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Okay, here's something that I've learned from tracing over the pictures in magazines when I really should have been paying attention in art class: If you trace over the picture with a thick sharpie, and then paint in the lines, you can make the picture look like a cartoon. So, I traced a picture of myself ( the same one on my profile) in MSpaint, and this is what I got....

If you like it, YAY! if not, now you know how to make yourself look like a cartoon.
(the picture is alot fuzzier than it was when I did it, so some of the lines and colors turned out to look a bit disorted)
I gave it a go, and came up with this:

Click on the image to see the original picture.
I think yours turned out alot better than mine!

I just realized that my picture still has my eyes in them, and that I must have forgotten to go back over them....

here's one of my sister, I'm just having a hard time getting the original picture to load.
That's really good!

Woo, I do that to magazines aswell! (I also play turning men into women and vice versa but that's beside the point)

I'm too lazy to do one now though, perhaps some other time...
I've done another one, but this time, I exagerated some of the things in the picture (her lips and nose) just for the pure fun of it. My sister will most likely kill me for doing this, but it's her fault for constantly saying "my lips are too big" or "I don't like my nose. It's huge"

Me? evil? Naahhhh....
Well, it's my avatar, but just in case things change...

EDIT: P.S. That's from a photo about two years old now. My hair is no longer... long.

And we die young...

That's Alice in Chains' frontman Layne Staley drawn very badly. Also he has a large nose.
I've done yet another one....this time with amy lee...and I've changed a few things...(hair length, no nose and mouth... the writing on the dress..)

I really like that dress, for some reason.
Ummm... here's one of me, it what I was wearing yesterday...

I actuly had a good bit of fun with this one...
Thanks for that strategy, Voices! I just made an entire animation by tracing images and animating them. It's not finished, but when it is, I'll post it in this thread...
*pokes Jimi*

Is it done yet?

(okay, so I'm being a bit impatient...)
Kinda, I just need to get one thing to work...

*pokes back*
As promised, here is the animation:

Linky Linky

It's good by my standards but bad by everybody elses, so if you are easily offended by bad voice acting or bad animating then do not watch this animation!
You probly already know that I'm not good at giving reviews, but I'm going to anyway.
I've never even heard of metal gear solid and I still laughed.

Did you ever figure out what that review said?
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