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Full Version: Mcjaq Meet, 30th + 31st July
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Alright, so a question here. When are people travelling? the 29th or the 30th? What time are the arrivals? Or the departures. Whichever..
Early morning on the 30th here. probably.
{Gothic Angel}
Ummm... I had the deciding conversation with mum... It doesnt look like I will be able to come after all.

She wants to stress that it's not you guys, especially not people I might have been travelling with, shewould have been more comfortable if it was closer to someone we knew. As it is, I would be in the middle of nowhere, for us, and whatever you guys could do, I wouldn't be near someone *we* knew if things did go wrong.

Sorry sad.gif
hey, its no problem, we wouldn't have taken any offense if she *had* said it was us guys. I wouldn't trust me as far as I could throw me (a challenging feat for sure). It's almost definite that the next meet would be closer to home for everyone (except fallen element, porce and I, but who are we to complain), so hopefully we'll see you at that one (when/where/how ever it is).
Uhm, one of my non-mata friends is coming with me. So, that's two random Floridians flying over to Scotland... We'll be leaving July 29th and arriving the morning of the 30th.

We're heading to London probably that Sunday or Monday. Are there any late trains down to London Euston on Sundays?
QUOTE (zivane @ May 20 2005, 02:52 AM)
Uhm, one of my non-mata friends is coming with me. So, that's two random Floridians flying over to Scotland... We'll be leaving July 29th and arriving the morning of the 30th.

We're heading to London probably that Sunday or Monday. Are there any late trains down to London Euston on Sundays?

I shall likely be going Londonwards by train on Sunday, so you can just follow me smile.gif. I think others will be going that way also.
Yay! Do you know about how much those trains are? I know from Liverpool they were about 55 without a railcard...
Currently, no. I generally only use one train line, and that's an east to west jobbie. I'll try and find out.

Edit: National Rail Website. If you click on the Buy Tickets bit, you should be able to get a quote for your journey.

Edit again: Actually, looks like I might not be going through London after all.
Ooh ooh ooh, question! It's just... Glasgow? No particular area? I'm trying to hunt down somewhere to stay you see...

And a bit of an update. Looks like I'll be arriving in Scotland the morning-ish of the Friday, so I shall be early. Yarh.
This should probably have been added a week ago, but for those who really need it I can supply a spare bed and a *little* floor space. So far Jaq and froggy are first dibs, but I should have room for two or three more who don't mind:

i) animals. My house is full of them (a cat and two dogs)
ii) mess. My house is a.
iii) hard floors. Laminate wooden I'm afraid. Bring pillows.
iv) having to travel about forty minutes out of town after the nights out (note: because of the travel, this will only suit people who are going to come on the full night out on friday/saturday).
v) sleeping in the same general area as me. I don't snore, I don't sleepwalk but come on, which of you trusts me *that* much. wink.gif

Limited offer only, and I reiterate that you will have to be in my company up til the point where I go home or you wont be able to get back, and this *does* mean having to go to the Cathouse on whichever (if not both) nights that we go out.
Afraid I won't be attending although I did try. Unfortunately funds and being unable to guarantee which days work will let me have off mean I can't get. sad.gif

Take plenty of pictures instead so I can ogle and imagine what it would have been like in your merry company. tongue.gif
Uhm, I'm arriving a day earlier than expected so I get in Friday morning (yay, time to adjust to the 5 hour time difference!). And I'm staying in Glasgow Glasgow (Hilton, 1 Williams Street). I think I'm heading down to London on Monday... and staying in Mayfair at the little Hilton (not either of the two gigantic ones).

I still dunno if my friend Donovan is coming with but would definitely like to hang out with people in the London area (I know the underground really well!!!).
In the Hilton? Wow. Okay, thats easy to get to from the centre (its pretty much in it). You flying in? What time does your flight arrive? Since its the morning I can meet you off the plane if you need me to, coz the airports miles out of the city and its a nightmare travelling between the two unless you know what you're doing... lemme know, anyway.
Sir Psycho Sexy

I can't make it, on the 30th July my Dad and his four brothers will all be in the same place at the same time, not really special until you take into account that this is the second time it's happened in 40 years, I missed the last time and I've not seen them much of them over the years since my parents split so it's something of a rare opportunity. Anywho, it sucks, but I can't be in two places at the same time.
Poodle stix. sad.gif

I hope you have a good time bonding wit the men in your family though wink.gif
I've got a commision to make a game, so I can now definitely afford to come to this. Yay! It was looking pretty sketchy for a while.

Tara, you mentioned in chat that you'd found a plane ticket for £40, I think that was from Southampton, but I couldn't spot that one. Could you let me know where that was please?

Also, I'd like to take you up on the offer of a floor to kip on!
QUOTE (Mata @ Jun 22 2005, 01:02 PM)
Tara, you mentioned in chat that you'd found a plane ticket for £40, I think that was from Southampton, but I couldn't spot that one. Could you let me know where that was please?

Wow. £40? Could you let me know too? That be considerably cheaper than trains and faster too.

£86.80 return is the best I can find, the £40 ones have gone up to £55 already (sadface).

The floor shall be free and clean, which leaves one more place if anyone be skint like teh Mata wink.gif

The flights seem to be specific times, and with the rate the prices are going up I wouldn't leave it too long to buy, incase you miss out.

And, hurrah! for games!

EDIT: bugger, its gone up to £95.10 in the time it took me to post this >.<

Keep an eye out on all the airlines is all I can advise, this still seems to be the cheapest option, though (flying into scotland is uber expensive due to "extra airport fees" ie "not enough people do it to make it profitable, so we'll add an average of £100 to each ticket to make sure it is, and sucks to the scots, who cares about them anyway, and can't they just walk it anyways, the hardy folk that they are *snigger*".

BMI have quite cheap flights, you just have to fly from Heathrow unsure.gif

for a flight out on Saturday is £36.99 and the return on Sunday could be £11 (more realistically £26) but that's not including air tax and such which I imagine would be at least £30 quid...
What happened to the minibus idea? Is that dead?
Cath Sparrow
Over abundance of passengers and no drivers. tongue.gif
Dead and rotting like a fish behind a radiator.

as a side note: yay, Mata!
Apex Return train tickets are available on journeys booked in advance that are over 150 miles (and for some reason on ours it's only valid on routes going through Birmingham)...but it's limited availability, so moop and I are booking ours now cause we're paranoid like that. It's only about £50 for each of us, traveling from Worcestershire.

*edit* Wheeee...our tickets are now booked. We get to the Glasgow Central train station at 3:13 PM on the 30th. Dunno where we're staying yet though...we'll sort that out soon.
I'm leaving here at 6:31am on Saturday. 6:31am!!!

I'm arriving in Glasgow at 13:17 on the Saturday, in time for lunch with anyone else is around for it.

All I can say is that I hope I get some sleep on the train!

I went for the train in the end because it was going to cost at least £100 to go by plane, and still only be a few hours quicker.
okay, I'm putting away and mailing my laptop, so anyone who wants to get in contact with me can PM me or email me if need be. MSN and IRC have been kyboshed.
Okay, uh, all projections right now are pointing to me not being able to afford this.

Sorry, guys, but it'd be a couple hundred pounds all told. Have fun without me, insofar as that's possible.

sad.gif No Commie? *cries a river*
It's cheaper on the train, my ticket is an open one for £70. 'Still a lot of money, but not the £160 that it looked like it would be by plane.

Could we have a head count for this one? Who's definitely coming? I've got my ticket, so count me in.
This probably isn't right, could anyone who's been forgotten please post underneath this:

Funked Out Frogstar
Greeneyes - travel arrangements pending confirmation
Et moi.

I've probably missed a few, but these were the only confirmations I could pin down, and the only ones who still post as being interested in coming.

I'd like to hear particularly from a few people to confirm yay/nay, as the bastages haven't confirmed one way or another:

Teapot - get your arse up here or tell us you can't, either way is fine tongue.gif

Also Mata, are any of the Winchester bunch coming along for hoots as well?

Arrival times, confirmed, are as follows:

Zivane @ 9.50 am on Fridyah 29th
Moop + Candice @ 3.13 pm on Saturday 30th
Jaq @ 6.50 am on Saturday 30th

Can the rest of you lemme know the exact times if you know em, and can Frogstar and/or Jaq tell me when you guys' transport gets in as well?
I'm still planning on coming. Main issue currently is that the best route that the trains gave me on Sunday night took 14 hours. This is unacceptable. I'm still planning on coming though. I'm just currently too damn lazy to sort anything out.
My initial train enquires suggesting 12 hour journeys, but they had a five hour wait in London. Try different leaving times.

I think it's just me from Winchester. It's pretty pricey getting oop north and we don't have student loans to dig into!
Rather than start a whole new thread coz of one comment, I'm gonna spam this one.

The week before this meet, there's a music festival in Edinburgh in aid of the Free Tibet organisation. It's going to be a really good night, with all sorts of well-known local acts and probably several from further afield. The organisers are a lovely bunch with good taste and the fest they did last year was absolutely kick-ass, so anyone who's up for it should have a look at Yes, I'm pimping this for all it's worth.

And of course I'm not biased at all... tongue.gif

Cheers x
Erm, no friend but yeah, I'll be arriving on Continental Flight #106 at 9:50am. No friend - he couldn't make it due to other travel plans that had been set in motion. Looks like I'm heading to London on the Monday by train and for some reason can't book a stupid ticket! Grr.
So we're having two US people at the Glasgow meet as well? Blimey!

SCAD, as much as I'd like to be in Edinburgh and to support such a thoroughly great cause I can barely afford the Glasgow ticket, let alone popping up to Edin for the weekend beforehand!
oh em gee

Iäm in the same time zone as.. okay... one of you... but still! I didnöt know where to put this. Gleep, less than a minute left.

See you in Glasgow... biggrin.gif
I can't make it, I'm seriously overdrawn and unless you all plan on clubbing together and buying me a ticket for my birthday (half way between now and the meet) I can't afford it sad.gif

I hope you all have a spiffy time though!
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Unfortunately, as I've just moved into a new place and various other stuff going on in my life I just don't think I can afford to make this one. sad.gif

However, I'm looking to arrange another London meet next month if anyone's interested. (thread highjack)
Yay Yay Yay for the london idea. We had a plan that involved a picnic and alcohol and frisbees in a park! Anyone interested? If you are then we should start another threaed
Snugglebum the Destroyer
I'm up for that Ryn - sounds like a great day!!

Ummm - but I'm abusing the PC at my workplace now until I can sort out a home broadband connection so if someone else can step to the plate?
Grah... okies, thanks for letting me know. I've amended the post to suit. As for london, I'd be lucky to get tickets as cheap as I did last time during holiday season, and I don't have any money anyway so I doubt I'd make it. A manc meet sometime in Autumn might be a nice idea, as a lot of people seem to want that anyway, and its an acceptable distance for me to travel tongue.gif

Anyway, with the clock counting down the days now, I'll start making arrangments for travel to pick you all up (already gotten in contact with most of you to say whether I can or not, and so far I can get you all), by way of getting timetables and looking up ticket prices. Anywho, can't wait to let you all loose on my home city and its deep fried mars bars (if we find somewhere that does them... maybe something else for me to research tongue.gif) and the picnic thing you mentioned might just have itself stolen as an idea for something to do on sunday afternoon, if the weather holds out around Kelvingrove park. I shall look into that, as well, for all its worth.
Cath Sparrow
I'm going to tentativly say I might be able to come after cause thanks to my job situation I can no longer afford to go to Greece. If I do it'll be a last minute dession based on money. So will get back to you. When I know anything. Can someone let me know where people are staying so I can see if I could get into the same B&B if I do?
Well so far the people I know that have accomodation arranged are Zivane (who's in the "little" hilton wink.gif) and Jaq, Froggy and Mata are all staying at my place (even though it means being forced on the Cathouse nightclub so that I'll be there to take them back afterwards). As I said before, there's one more place at my bit, so if you don't mind animals (Jenn can be a bit messy I hear tongue.gif) then there's a place for you here! And also, that's great news! Not for you, of course, I'm sure greece is a great place to go... (though to be honest I just spent eight months with a cypreat as a flatmate and... well, nick was weird. Really weird. He's greek, a workout fanatic, he keeps plants in his room, cooks a lot, used to be in the army (compulsory for 2 years in Cyprus, he told us)... you would think that he might sound like a hunk. But nick... was something I had never encountered before. So you're not really missing much. tongue.gif

*crosses fingers* Hope you can make this at least, missed you at the last meet (and to think I travelled all that way, too!)
I'm going to say that I'm a definite, though I haven't booked, I now how my screwed up manglement that was my holiday plan reasonably ordered. I'm only going to be able to come for the Saturday though, but I should arrive Friday morning (because it's cheaper), and then will be staying in a hotel is town centre, the going back about 8-9ish Saturday night. Specifics when actually booked.
Right, in a drastic and very last minute change of plans I won't be able to attend because I will be in northern Italy, sunning it up by Lake Garda.

My father has been told that he needs more surgery to remove further cancerous lymph nodes from his leg, which hopefully will be an end to it (in the best version of events, in the worst it means we'll find out how much further the cancer has spread), but this does mean that they can't go on the holiday my parents had booked for the 27th July - 6th August. It's not a nice way to get a holiday, but the tickets aren't returnable and it's better than letting them go to waste. I had the choice between a day with friends up in Glasgow or a week and a half with my girlfriend in north Italy. 'Hope you all understand my choice!

Sorry to be pulling out so close to the date, but this was only suggested two days ago when it was confirmed that the surgery was scheduled before the holiday rather than after it, which my parents had previously been told to expect, and Sues needed some time to make arrangements with work to make sure she could get the time off.

Jaq, I really hope I do get to meet you: how long are you going to be around in the UK for?
Grah... okay, I'll see you another time anyways Mata, and I'm sure Italy will be... more italian... than Glasgow at any rate. Hope the surgery goes okay for your pops and enjoy your time away!
Ah, that's too bad about your dad, Mata. Hopefully everything goes well and this is the last surgery he'll need. Good job on the vacation though! I'm in Rome right now, and I don't know what the weather is like in Galsgow, but I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and say Italian weather is nicer... Call me crazy.

I'll be in London from the evening of the 26th to the night of the 29th and then from the evening of the 2nd until I leave on the 5th around about noon or so. If anyone who can't come to Glasgow wants to hang out or something, I would not be at all opposed to that. I think Commie and Polo were saying that they couldn't go to Glasgow either.

Tara, I'll be in at 6:50 am on the 30th. I keep thinking I told you that, but now I've got it here in the thread, so I've definitely told you now.

Okay! uhm.. think that's it. Rome is insanely hot, and it's got all sorts of interesting bits of rock scattered about that you have to pay to see. That is all.
So Jaq, it sounds like we're swapping countries! I'm beginning my journey to Italy on the 26th then getting back to the UK on the 6th August. Bugger. We're missing each-other completely!

Once again, sorry about this. You're right though Tara, Italy is definitely more Italian than Glasgow by as much as 2547%, or more!
Wooh! I am now a definite. Arriving Friday evening, leaving midday Sunday.
{Gothic Angel}
QUOTE (Greeneyes @ Jul 1 2005, 09:55 PM)
I'm still planning on coming.

Damn right you are. I need someone to say hi to everyone for me tongue.gif
Do we have a time/place set for meeting up yet?
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