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Full Version: Heya
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I am new to this forum, and forums in general. I have read up about internet forums for a sociology project on the Internet and Society, so I have a vague idea.
I am a final year sociology student in Sheffield University.
In my free time, I love going to Corporation (It's a rock club, very close to where I live), and the students union, where I can sometimes be found working on the lighing desk during club nights. Band!


Hello, welcome to the forum...

Run away now before they get you... >.>
Welcome to the Matazone Experiance! Please keep your limbs inside the thread at all times.

You may find this isn't like your average forum. We have a strong sense of friendship and fellow-feeling here. And people are very close.

Enjoy yourself, you will shortly have verious greeting gifts and rituals foisted upon you.
Too late...

Hi, welcome to the forums.

*tapes to the ceiling and flees*
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