's day can suck, if you spend it with some of your single friends, you can have just as much fun as any couple. for a rant.....I guess I could rant about how cold the rain was....I normally like the rain, but I DON'T like the cold. At all. Brrr...and I had to run in it to a class that ended half an hour early anyway. Not my cup of tea.
I really hate how much time and effort people put into Valentines Day and how much emphasis is placed on it. My single friends get angry and stressed out and my friends who have an SO just get stressed out. It's a holiday that was invented (or at least popularised and commercialized) by a card company so that they could sell a bunch of cards that no one needed after the Christmas holiday rush and before Easter and Mother's Day. It's a silly holiday(holiday?! Pah! We don't even get this wretched day off!) and it makes everyone miserable. I remember having to sit up the night before Valentines Day and write out the names of all 32 of my classmates on my Valentine's Day cards so that everyone would have a card (school policy) and so that no one would feel left out, all the while making scads of money for the card companies and meaning nothing to any of the children who got the cards.
What little religious significance Valentine's Day had is long lost in the endless parade of cards, candy, flowers, diamonds etc. etc. etc. It's possibly the most commercial of holidays, and one of the most exclusionary of holidays and it's sad to see so many people take it so seriously. It's like if pepsi ran a marketing campaign where on May 5th people who had children gave each other 6 packs of Pepsi. It's silly, it's commercial, and doesn't it just make you feel that much more like a consumer whore?

I'll keep it simple this time:
I got in a *bit* of trouble for flicking some dude off.

dry.gif He had it coming....

Also, Elphaba, have you tried out the tape recorder yet?
I brought it in today, but she was like cotton candy. All, "Ok, guys, Michelle's going to do her monologue now. Let's be respectful"

I think she has X-Ray vision.

I'm curious about the circumstances that led you to flick him tell.
Fine, but first I'll put up my rant for today:

I had to sit through the cheerleader tryouts today, And the last thing I needed was to see a couple of other 12-year-olds dancing (more of a seizure, If you ask me) around In Really, Really short skirts....

Okay, now here is why he got the bird. (and I should tell you ahead of time that I'm not in the habit of doing that to people, And that I'm usally pretty quite if someone gets on my nerves) First of all, he was being a perv. That alone was annoying enough, but he just HAD to make it worse. He wouldn't stop bothering me. I'm bad enough at math as it is, and I don't need someone sitting next to me Yelling to the whole class how horrible I am at it. Then, He decided to make this big deal about where I'm sitting, which didn't matter anyway, so he was just doing it to make me mad. Then, When I finnaly said something about it ( I don't remember what) he called me a bitch. I said he was a dumbarse and and gave him the bird.

See? he had it coming.
i got my report card this week, my parents said it wasn't good enough even though it was 3 As and 3 Bs and i triedd my hardest and my father screamed at me for hours and grounded me and took away crap. i lost my wallet yesterday, it had $50 and i already owed people some money so that just made it worse, plus it was all i had. plus, last night i asked out someone and they had a very rude, unpleasant, not so pleasing response.. this morning my father got mad at me again and i was crying during my first class, when my former "best friend" who sits near me just stared at me and didn't care. five people called me the wrong name today (of said former best friend who doesn't even look anything like me) for no reason. i failed a math test and i'm getting bad grades in all my classes because i'm too tired and i didn't do my chinese class homework for a week because i skipped class and didn't know what it was because i didn't want to go to class crying.

eh, yeah.. just had to get that out, sorry.
Aww, *dishes out hugs to everyone*

Well I haven't really got much of a rant, but I will just say that I am soooo incredibly tired! Oh and my dad is sitting here bugging me BIG time, grrrrrr, why won't people just leave me alone and stop talking for once.
QUOTE (elf @ Feb 19 2005, 01:09 AM)
eh, yeah.. just had to get that out, sorry.

no apologiy needed! That is the point of the thread, after all!
*more hugs to everyone*

Okay, so today I had an eye doctor appointment, which is okay, since that means I get contacts. Anyway, when I got to the appointment, they blew this puff of air into my eye, which they claimed was a test for something, but I think that they just wanted to see me jump backwards and nearly fall off my chair. Next, the doctor-thingy (I know they have a proper name, but I can't be bothered with it right now) Got really, really close to my face with the light. You would think that If your job involved Getting right next to someone's face and breathing REALLY loudly, then you would use a tic-tack or Something.
That dude Defined Bad breath....
Some things I don't get.
What's up with C-2? it's basically diet Coke with a new name. In fact, it IS diet Coke with a new name. I can't believe people actually think its different.
Whats up with paneling? Who decided wall paneling was such a good idea? Why can't bricks and mortar still be in fashion?
Why do people think it's cool to have a green mohawk? Don't they realise they look really stupid?
How come nobody thinks a custom bike from Vegas is cool?
Rant of the day:
My friend got a flu, and now I feel horrible about complaining about a stupid eye doctor appointment. My school never gets off for anything, even when it snowed 8 inches, so we're the only school in the whole panhandle of texas that's not getting off for president's day.
You have presidents day?! A day in celebration of George Bush?!
Sadly enough, yes. I think it's more for abraham licoln(he's so great, and yet I still can't spell his name) and george washington...

Could you imagene celebrateing Bill Clinton? Oh, that would be an interesting day...
Sadly my knowledge of American presidents is extremely limited and stretches about as far as knowing that Lincoln was a dude with a cool beard, top hat and walking stick...
QUOTE (voices_in_my_head @ Feb 20 2005, 06:15 PM)
Sadly enough, yes. I think it's more for abraham licoln(he's so great, and yet I still can't spell his name) and george washington...

Could you imagene celebrateing Bill Clinton? Oh, that would be an interesting day...

National "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" day?
Mostly, yes.
Grrrr. I'm desperately trying to find out all the homework that we were given over ther holidays (on the last day before school...) and everyone seems to be telling me different things... sad.gif
dancing hamster guy
I hate it when people do this:
(especially in "Personal concerns")

Have a hug *Hugs*

like people are going to feel so mush better from a virtual hug!
Oh fine. I shall go and change it (Yay for the 'edit' button)! But I hate it when people make quite obvious hints instead of just saying it straight. But I personally like virtual hugs because if you would have hugged that person in rl, you're sying that you would have hugged them, but you can't, and so it's showing them that you care! (I don't know if that made sense...)
Well it did to me and I appreciate the thought behind them on the rare occasions I do something warranting one tongue.gif

Now here's my little rant and believe me there's a wealth of feeling behind this one...

Im being made redundant, all customers have turned into evil gloating locusts and to cap it all one threatened to hit me for doing what the administrating company decree. How often will I have to repeat the phrase "without your receipt I am not allowed to exchange that because I must have proof of purchase"?!
Daft woman even admitted that I told her the same thing when I sold it to her last week before she decided trying to hit me would be a good plan!

Equally how can someone complain when a 150 ballgown is reduced to 25 and say its not cheap enough?!
Am I missing something?

I think as Statutary rights are apparently SO important to customers arguements it needs to be a legal requirement that they know them CORRECTLY so I dont have to keep correcting them when they get it wrong and kick off at my colleagues and I.


Thankyou all for your precious time Im now going to go fume quietly ready for tomorrows retail gauntlet. tongue.gif
Quoth(The Raven)
QUOTE (dancing hamster guy @ Feb 22 2005, 09:53 AM)
I hate it when people do this:
(especially in "Personal concerns")

Have a hug *Hugs*

like people are going to feel so mush better from a virtual hug!

Virtual hugs are the next best thing to real ones... They show people care. Having received a few recently, I can tell you they feel pretty good. So, *Hugs*
dancing hamster guy
Arrghhh back away, back away!

I also hate the librarians here - one of them thinks that work can only be done on "Word" and everything else must be games, and then they ban your accounts for something you didn't do...... arrgghh!!!!

.... just breath .....
My rant..

I really, really, really, really hate it when people like to blame everything on organized religion. As if religion were the only thing people were idiotic or psychotic about. Ignoring that communist, tribal, ect nations all have their jerks and people that are less than helpful, there as well. Come on, do you really base a group of thousands and thousands on a handful of news sound bytes and a rant letter to whatever newspaper? Grr.
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