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Full Version: I'm Back
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Hi everyone, dunno if you noticed that I was gone, but Im back. I was in Maui visiting my parents for a week, and then I got some nasty tropical flu that made me sick and bedridden for two weeks. Anyway, Im better, just thought Id let yall know Im still here.
Glad to hear you've recovered and you're back and ready to rock. smile.gif
darth lee
im back too..... ha ha ha ha ha prepare for insults and the likes
Darth Lee, if you want to insult people then go elsewhere. We find insults about as amusing as Jar Jar Binks.

Wiseacre, nice to see you again. Apart from the flu, did you have a nice time in Maui?
darth lee
ha your so funny cocky ass!!!!
dancing hamster guy
Don't worry hes as dangerous as an Ewok!
Ah, thanks DHG, now do you wanna tell your little "friend" to leave the forums until he can be slightly more adult? Or do we have to wait for his bollocks to drop first?
May be a long wait then...
QUOTE (dancing hamster guy @ Mar 22 2005, 02:53 PM)
Don't worry hes as dangerous as an Ewok!

Oh course he is, this is online, there is nothing that he can do, which is why his behaviour is breaking the rules of the forum. Currently he is about as welcome as an ewok in a previously serious science-fiction series too (except for baby ewoks which were very cute and not annoying).

If he doesn't either leave these forums alone or begin to post in a mature fashion then I will happily bar every IP address he has ever posted from, and I'm sure that you would rather I didn't do that.

To put this from my perspective, all the time I have to spend preventing Darth Lee from acting like an idiot is time from my life that I will never get back. Why should I have to spend my afternoons chasing around after users that seem to think that being annoying is funny? I am very, very bored of doing this. It seems that every day from the last few weeks I've been spending at least quarter of an hour reviewing posts that all centre on one computer and I have had enough. I've half a mind to ban the lot of you and be done with it; however, I prefer to be fair. You've all been given sufficient warning now, but if I have to do this once more to any of you then I'll happy bar you all. There is no reason that I should have to chase after kids who can't have a respectful conversation with each other. I'm not your babysitter, so bloody well get DL to behave or I'll boot the lot of you. After all, this place is not a democracy. I run it, and I shouldn't have to put up with bickering, spamming, threats, or any other stupidity that I don't want on here.

You've all been online enough to know better, so sort your acts out or the thin line of patience that I have left will be gone completely.
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