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Full Version: The Tabby
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Rhythmic pitter-patters. Your words begin to fall like raindrops on the tin roof of my mind. Like a sad hungry cat in the cold, you insistantly mew at the open window above. Although I hate to leave the cat outside in the cold, I do not want to give it false hope or the false idea that this is its home. That cat does not live here. I do not know where it lives. I step outside to hold a newspaper over its head. It looks up into my eyes with eyes that sing like seraphim unto the Lord. "I am not your owner" I tell the cat hoping to save it future pain. Already its luxurious coat is dampened and matted, why too must its spirits become so? the cat does not understand and looks up at me with those overly-gracious eyes. I still hold the newspaper over us. I begin to get wet. the water drips cold rivulets of liquid ice down my spine. like the breath of death in sample sized droplets, they make me shiver from head to toe as they kiss their way down my vertabrae. unfeeling, they continue their descent as they kiss my body like miniature succubi, thirsty for heat. "mraow" i shiver once more and get reawoken to those eyes still staring at me. with a deep purr, the cat rubs its wet head affectionately against my leg. the pitter-patter on the roof lightens a bit and the sun begins to peek through the clouds overhead. I step inside and return with a saucer and some milk. "mraow" I set down the milk, give the tabby a final scratch behind her ears, and close the door. the cat outside gives a shake and sniffs at the milk. like a duchess preparing for a meal, she grooms herself briefly then daintily begins to drink from the saucer. the rain stops.
Ohhh! I love this....
Yeah, so I'm not very good at giving reviews, but I Really, really do love it.
Umm... I'll shut up now..
Odd poem. About cats. Like it.

I don't know why, it just seems like an interesting poem.

'No cat! You don't live here! Oh... don't use those innocent catty eyes on me! Aww... have a saucer of miwk ickly pussy cat!'

There's nothing we can do to stop the cats from using their innocent eye powers on us! Nooooooo!

Anyway, I don't know anything about giving reviews, so like Voices I'm gonna end with 'Umm... I'll shut up now..'
It's very well done. (Especially for hashing it out at 2am with a pisces trying to make decisions happy.gif)

But it's definately wonderfully done, m'dear.

You should put your earlier stuff here as well. I'm sure they'd all like it- unlike the poet I am not happy.gif

Unfortunately, as I only stop talking long enough to sleep, I can't say I'll shut up, but I'll end the post a high note............A (above the scale) tongue.gif
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