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Full Version: Stupid Ms Paint Pictures!
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Now... No one seems to be posting in the Creations part of them forum much...
so I think we should all encourage the members of the forum to express their creativity more...

We've had the game with poems... well now let's try some pictures

Use any program you want.. but there's one rule

- It has to look bad! -

Don't spend hours working on a picture, this is just a bit of fun... and remember, practice makes perfect... so if you find you really enjoy drawing, keep at it... I know it's cliché, but you DO get better!

I know it's a lot of hassle for people to upload pictures and find the links and so on... but with something like Photobucket you can upload lots at a time, and the links are all prepared and stuff...

Anyway, let's see if this flops or not

Come on, Mata... Let's see your attempt at a bad picture

(I was going to put this in Creations, but seeing as it's just for fun... I'll put it in Daft... If anyone feels like really showing off their work, Creations is the place for it)

aaand... here's one I made earlier


....beacause everyone loves sparkly things! biggrin.gif
Very true!

Great picture, VIMH... You've got talent, gurl!
It was supposed to be a happy, cute kitty, but instead it looks like he's plotting something wicked.

Wow... that's awesome...

I've always wanted a cat sad.gif but my sister has a rabbit.. and they probably wouldn't get on

Anyway, all really cute things are evil... Like pandas... >.>
As soon as I read the word rabbit, I remembered this pic. that I did a long time ago. (after watching the LGG animation, of course)

And people say I'm strange.....
Yay for evil animal things!

More scary animals!

Only mine's a little extinct

(I don't understand, it won't allow the URL format as a picture unsure.gif )

For history we were supposed to do a portrait of ourselves trying to depict ourselves as royal and rich and great and all that, an so that is moi.
You need to use the last option on Photobucket... it should say "Img" by the side of it
Ooo, thanks Sam!

Look! It's me! Hehe.

(Oh, it still doesn't work sad.gif
You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board. A valid format is:, an invalid format is:

EDIT: I used to have the [IMG] and [ /IMG] around the URL but it wouldn't allow that...
That's very strange...
Perhaps they don't like .bmp files

Okay, so it's not paint but I was fiddling with flash earlier because I haven't used it for a while and made some random stuff then saw this thread and it all clicked.

Another extinct one, probably died from whatever it was tripping on at the time of the photo. blink.gif
Well, in the spirit of the thread I drew this just now:

Why that was the first thing to come into my head, I'll never know.
well, it amused me!

sad.gif no pretty pictures for me....

Someone posted a link to the meet photos in IRC and I ended up having another browse through. This one was just crying out for it! tongue.gif
Quoth(The Raven)
Well, Voices, I hope you don't mind, but in learning how to use Printshop Photo Pro, I cast about for something to work with... and I took an image of yours, to modify. This is the result:

Hope you like it!
how long did that take you?

anyway, I've been begging for MONTHS for that program....

a picture-thingy that I did for JimiJimi's animation...
Quoth(The Raven)
It took about an hour, but I kept making mistakes, and having to start over...
I'm not even gonna talk about what this is.


I drew that a while ago, but thought it was in the spirit of this thread.

That was for CoBBS, it's meant to be me dying of blood loss...


Alliteration Alert!

Solid Snake Smoking Something...
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I did this in about 10-20 minutes yesterday:


laugh.gif I thought he was cute.
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