I kinda rudely thurst these into someone elses poetry topic (sorry) So i am rewriting them in my own poetry topic (thanks for the advice
PsychWardMike.) smile.gif

an imprint on the heart
the eccensce of a flower on the wind
dewdrops on the grass
a radiant midnight sky
a reflection of myself
who i am

A grim smile plays on the face of the nobody
with a black heart and a lost soul
the nobody follows the shadows
of the changing day
watching and waiting
for the right time
when it comes
the nobody appers
an unkown figure
hidden in the dark
the nobodyis alone
for, who wants to be with a nobody?

forgive me for everything i've done
forgive me for saying what i did
forgive me for letting myself slip away
i never meant for it be to as it was
yet everything happens so fast
flashing before my eyes
in frantic bursts of light
i never saw you as i do now
a protecter, keeping me safe from myself
a best freind, to share laughter and tears
so please
forgive me