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During my insane-wardrobe-search for interesting clothes in this morning's wee hours, I wondered if perhaps there are other people out there who dress interestingly, and if they would like a place to brag about their clothing choices (or perhaps, just inform the population in a modest and nifty manner). It seemed to me that Matazone, {warning: brochure dialect beginning}, with its vivid and diverse collection of peoples, all sharing dynamic personalities and wonderful traits, would be the surest place to find funky-clothes people.

And so, this thread bubbled up in my mind. And no, it's certainly not a ham-handed attempt to steal other people's fascinating clothing. Not at all.

Today, I am wearing purple-lensed glasses, found abandoned in a parking lot that have garnered me a comparison to a female musician who I *amazingly* mistook for the most unlikely Joni Michell {who, for the record, I do not resemble in any way. Defensive? Me? No.}, whose name I managed to misspell as well. I really ought to get some sleep. {end of brochure dialect}

Hmm, today I'm wearing ballet tights, a black leotard and a massive duffle coat. Fun times.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Ummm *looks at self*

Denim flares, Green Day fitted T, pink socks, Swear boots, black underwear and a bat/D ring belt.

Hmm - I'd be better off answering on a night out, I go mad for that.

My thong has lovely little metal bits on it - does that make it better? unsure.gif
Last Night - A PVC Catsuit with matching lace-up thigh boots and waspie

Today and tonight - Grand Theft Audio Shirt jeans and Swears (gigs are hot and I'd have died in PVC/Latex

Tomorrow (London slimelight) - either a chinese dress or a pinstripe suit with Transmuters
Given that I don't actually have to leave the house very often, I'm wearing pretty much the same as I usually do:

Army surplus combats (British style I believe)

A plain T-shirt (this changes to my own T-shirts and the occasional licensed one, such as my very old Sandman (as in Neil Gaiman) t-shirt, or my 2600 one)

A hoodie with a Samurai Lapin 'decapitated ninja bunny' print.

I often also wear over the top of this 'the bear jumper'. Sues knitted me a big black jumper. She misjudged the pattern so it is absolutely huge, and makes me look a bit like a grizzly bear. The advantage is that it fits easily over the top of anything else and is very warm, which is useful in my house.

I've become far less adventurous with my clothing since six or seven years ago, when the answer would have been more likley to include PVC trousers, skimpy tops, a collar, and possibly a pair of hand-made horns, but its hard to get up the inertia to wear these things when you're sitting in front of a computer all day.
Hmmm...We really should have a runway show, shouldn't we?

Anyway, I'm wearing:
Flair Jeans. On sale a walmart.
blue T-shirt with a very faint angel drawn on it. I've had this t-shirt since 4th grade, which was when I drew the angel on.
a cross necklace, and a transparent-ish blue watch. (my most exciting christmas present)

If it wern't for the school dress code, I would be wearing something much more exciting than a t-shirt and jeans.
Jeans and a random shirt, all from Wal-Mart or similar bargain stores with a couple of hand-me-downs tossed in. What can I say, I'm broke now, I've been broke all my life, I've had no money for clothes in the past and that hasn't changed up until the present. I've got lovely wish lists on the Hot Topic and Torrid websites, though. ::sighs and dreams::
Oh, and to combat the rather unsettling mental image of myself seated in front of a computer wearing naught but a pair of purple glasses, I'm also wearing a striped sweater under a black written-on-with-lyrics t-shirt, with a skirt cut from an old summer camp t-shirt over jeans. With rather astonishing bright blue bridesmaid shoes I found at a flea market for a dollar. It's freakin' freezing in my house.
Forever Unknown

Pair of cord trousers, very old top with little pink dragons on the sleeves.

I couldn't be arsed this evening. And black pants and bra. Dull dull dull But I can't be arsed, and look fabulous for it.
*Sigh* Still wearing ballet tights, black leotard and massive duffle coat. But this time accompanied with lovely black skirt. (Btw, I don't wear the leotard/ballet tights as a normal thing... I just had lots of dance lessons recently...)

Oh and obviously pants, not sure what colour, and a bra.
Sir Psycho Sexy
at the moment, a towel, but when I get dressed I'll probably wearing the classic flares/t-shirt combo, I'll fill you in on the specifics when I know tongue.gif

edit: yup, light blue t-shirt (plain) and dark grey boxer/briefs (supportive, yet spacious), oh, and my new fingerless gloves....just because
QUOTE (Sir_Psycho_Sexy @ Mar 5 2005, 04:42 AM)
at the moment, a towel,


::smacks own wrist::
Bad Fey, bad!

(Sorry, I just had to get there first! tongue.gif )
Black loafers, black socks, jeans, black boxers, plain black t-shirt and a black fleece, black hat, black gloves

That makes me sound like a goth or something doesn't it? I'm not, I just do a lot of burglary in my spare time ph34r.gif
Black flared jeans, Black socks, Black and greyish black jumper and a green dressing gown several sizes too small for me because it's far too cold!
grey cords (flared) black dress and baggy pink/purple/blue corchet jumper.

for party later will be black cargo skirt (long) black tights, stripy pink and purple socks (long) black top with pink cyber print and a very fluffy very pink jumper.
and underwear - probably black
*struts, and winks at Moop as she passes him*

Today I am wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday: White boots; black legwrmers with silver sparkley bits; black tights; black short pleated skirt (mmm, cordroy); CBGB top (aw, fella gave it me). Of course I am wearing underwear too and a nice long green cardy, which is actually longer than the skirt I got on.

Dirty little stop out, me? - Never wink.gif

Hmm, FU just reminded me of summit. I remember watching a few American films where the teenage boys would get excited that a girl had black underware in her draw. And I remember my old flatmate's fella being interested to know why I had so much (I was hand washing in the bathroom). So, what's it all about, this women who own/wear black bras and undies thing?
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Just off to bed... (and drunken)


Teeny, tiny shorty shorts (skin tight - for her pleasure), vest.

*chuckles her way to the bed - which is conveniently close*
Right now I'm wearing my birthday suit.
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 5 2005, 12:28 AM)
Army surplus combats (British style I believe)

Army surpluses are amazing - so much cool stuff available! Which bits of Army clothing are you wearing?

I am wearing a snazzy striped light-grey-dark-grey-black jumper, a black T-shirt and jeans. Has anyone ever noticed how jeans make your cock really obvious? I should get bigger jeans. Also, I am never wearing jeans in front of a Matazonian again.
depressed lonely crazy person
I'm wearing black velvet skirt,black satin pirate shirt and black underthings.

Apparently women don't wear black underthings unless they want someone to see them huh.gif I just wear them to match my clothes. tongue.gif
QUOTE (Polocrunch @ Mar 5 2005, 11:45 PM)
I am never wearing jeans in front of a Matazonian again.

I knew you were pleased to meet me wink.gif

DCLP, ah. But hmm, I only wear them to match too. *pouts*
Im wearing a blue tshirt, bra, jeans, goodnites, and underwear.
Khacki pants and a white and brown striped hoodie that has holes punched out in the sleeves, so that I can put my thumbs through...
*winks at naked little bear*

At the moment, I'm in a top hat (very battered), flares minus the right knee (with visible fishnets) and my little goth girl shirt.

But in a few moments I will wear my ridiculously comfy black flannel pants and my big ol doors shirt, because soon I will retire.
Sir Psycho Sexy
still in my 'jammies at the moment
I'm wearing a skinny fit New Model Army t shirt and a pair of black knickers. Oh, and rainbow stripy knee socks. I've only just got out of bed...
Snugglebum the Destroyer
I think there's a scary amount of us sat just in our jammies right now! biggrin.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
nope, I'm dress again, in the old t-shirt and jeans combo, in relation to how many t-shirts I own....I own a bloody lot of mata's stuff, it's a mittens t-shirt today tongue.gif
Cath Sparrow
Still in jammies here! nightie and dressing gown and if Spacehappy ever get's round to posting his pic's from the Manc meet you will unfortunatly be able to see the nightie. dry.gif
Currently, I'm wearing ballet tights, this awfully shocking green leotard, a stripey hat and pants and bra.
Curently a tight Anime print top and pinstripe hipsters.

*now needs to go to bed :S*
i'm wearing my size eight combat boots (i have small feet for my height...6'0"), a tie dyed shirt from hippie camp that i got 4 years ago, my blood red pajama pants with a green mini skirt over it, a red ribbon on my wrist that my ex-boyfriend tied there 6 months ago, some circle lensed red tinted glasses, my fancy tribal watch my uncle got me (its twice the size of my wrist sadly..), my little blue watch i got from walmart on sale, and my blue football hoodie that my mom gave me. my makeup and hair: thick black eyeliner, black mascara, my blue lipgloss, and thats realy all. and my hair is tied up in the back. tongue.gif oooh and my fuzzy blue and black socks.
I just woke up so....
a Red white and blue tie-dye shirt (walmart, again) that's three sizes too big, and a pair of light yelllow pants with little kittens on them(stylish, I know)
oh and for my hair, it's a very messy, loose ponytail.
okay, so I change my outfits constantly but here:

tight black baby-t with a v-neck, button up medium coloured blue jeans, one of those big clunky belts with all the metal squares (great description huh?), and a zipper up sweatshirt/hoodie. Oh yeah and socks --- gotta love the socks.

black flare/baggy cords, lgg v-neck long sleeve top, transformers hoodie, underware.
I finnaly decided to change out of my pajamas today...
I'm wearing a bright yellow shirt with a giganic flower on it and says "south carliona" (I've had this one since 3rd grade. yes, it still fits me.)
and really, really old khacki pants that are having the fly held together with a safty pin.
My top hat, along with a shirt I made out of *checks shirt* black lace, red satin, gold denim, black fake-satin, black felt and plaid flannel. It's off the shoulder and one of my favorites. I've got black calf-length cargos on, and striped red-and-black tights with my docs. Oh, and a woven metal/leather belt. No make-up.
Monkey the Rabid Red Rabbit
I'm wearing a freakin' hugely puffy/ugly pink pioneer dress, toe socks with monkeys and penguins on them, kitty ears, collar, and tail (the latter two being homemade) and a couple pounds of necklaces. Oh, and pants. Black pants. Oh, and I'm made up to look like a china doll.
From the bottom up...

Black leather Euro-style Chuck Taylors (dual laced -black and tan), white socks (not that it matters), dark green corduroys (Though they look brown under some lights.), penguin pants of the UK variety, and a Samurai Lapin tee (dead bunny)
Today I am wearing, in public no less, black kneehigh boots, blue denim mini (jeepers are my legs cold!), my boyfriend's batman tshirt (I stole it cause it got too wee for him), his black hawk sweater, a black bandana, and a long black fleecy coat thing that I just burnt a hole in with a cigarette (it was old and yucky anyways). I'm also wearing my four never-removed-except-for-sex silver rings (a pentacle, celtic knot, procession of elephants, and wierd lumpy thing) and three mismatched silver earrings (a skull, faerie, and unicorn, I lost my little witch sad.gif) and black-rimmed glasses as well.
I'm at work today, so:

Brown slightly flared cords, dark blue longsleeved t-shirt with a nifty mutated and dilapidated Pi shaped err...thingy, black socks, a pair of knackered to the point falling apart but stupidly comfortable Airwalks and underwear of course.

Yay for never having to go near customers!
dancing hamster guy
Absolutely NOTHING!

... well actually ....

Trainers - Nike Airs ( a bit muddy on the bottom)
Socks - plain black, going a bit thin in places, small hole forming in the heel of the one on my right
Jeans - navy but faded in places (a bit too short so I have to wear them really low), side pockets and back pockets, the bottoms are starting to get scuffed up
Boxers - plain white (no more detail)
Top - long sleeved white top, with shortsleeved red T-shirt over top with the word england in the middle and a small england flag
Fleece - Black with a grey bar going down each of the arms and a white bar on each of my shoulders, and a zip down the middle. Theres a bit of dust on the bottom of the sleeves from clay in art this morning

I think thats it - sorry I couldnt be more specific
Still nothing.

*parades his nakedness infront of the forum*
dancing hamster guy
If your naked then I don't think I'll be turning around for a while
QUOTE (dancing hamster guy @ Mar 7 2005, 01:11 PM)
If your naked then I don't think I'll be turning around for a while

*gyrates groin in DHG's direction*
Fallen Element
I've got my baggy jeans on (that I forgot to wash...again) and they are stained round the bottoms from all the salt on the roads (it's been a-snowin'). My blue t-shirt with the handcuffs on it and a snazzy 'Lock Me Up' slogan thingy. My long black coat, my Docs and socks. I'm also wearing underwear! Go Me. Got an assortment of metal attached to me in the form of rings, chains and handcuffs. I feel pretty!

Fal xXx
School uniform. *Sigh* Grey skirt, black tights, nistripe blue and white shirt, v neck blue jumper and black shoes. And underwear obviously.
QUOTE (I_am_the_best @ Mar 7 2005, 02:53 PM)
And underwear obviously.

Amateur. wink.gif
I have (finally) showered...don't ask...rough now I'm wearing long black socks, a black and red bondage mini, unbelievably shway steel-stiletto New Rocks, an Edinburgh Uni fitted T, a black bondage jacket which unfortunately doesn't zip past my boobs (damn their unconstrained exuberance!) and a felicity wishes ribbon on my usual jewelry and some germoline (eight-inch long gashes on my arm being the only lasting memory I have of the weekend...)
A lot of grey, it seems: Dark grey cord trousers, light grey zipped hoody, medium grey and dark blue boxers, Day of the week socks with 'Saturday' written on them (and no, I haven't been wearing them since saturday, I'm just naturally confused) and the all-important black T-shirt telling the world:

Nothing Says Emo Like Emoticons :(
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