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Full Version: What Should I Do After My Phd?
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There is a fair amount of gaming that I've got lined up for when I finish. I'm planning on leaving Half Life 2 until I'm done with my thesis. I figure I could do without a massively addictive distraction on my PC!
You could become psychic, win the lottery, and then announce that it was all a hoax, while all the time knowing that there were badgers being poked with spoons for 'government research'.
At which point, the teabag idea works.
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 24 2005, 12:20 PM)
Ooo, I should invent a dream-machine after my PhD, where you can program in what type of dream you'd like. That would be fun smile.gif

Hmm, well I think people might abuse that dream machine idea and start simulating being in the pesence of an acctual human.... That would definatley stimulate our self inflicted isolation o.o
Just your dream machine and computer.... allll ya need. Oh, and a fridge of course. And you can order your groceries online o.o *nodnod*

Edit: Also, if Mata created a dream machine, of sorts. What happens to all the people that use to dream about the future? Theyd.... no longer dream about the future unsure.gif
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