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Ok I have a radio station The Blender Radio.

Ok as promised I was going to allow you to see some of my pictures once I finished uploading them again. Warning will load slow, although I resized them so they are smaller, so they should load a little faster.

Again sorry for the slow load time, but anyway enjoy.

Edit: Sorry I ment to post this in Creations, please move if want.
I love that piccy of the swing, I always find kids playgrounds slightly eerie anyway...
Those are great! I think I like the one of the bridge the most:
yea I'm planning on tomarrow when I have off, going to the middle of that bridge and getting a shot of the highway.

Thanks for the complements, I'm glad you enjoy them.
Cool, post them up here when you've taken them. I like the lens flare you got on the one with the portaloo... Although the fact that it's a mobile toilet does detract from the beauty a little!
Here are some from today.

"IT'S SPRING YEAH" - that's what I call this one.

Tonight, a bridge over the interstate

Kankakee County Courthouse, at night.

Kankakee Train Depot at night, funny story there was this cat sitting where I parked my car and went to take a picture of it and it walked away so I followed it and next thing I knew I had run into a tree full of alley cats, all hissing at me, they watched me the whole time I was there.

An old funiture factory in Bradley

Edit I almost forgot about this one.

PS, since you wanted to see the bridge one's I will post a few more of them, plus some more playground pictures I took a bunch.
Quoth(The Raven)
I like the one of the train depot the best, I think... while I was looking at it, a song started to run through my head... "There's a light... Over at the Frankenstein place... There's a light... Burning in the fire place..." tongue.gif Brrrr! if ever a place deserved to be haunted...
Haha, it used to be a resturant for a while in part of it, it is now an Amtrak train station (for those of you who don't live in the US, Amtrak is the main passenger train line, started by a grant from the US Governtment, I believe).
A little excitement in my town last night, the neighborhood next to me there was a house on fire, here some pictures.

I was mad because I didn't even think of selling any of these to the local paper until this morning.

Anyway no one was hurt, the kids were home alone when it started, they got out and went to another house and called the fire dept. Apparently it was electrical a spark hit the bed and started the bed on fire.
I think I like the fourth one best, since it gives more of a close up...
Did the house burn down completly, or just part of it?

I also like the one from the bridge, and the way the lights from the cars left the red/white lines!
Here is my first published picture,
Here are some pictures I took when I went to Chicago on Monday.
Found out this in front of the Social Security office in Chicago by accident, my friend and I went to get a closer shot, and a security guard came out and told us that if we had to take pictures of it that we had to shot away from the building, little did he know we had gotten some from across the street.

Anyone seen "The Untouchables" these stairs look familar.

Looking North East towards that lake and the John Hancock, from up in the Sears Tower.

The Bird

Thompson Center

These photos are amazing!! I love the drama of the house on fire. Ingenius!!
I love your pics! Absolutely amazing!

I especially like the one looking through the tunnel, and the one through the chain-link fence at the freeway. biggrin.gif
I've seen another sculpture by the guy who did that one second from the bottom (the white one with contours painted on). It was just outside Amsterdam in the Kroller-Mueller gallery.

Lovely pictures, my favourite is the one from the bridge:

but my tastes are sometimes a bit predictable!
QUOTE (Mata @ Apr 8 2005, 02:08 AM)
I've seen another sculpture by the guy who did that one second from the bottom (the white one with contours painted on). It was just outside Amsterdam in the Kroller-Mueller gallery.

Lovely pictures, my favourite is the one from the bridge:

but my tastes are sometimes a bit predictable!

Maybe you're choices are a tad predicatable, but they're also damn fine. I loved that pic too.

Bloody great pics patback, keep em coming. wink.gif
It's been awhile, the weather is getting really nice here so you maybe seeing more, I'm also going to start working on a portfolio to send to a college I'm applying to in Chicago.
These were taken while I was in Chicago at Columbia College Chicago open house, there campus is an "Urban Campus" so there is alot of walking, then we walked to the John Hancock and ate at the Cheese Cake Factory.

Taken today outside my house

Thank you for the compliments. smile.gif
I almost for got this one.
depressed lonely crazy person
I like alot of your pics but do you ever worry about being arrestec forb trespassing?
HAHAHA, the law, ahahaha. Nah it's an unwritten rule out at Manteno State Hospital that if you have a camera and are doing no harm no one will say a thing to you. Out of the ten thousand times I have been out there I have only be asked to leave once and that was by some crappy ass construction guy who thought he was big. Back a few years ago it was unwritten though you were more afraid of the cops than ghost, now though there are only two buildings left, unless you are really daring and go on state property in the old sweage treatment which is owned by the Veterans adminastration, and is state property. Or the other buildings, one I can get into legally because I know the renters, there is another one that would require you to slip though a basement window and the trick is the place that owns it is across the street, hehehe. Note in case you are confused Manteno State Hospital closed in 1985, 1/4 of the campus was used by the Veterans Home and rest was sold to a guy for $1, his "plan" was to bring businesses into the old buildings, but alot have been demolished for homes and what not.

Edit: Also are you talking about the ones from the unfinished apartment buildings, here's what I would do. Officer: What are you doing? ME: Working on long exposures for photography class Officer: Well you know you are treaspassing Me: I am, ok I'll leave Officer: Have a good night. Now I have never had to use that yet, but I'm ready when the time comes, haha. Although next year at school I really will be in photograhpy class.
More Pictures
A Steel Refinery at night

Grain Silos

Here is me playing around

Enjoy smile.gif
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