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Full Version: What Did You Dream Last Night?
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I'm not sure whether there is another thread like this, I searched for a bit but there were too many pages... I'm also not sure whether this should go in daft or daily life. I mean, it is daft, but it's also kinda daily life. More nightly life?


So, what did you dream last night?

I'll start...

My music teacher told me to come to orchaestra with my French horn even though I hadn't started having lessons with it. I was really embarrassed about telling him that because I was sitting next to this boy who I fancy and so I whispered that I'd just look at it the music. Then for some reason me and my mum were climbing up a really steep hill so that my friend could play a computer game. I grabbed a bush to help me get up but the bush was full of spiders so I woke up...
Last night I dreamed I was driving a silver Vectra and crashed into a Triumph, only slightly denting his bumper, and not causing a scratch on the Vectra, I couldn't find my insurance documents and he said without them he'd need cash, so I gave him 220, which he seemed hesitent at accepting while I was thinking how easy it would be to get fixed for far less then 220, oh and I couldn't understand how I crashed into him, I was going about 20 round a reasonably tight left hand turn with trees blocking my view down the road, but I was well in my side of the road, and I don't remember leaving it, however I was sure it was my fault.

I have no idea where the Vectra came from, however when I woke I could swear I knew where all the controls were, I could tell you what he was wearing, but I don't remember him having a face.

Did I ever say I have odd dreams?
I had a really good dream last night. There were lots of people from The Real World (an MTV show that I absolutely love so very much!) and we were in Cancun because thats where MTV has their Spring Break every year. So I was with all these great looking Real World guys and they were diving off a dock with me. One guy who I particulary like is Mike "the Miz" and he would tread water next to me and then suddenly go under water, and then I would push his head down to make him go further, and we were just basicly playing around. What an awesome dream, I can't believe I met these people in my dreams!
Hmm... I don't remember much of it, but I'll piece together what I can.

We (me and my mom) were in this HUGE room, and it had all of theese bathtubs and shower stalls in it...
then the door locked behind us, and the room started filling with steam..and we couldn't breath, so we started going around and turning off all of the faucets, but the more of them we turned off, the more that appeared... I woke up around this point, beacause it was time for school.
The scariest part about that dream is that I could actuly couldn't breath when I woke up. (I think this is the first time that I've actully been happy to get up early!)
Sir Psycho Sexy
....a kitten was chewing on my middle finger
I believe in my dream someone exploded. Mind you, I have no clue who it was that met their spectacular demise, but I remember being far away from it saying something along the lines of, "Hey, look there, someone's exploded!" and then I woke to realize I'd left my windows wiiide open and my room was freezing.
I dreamt I was a PR consultant that devised a way of slandering any celebrity I wanted and get away with it scot free... something along the lines of paying homeless people to say they were molested by them so anything they said would be suspect...

Then I needed to cryogenicly freeze one of the homless people so that they wouldn't die of a heart attack, and their testimony can be used in the future. Cut to 10 years in the future where medicine has progressed to a point where he can be cured. The doctors thaw him out, patch him out, and he wakes up walking down the middle of the road in a busy near-future city. His mobile phone rings and the doctors congratulate him on a speedy recovery.

Then a girl dressed like a midget version of the Roland McDonald clown sneaks up behind him and stabs him in the spleen. She doesn't have a face, just a black/purple hole covered in glass. She brings out a bigger knife and begins to slice the front of his obese body into strips. All the time he is crying and screaming down the phone to the doctors to help him...

The girl is something like a guardian of time, sent to get revenge on this man for cheating his fate.

Just then my arch enemy appears to stop her. He's wearing a long elegant flowing cloak and a similar mask. He walks slowly and surely towards the grisly scene with his bodyguard. That one is dressed like a barbarian with a huge feckoff mace and leather armour. He raises it to strike the girl, but just then she turns around and stabs my enemy in the face, breaking the mask. He is then sucked into nothingness. She didn't even know they were aproaching, the decisiveness of her attack chilled me.

Then I woke up, and felt scared shitless. I'm trying not to look to intently into the shadows of my room sad.gif

Bah, thats my dream.
Forever Unknown
I dreamt about Matazonians! All at a big party. It was really bizarre. All I can remember happening with any clarity is that I pulled apart Europe, but Smiler was p*ssed because all we got for it was a piece of Juicy Fruit gum.

And then I dreamt that Tubbs (League of Gentlemen) was rescued and taken to London, but her husband came after her and there was a huge car crash... But everything was Ok, and she was brought a copy of Cosmopolitan.
I dreamt of spiral staircases and Simon Pegg.
Yummy. smile.gif
Not Nick Frost in a lift?
lol, ooooh certainly not smile.gif Im still dizzy from that staircase in Camden...
depressed lonely crazy person
I dreamt about a piece of broken concreate with 3 blue-green and 1 blue tile stuck to it and every time I turned around it was on the ground in front of me put if I tried to pick it up (which I needed to do) it went all goasty and I couldn' was very upsetting/frustrating
"I dreamt I drank the world's largest margarita, and then I woke up and there was salt on the toilet bowl"

I was in a prison cell with my sister's boyfriend, who was playing the guitar, and another guy, who suddenly lifted upone of the walls and attached wheels to the room. Then it moved and I realised I was pushing it, then a small monkey wearing curly shoes rode past on a pig. Then i pushed the room with sis's bf and the other guy in off a cliff but it floated up into the air. Then i saw a breville monkey chasing Diane Fossey with a smoke machine. Then a herd of randy Jesuses minced past, then i was in a huge tub of jelly and there was a shark in it, but it swam through the wall of the tub and on th other side was the Hendrix Experience but they were playing Weebl, this is Bob. Then I saw Eric Idle singing the Galaxy Song, but when he came out og the fridge it turned into a huge cheese. which ate me.

Then I woke up

That was fun. I should add that the small monkey with curly shoes on the pig and the breville monkay are regular features of my dreams caused by watching Ross Noble DVDs while stoned
I keep on having the same dream...

I was waiting on the side of a stage for my cue to come on but unfortuntely my script was typed on to a satchel and I was having difficulty finding my place. I was polaying a character called Burgendense and was wearing a red mens outfit that looked like it was from Shakespearean times. My friends hen came to talk to me and they were really annoying me because I was trying to keep my place on my script. I then missed my cue and hated my friends inside for it. The girl who had finished reading was leaning over whispering at me to come on then I ran on stage but didn't know what I was supposed to do or say.

I then woke up because it got too scary. I don't know why it's scary though...
I had a weird one. I was at a local pizza joint at a table with a mix of Matazonians and my local friends. At one end of the table was my buddy Big Rob. To his right was SPS, to his right LoLo, to her right Missy, to her right Rick (who kept telling embarassing stories about me and throwing out jokes at my expense), to his right, at the other end of the table, sat my buddy Al, to his left me, to my right my buddy Matt, to his right Spiffy (who kept crying) and to her right my buddy Nick. We were all really dreary looking.
Dreams On Hiatus
I had a dream that my boyfriend's mom refused to get the plane tickets for him so he couldn't visit me. I woke up crying and then I realized it was just a dream, so I stopped.
Forever Unknown
and Simon Pegg.

Tara had sexy dreams.

I was in the back of a taxi once with my best friend. I turned to her and said 'I just realised. You're not real. At all. This is just my dream...'

...So we were taxiing along this rather nice cherrytree lined avenue, big posh houses, full-blown Mary Poppins territory, chauffeured by this unnervingly well dressed gentleman. In a suit. A big one.

She looked at me rather incredulously. As well she might. I'd just denied her existance.

'Don't be daft, 'course I'm real'.

I killed her. Using those rather handy telekinetic powers one has in one's dreams; she just kind of...died. I wouldn't have done it. But I knew I could just kind of...think her back to life. Which I promptly did.

''Kay, 'kay. Point made.'

That settled, we got out of the taxi, helped by aforementioned scarily immaculate gentleman, and got on with saving the world. From the squirrels...
QUOTE (spiffilicious05 @ Mar 22 2005, 11:15 AM)
"I dreamt I drank the world's largest margarita, and then I woke up and there was salt on the toilet bowl"


Larry the cable guy?

I dreamed that...
Hmm... I honestly don't remember much, but I think it involed my friends...and a teddy bear... and this big fight broke out over who got to have the teddy bear...
and that's all. (all I remember, anyway)
I dreamt that I was in a dance lesson but it was too crowded for me to do the dance well. Also the teacher made us do all this stuff out of time which bugged me no end. Then, this girl gave me a big hug which annoyed me because she made me fall over and she'd been saying my name ALL day (she does this in real life to, grrr) and so when the teacher asked me if I had a partner I said no. Then I was in this race and my partner was now this sweet young girl. You had to run through some water then do a little dancey thing by this high jump post and then run back. I could hear the people from my old school, (I don't know why they were here) saying that I'd do badly but instead I did fall over but I kinda jumped back up doing handsprings and sumis, it was really fun.
Larry the cable guy?

I dreamed that...
Hmm... I honestly don't remember much, but I think it involed my friends...and a teddy bear... and this big fight broke out over who got to have the teddy bear...
and that's all. (all I remember, anyway)

laugh.gif lol tongue.gif
Well I dont remember what I dreamt last night, but just now (I was really tired and needed a nap) I dreamt I was at this xbox party thing. My friend told me to play him at halo (neither of us have xboxes and we both suck at halo in real life) so I did. But because I was concentrating so hard I actually went inside the game, which was actually nothing like halo, and I flew around for a bit, but then realised you werent supposed to do that so I tried to play the game properly.

I entered this building and noticed my weapons had changed into cleaning spray stuff. I ran past some rooms and sprayed it as I went past in case there were enemies there, and then I sprayed some in the eyes of this scientist guy.

Then I came out of the game by sort of opening my eyes, and everyone was staring at me like I was insane. (I assumed I'd been running around along to the game) My friend was saying that it must be some interesting neuroscience thing. Someone had given me medication and I said "yay freebies!" But then I found out that I'd shot someone, although I didnt think this was possible unless someone has replaced the controller with a gun, and then I saw someone with a gun and shouted "It was them!" but noone believed me. Luckily the shot missed so I was forgiven. blink.gif
Not last night, but this afternoon, I had yet another dream where zombies infested the island. THis time around, Commie and Frog were here. We loaded up my dad's truck with various kinds of melee weapons (translation: power tools and what-not) and mine, Rick's and our sister's didgeridoos and went and raided the convenience store (canned goods, energy drinks and cigarettes), Wal*Mart (guns) and a gas station (we had a lot of bottles for Molentov cocktails). We went to our friend Matt's (his stepdad collects guns). We went on a rampage shooting, hacking up, burning and running over zombies.
I had a dream that my friend Ryan stuck a fork in my eye. then that one quit. after that i dreamt that i was the guy in the Pink Floyd: The Wall movie...except of course i was a girl. tongue.gif
I had a repeat of a dream I had nearly a year ago. I died and went to Heaven, but Heaven was a darkened empty office building that previously contained the Hitch hiker's Guide the Galaxy Offices.

Anyways, in Heaven, you were given the best possible life of all lives you could have lived on Earth and were matched with the best possible people who would influence you in such a way that you would acheive that life. These people were from any point in history, past present or future and from any country on Earth. Because we were in Heaven we could all understand each other. We were then supposed to spend eternity making this good life for the person who had been matched. Also there were a number of copies of people running around. Some people were so good that they were matched with more than one person and so instead of splitting their time between people they were simply duplicated.

I was matched with an emaciated Somalian orphan, some 70's gameshow host and my dad. Then, these lights and bells that looked and sounded like part of the game show host's set started going off down the hall and we all started walking towards the bells and lights except for the little Somalian who couldn't walk and I had to carry her.

Aaaand... then I woke up.

edit: my determinism is showing dry.gif
Lifes mundane moments, in the form of a turn based strategy game. blink.gif

Also dinner parties where almost all the guests get killed somehow amd the adventures of a small stuffed crocodile in charge of preventing other small stuffed animals from finding the secret entrance to the underworld.

All in one night too. huh.gif
I dreamt about doing the washing up in a French house. I don't know why. I also dreamt that I washed my hair and that I had nits.... blink.gif
Extensive dream I doubt I'll ever fully remember, but at one point I discussed the Bond movies with one of the Aliens from "Signs". I preffered Sean Connery as Bond, but he like Pierce Brosnan better. I also had a party that, for the entirety of the dream, was under my kitchen table.
I dreamt that the entire world was hunting down a friend of mine and I was 'sent' by someone or something to save her. I was the only person capable of helping, but she wouldn't let me.

The entire world (that I could see) began to flood. Huge waves bashed the shore where we were outside a major city. The waves got higher and higher, washing more buildings and people away. Somehow my friend was causing this and could not stop it. Then water then starting coming from the TOP the beach, and from the tops of mountains. Flooding down in waves, like it was from the ocean. Trippy stuff, and everyone completly flipped.

I finally managed to convince her that I was trying to save her and not hurt her like the rest of the world, but she either fled because she didn't want to hurt me or we just got seperated. I think we may have deliberately walked into the waves holding hands but I can't remember too well.

Then the world died. I'm not sure what happened as it fast forwarded with a narrator explaining that some kind of explosion happened that dragged half the planet into an evil shadow dimesnion. Next thing I know I am travelling the icy wastes of a post-apocalypic world, still trying to find her. Eventually I died, and I still hadn't.

All in all, rather depressing. sad.gif

I hardly ever remember my dreams, but when I do they worry me. Well at least I got more than four hours sleep this time...
My dream last night was very, very weird.

To start with I was on a train in the UK. We stopped in some random town, and there was this broken down house that I explored for awhile...and did acrobatics in the rafters. This caused me to be late getting back to the train. There were something like 10 trains leaving at once, and I managed to get on the wrong train, and so I lost my luggage.

Anyway, I was already upset by the time I got there due to the luggage thing. Snoo and moop were supposed to meet me at the train station, but I couldn't see them anywhere. Some guy who looked like Novander came up to me and said that he was moop, and that snoo couldn't make it. I got angry with moop for lying about who he was, and then we went to the Empire State Building in NYC (for some reason it was right there blink.gif ). We had to go down into a dark dungeon type thing to get to the elevator, where the moop imposter continued to try and convince me that he hadn't been lying and I was just imagining the other face in pictures and on the webcam and stuff. blink.gif Anyway, we finally got to the elevator, and the operator informed us that we'd be going by California to pick up some other passengers, so the elevator ride included a ferry.

We eventually got to the top of the building, but that's when I woke up. It was very strange indeed.
The dream i had two nights ago was very weird. My cat, hope had eaten my sisters toes off and she couldn't walk anymore. She was allright about it for some reason and just lied in her bed all day while my mum or me would bring her stuff she wanted. The cat wasn't my cat eather it was some random evil cat that lived down my road and smelled like fish.
I also had a really strange dream last night.

I was in Oscars house and he said that I could borrow his sisters MP3 players. It was a special type called a 'Flow'. We were then in my house and he was showing me how to use it. You had to put orange juice on platform type thing and then lift it up so that it flowed down to the MP3 player and it would work. I was too scared to use it because the platform for the OJ was very thin and I didn't want the OJ to fall off it because that would break the MP3 player.

Then, it was really late I was outside a shop in the highstreet near me and my mum was giving away all me and my sisters stuff to all these random ladies. There was some stuff that I wanted to keep so I put it together, but then some lady decided to take it. She put it behind her and so I reached round, grabbed it and ran back home.

When I got home, it was daytime and my mum and all the random ladies were in the garden and my mum and the mean lady were explaining to me, my sister and two girls from my class about a competition that we were playing. We were in two teams, I was with my sister, and we would have to find a hebrew word, get its meaning and then run out into the garden and tell the mean lady or my mum.

When I was running outside, there were all these baby mosquitos in the way and when I ran, they'd burn my feet so I stood outside a while letting my feet cool down in the mud. There was just one more word to go and when my sister said it I immediately knew that it meant bridge and so I ran through shouting it. But then the mean lady told me that it was wrong. The other team then one it although there word, I knew, it was completely wrong. It's still annoying me now because I was correct in my dream and I know it.

I was then in a choir practise with lots of candles when one of my front teeth fell out although I had braces. I wasn't worried though because it was a baby tooth.

There's also a whole other dream that I dreamt last night (I didn't sleep well) but I can't be bothered to write that aswell.
I almost never remember my dreams, but I do remember the one I had last night involved me meeting everyone from the coBBS and Tribe Wyvern...
I was having some weird dream with random images when my friend Amber called (boyfriend problems). I tried to be attentive, but her words were getting all mixed up with my dream and it got really weird. She then told me to go back to sleep.
I dreamt that I was just hugging this boy. That was all that happened in the dream, it lasted for ages aswell. I didn't want to wake up...
I rememberd my dream!
(gold star for me)

Me, my mom and some friends were all trying to get into this amusment park-like thing, but to get in, we had to watch this little kid for awhile. My friends ran off right away to see if they could break into the park, and a minute later, my mom just sorta...wandered off. So now I'm watching the kid, and He starts crying. So I start doing all of this stuff to cheer him up (making faces, Tickleing him, ect.) but he just wouldn't stop crying... So then I start to juggle.(I have no idea how that got into my dream, but oh well) The kid stops crying, and runs off.
So then the dream changed, and instead of getting into the amusemet park, I'm in this apartment-type thing, and my room is right next to a chicken coop. (this part was in a sort of room, but with no roof, and a dirt floor, while my room was sort of like a shed in the middle of it.) Whenever I went near my room, these wilddogs would come out and chase me. So, I went up on the top of the wall, and started throwing Skittles at them. Whenever the started to eat the skittles, I ran into my room and locked the door.

After that I woke up, extremly confused, and scared that there were wilddogs outside my door!
I dreamed that me and some random guys hid outside of my old middle school and shot big grains of salt out of a BB rifle at my old teachers. I then later got on Matazone and was greeted with a bunch of PMs from angry forumites for doing it.
I was in a German musical road movie from the 30's that was coloured in sepia-ish water colours and moved like a Canadian animation.(any Canadians here: think the Log Driver's Waltz, but more refined and less chaotic) Instead of the scenery changing though, the people's faces changed from one expression to the next in a sort of stop motion effect. The man next to me answered letters from the audience members in the form of a song as they watched the movie. He was like an Agony Uncle, only musical.

Then we got wherever we were going and I gave birth to chickens. The end.
I blame Candice for this weird dream because she brought up Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, only in mine is was Spike in the last season of Angel after he became good, and Cordelia also from Angel. It's really weird and might be long, because I actually woke up enough to write key parts down.

I pulled up in my driveway and Spike had followed me in his pick up truck. He wanted to fight me for some reason, but I wouldn't and I promised not to run a stake through his heart. He didn't totally trust me so he stole my Dr. Pepper and spilled it in my yard, while screaming like a girl. Suddenly Spike was gone.

Cordelia appears suddenly and she's sitting on my car. I remember my car was missing paint on the hood. She sat there on my car saying something about not scratching my paint and then slid off my car. She told me that I needed to get in a car accident and get the car insurance money to get me back on my feet. We went through possible people to sue and she even suggested I sue Spike, but we decided since he's a vampire and really not that well off, that I wouldn't sue him.

I decided it was time to go into my house so I started climbing my back porch steps and went on to the backporch only to find a husky dog keeping a white tiger at bay. I managed to get past them and saw the tiger jump up above my washer and dryer. I shooed away the husky dog and went after the tiger. It ended up that the tiger was dead, so I picked it up and threw it out into the yard, where it became a dead stuffed animal.

Angel showed up, walked across my yard and then dissappeared.

Then Cordelia was standing at the back of my yard and I was yelling at her because the hyenas were coming. The hyenas started to swarm, and jumped on the dead white tiger, but were overtaking Cordelia. Cordelia some how made it to the porch and we were hitting them with sticks. For some reason she thought she could scare them off if she yelled, "A dingo ate my baby!" so she kept yelling it and I actually woke up saying it.

The End
It's mid afternoon, so I can't remember all the details. All I remember is that at one point everyone was sat around giving me advice about my future, then I realised I didn't actually recognise any of these people. I was about to say "who are you?" when they dissolved into sand and the room started swirling into another dream part. Then I think there was something about all the work I hadn't done, probably me running around hiding from other people.
I had three dreams in rapid succession. The first one was of me riding a horse through what looked like a doctor's office. Not only is the weird, but I'm astoundingly afraid of horses.

The second of was me hanging out at the beach with my cats, one of my co-workers and Bam Margera.

The third was of me and LoLo sitting on a curb drinking beer and smoking cigarettes talking about our respective hometowns (Lo got mad when I kept bumming cigs, which burned quite quickly). When I woke up, I said aloud, "Lo, what'd you do with my beer?"
Well that was a weird dream.

I went out on my back deck in said dream, and Mata was standing there. I'd just woken up in this very strange scenario, so I was a mess. I said hi and was sociable and stuff anyway, and he started lecturing me about my hair! Our conversation went something like this:

Mata: Silly Cand. You should get your hair cut when you're in England...look at this. It's horrible!
Me: Uhhhhhm. *whimpers* I just woke up, so it's all messy...
Mata: No, excuses. And I don't want to hear about you putting any products in it, that's horrible for curly hair. No, get your hair cut when you're in England.
Me: Errrr...oooooookaaaay. blink.gif

He was such a bully! tongue.gif He really should have been lecturing me about sleeping when I was supposed to be writing an essay, instead, and made me wake up and do it!

Then I somehow ended up shopping for prom dresses with someone...I think it was Cath. There was a prom in the area of NYC where I used to live, but it looked strangely like a mall Lo took me to in Sacramento.

Today's lesson: Falling asleep in one's Marketing textbook leads to incredibly random dreams. o_O
Fallen Element
I had quite a strange dream... I was back at Uni and living in the Halls of Residence but all my neighbours had changed. Snugglebum lived next door to me and we had a little hatch so we could speak to each other and she kept sticking her head through the wall saying 'Boys don't wear t-shirts anymore!' and every time she said that she threw a corset at me...

Also, Righteous lived in the room that faced my window and we (Snugglebum and I) would hang out our windows and smoke with him... We had a smoke-ring blowing competition. I also vaguely remember telling Righteous that boys weren't wearing t-shirts anymore and I tried to give him a corset too... It was very strange.

After a cigarette I went back into my room and all of my coursework was missing so I went out into the hall and my dad was gluing it all to the walls while saying 'The pattern is so very nice - use red ink the next time though!'

Then just before I woke up we were all in the Union and I was made to dance on stage for a competition so I took everyone I knew up onto the stage with me and we all sexy danced...

I didn't enjoy waking up - I dunno if we won the competition or not...

Fal xXx
I had a strange dream where I was in my grans garden and the road was full of birds. Then I looked along the road and their where loads of cats walking up to the birds but they where walking strangly, almost like they where dancing or something. Then I woke up.
Aislinn Faye
I dreamed (to make a long story short) i had a miscarriage, but I was already pregnant with my other child, and I held the doctor's office at gun point, ran out of the building, ended up in this white building with all these god and goddesses, and i asked a demi-goddess (so I assumed) what was the building at the end of the stairs, she said i couldn't go in. And then I went down the stairs and had sex with an evil god. Really odd... I know.
I dreamt that I had to save this young girl who had banged her head. The nurse who was supervising was really stupid and had the same voice as my science teacher, which was very scary. Suddenly, I'm actually in this school place with only 50 pupils. The school was very conscious of there being another war and all the pupils grandparents had been in the war. One girl recieved a text from her grandpa saying "I have a sense", which was all a bit random. Then, me and also my french penpal were going downstairs because we heard a noise. There was a special peephole in the ceiling so that you could only look out of it. She couldn't see anything, so I looked, and saw a massive bomb about to drop right on us, so then we were just sitting in the doorway holding hands and wimpering because we were going to die.

I woke up, then decided to carry on but skip out the bomb part.

We told the headteacher and he worked out from all the random evidence, like the text and the bomb, that there was going to be another world war. My penpal, my family and I decided to move to Scandinavia.
If I tell my dream it will not become true biggrin.gif
This was possibly one of the weirder dreams I've ever had...

Me and my sister were going to re-design matazone. I was trying to convince Mata that there was nothing wrong with it, but he kept saying "I need it to have brighter colors so that more little kids will come to the site, and then I can get them to talk their parents into buying my t-shirts" (oh, the irony) Then I pointed out to him that He wasn't selling t-shirts anymore, so he said that he'd start making them again, but this time they would have things like Puppys and Bunnies on them, so that the little kids would like it. So I drop out of Re-designing the site, but my sister doesn't want to quit. Whenever she was done designing it agian, we had pink and purple polka dots, black and white checkers, and the background for the fourms was pink and yellow.

I woke up screaming. biggrin.gif
That's a kick-ass dream, Fallen. I like cool realistic dreams like those. However I would like to point out that I can't blow a smoke ring to save my life.

I had a dream not-too-long ago where everything was cool except there were cats EVERYWHERE. Most of them were black and try as you might, it was really damn hard to get around.

I also often dream about my job, which I hate. It sucks dreaming about the place you spend six nights of the week yet can't stand.
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