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Full Version: External Hard Drives
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Fallen Element
Hey. In anticipation of having somewhere to live in Septemeber I'm attempting to make my laptop a bit shinier. So I decided that maybe an external hard drive would be fun to explore - but I have a few queries... All help will be much appreciated!

Can I play music from an external hard drive? Like if I save the music files onto it they will still play?

That was really the biggest confusion for me... Also - I'm using Apple so I assume that instead of creating a new drive (like on P.C. how it becomes the E usually) it will make one of the little volume thingys on my desktop!

I'm looking at LaCie products at the moment, anyone heard anything bad bout them or can recommend something better/cheaper/nicer looking?

Thankies for all help!

Fal xXx
Yes, an external hard drive operates the same way an internal does, only it's outside your computer box and communicating through a USB or FireWire connection. If you're using USB, hopefully you have a USB 2.0 - but if you don't, most are backwards-compatible with USB 1.1. The only difference is speed but with a hard drive speed is important. Anyway, just plug it in. I know on Windows systems they recognize themselves most times, not sure how OS X does things but they all come with instructions so just follow them and it should be easy enough.

As for brands, I recommend Western Digital or Maxtor, those are reputable names. I have two WD and they've served me really well, they're very quiet and user-friendly. My boyfriend has two Maxtors and those work similarly, though they're vertical-standing and therefore not all that stackable. I'm not familiar with LaCie products.
Fallen Element
May the Goddess send you warm blessings MistressAlti! I was so worried about shelling out mega monies just to find out I can't use anything on it the way I wanted! Space for me isn't much of an issue in regards to stacking but always useful information. I'm glad that you seem to have had no problems with your hard drives - hopefully I will be as fortunate!

Now, to persuade my father that an external hard drive is a present worthy of an 18th birthday present! Silly engraved champagne flute my ar$e!

Wish me luck!

Also - as LaCie is looking good to me at the moment (until I've researched Mistress Alti's suggestions) any info on them would be welcomed with hugs and possibly cookies!

Fal xXx
Our previous computer bit the dust and we have its hard drive sitting external linked by USB to the computer. All we had to do was plug it in by USB and it worked perfectly. smile.gif
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