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Full Version: What Did You Dream Last Night?
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{Gothic Angel}
I have an application form for Cambridge uni. In my dream, my friends were going to help me fill it in, but ended up scribbling all over it and ruining it and I couldn't get another one. unsure.gif I also dreamed that I went onto the field behind my house to look for the bag which my monster poi came in, cos I left it inside last night, and found it by the fence, way away from the place I was using them last night. Unfortunately, that didn't happen sad.gif

Is it "dreamed" or "dreamt" in UK English?
I would say it was 'dreamt'.
It is the only word which has a m and a t together. At least that is what a penguin once told me...

I have had another dream about train stations (the NYC Subway) and funeral directors. This time, no squishey people, but my biology teacher was a funeral director, and my boss was in tears.

I wonder why?
I dreamt that I was at a kind of old-fashioned fairground that was on wooden floats that were just off the coast of Greece somewhere. I wanted to go on those swing boat things where you pull the strings to make it rock. There was a boy with blonde hair and glasses in one of the boats and offered me to go with him so I did. I asked him how old he was and he didn't know. Then I was running down the long wooden float thing to a bench on the land holding one of his eyes in a jar.
I dreamt of my girlfriend rolleyes.gif
The dream about the Q-music magazine and the magic mushrooms has started to become reccuring...
I had a dream that there was randomly a matameet in Amarillo and (this makes the term "in my dreams" literal) My mom let me go.

We were all told to climb to the top of this wierd tree house thing and we had to leave our backpacks on the ground. (I haven't the slightest idea why we all had backpacks.) We didn't want to leave them, so we set up a pulley system and made some random kid put them all in this basket so we could pull them up...Yeah... that was pretty weird.

And to make it even stranger, once we were all to the top we decided to watch a movie that starred my friend's dad... and I didn't seem to find it strange at all that he was just suddenly a movie star.
I dreamt of having a really shitty new years as I couldn't get in to see my favorite rock band, but eventually I ended up running in to him after his show and got talking to him and ended up working for him. Soon the coolness factor wore thin and I saw he was just old and washed up desperately trying to hold onto this image of a young vibrant artist.
I tried to help but he couldn't even help me help himself and I ended up running stupid errands.
On one of these errands I was going to go get "beatnik food" don't ask me what that is but he always referred to me as the "beatnik", so anyway I looked high and low for this "beatnik food" but all I came across was fish and chips and hotdogs. For some reason this turned into an important mission and I ended up pursued by mafia ninjas scaling up to this sushi restaurant over scaffolding dodging all manner of thrown objects.
I don't remember the end but I think it envolved being really down on the rock star.

It was a wild crazy bizarre dream and the whole time I remember being really, really bored, like being pursued by mafia ninja is boring!
I dreamt that one of my friends thought that she was pregnant. We were walking through the woods with her and another friend, Amber, when she told us to go down into this hedge burrow thing. I decided not to because I knew that if I did, then a paedophile would come and we would be cornered in the hedge burrow thing. I stayed outside and was really terrified but luckily the girls mum and stepdad came up the path. They then told us that the girl wasn't pregnant. We then all walked together to a place where there were about six escalators in a row. There wasn't anything above them, just a platform. We met up with some peopl (Oscar, Jack and Jemima) and just went up and down the escalators. Oscar had grown his hair a bit longer so that it was the same as a boy who takes the train with me who looks much like him. (It looked really good. I think that you really should grow your hair OScar!) Then my parents came and took us all to a palace which was all lit up with a big park in front of it.
I dreamt that me and my co-workeres went to a chip shop, one co-worker got on a disabled scooter and my girlfriend got on a bike outside the chip shop.
The co-worker on the scooter then ran over my girlfriend!
The worker in the chip shop said she was dead, I broke down in tears, a second later the chip shop worker said she was very ill but not dead.
Me and my co-workers went to the hospital which turned out to have classrooms aswell. huh.gif
Whilest my girlfriend was recovering I went in a Sign Language class and some girls started to flirt with me, I ran out of the classroom to find my girlfriend.
She was in a classroom talking to Amy Lee!
I went to the table they was sitting at and picked up a corset.
I looked at the label, it was a size 6.
I then shouted at Amy Lee "I thought you wasn't into starving yourself and being very skinny, how could you be a size 6, when I admire you for being over a size 6."
Amy Lee turned and looked at me and said "It's the fame."
I dreamt that my girlfriend dumped me and married a male co-worker!
She took off the ring I brought her and stamped on it untill it broke. (This was in work.)
I went to A&E because of the shock. blink.gif
There I was told (in B.S.L) that I was deaf. huh.gif
I coped very well with the news that I was all of a sudden deaf.
The next day I went into a huge concert hall with just my girlfriend as the audience and started signed "Going Under" by Evanescence.
When the song was over I walked calmy out of the hall.
I had a really weird dream last night.

I was sitting on the bus and CheeseMoose was next to me, Oscar and a girl called Edith were behind. I had gone slightly blind so the optician had given me these goggles (like the ones on that prevented light from coming. I had to wear them for an hour every day. CheeseMoose was half laughing at me out of pity and half out of the fact that I looked stupid.

For some reason I was then sitting in a classroom on a table. Everyone from the bus was there and also a girl called Ali. We were sitting on a round table and I was writing an essay in French.

Suddenly then we were standing by Kingston train station discussing hair lengths. Then we jumped to another train station and were walking along it on our way to a party.

I woke up here.
I had a very strange dream the other day.
I was in a car with a man who was a psychology lecturer but then he told me he was really a philosophy lecturer and he had to teach psychology due to a conspiracy in which the government were eliminating philosophy, he then pointed out that their was an orange apache helicopter following us. Their was then a chase and I canít clearly remember what happened after that but it did involve a break dancing contest huh.gif
I had a very weird dream last night.
My best friend came over to my house, we had just been to the shops and brought a pack of tarot cards and a tarot reader (who was crap at reading them!)
All of a sudden the cards began to fly all around the room, the t.v kept switching on and off and Evanescence style music began to play!
My best friend and the tarot reader were very scared and began to scream and cry.
I just hummed along to the music, as the music got louder so did my humming, then I shouted "Goodbye."
I was then in a different place, near a rushing river with an angry crocodile near by.
Some hunters came to me and said "Jodie, if you don't kill this crocodile then it will kill you, your family and friends!"
I began to scream but I killed it.
My family and friends them came running to me from the river which turned out to be a river full of chicken tikka!!
blink.gif huh.gif blink.gif
I dreamt that for some reason I was really upset about something so I ran out of my house wearing one of my mum's beautiful ball gowns. I ran to Marble Hill park and I saw one of my friends standing by a tree. I ran up to him and was hugging him when I looked over his shoulder and saw Oscar wearing a ball gown (I'm so sorry Oscar) hugging someone too. I waved at him but he didn't recognise me. Then I ran down the street because I knew that I was about to be abducted.

That has got to be the weirdest dream I've had in a long time.
Weird one last night only in its frustration.
Firstly I kept on waking up (in the dream) but each time I did it was earlier and earlier so that with each waking I was closer to the time I fell asleep. Then, I couldn't wake up! My buzzer was going and I was awake but couldn't get up; not like paralised but my body and eyes just wouldn't respond. Finally I rolled out of bed jolting me awake in real time and when I finally got back to sleep I kept on dreaming I had a glass of juice but each time I tried to reach to it I couldnt touch it or it was empty.

This job hunting is getting me down although I suppose in the end I did wake up and drink so there's always a bright side huh? wink.gif
Someone died. And I was very close to them, as was everyone else who was very upset. I'm not sure, but I think it could have been me who died, as no-one would respond to me talking to them. There was a big funeral, and lots of tears. I woke up feeling quite confused.
last night i dreamt adout squidbillies it is a show if you dont know what it is go to it also has alot of anime.but basicly the dream was about this guy who runs his car into a tree than i was freefalling than i woke up and wached tv sleep.gif
Not last night, but on monday night, I dreamed that I woke up, and put on a paticuler pair of jeans and a baggy blue t-shirt. I even dreamed about the earrings that I put on, and which shoes I chose!

When I woke up in the morning, I made sure that I put on that outfit, just in
Last night I dreamt of the EMH from Voyager in a disturbing way. Last week I dreamt of Harry Kim from Voyager, in an even MORE disturbing way.
I haven't even seen an episode since about 3 weeks ago!
What is my brain doing to me >_>

I don't think I have the tenacity to read the whole of this thread post by post, but has anyone actually dreamt they died before?
I did, many years ago, and woke up just after I 'died'. Ye gods, my heart was pounding like a jack hammer, it was very disturbing.
One of my good friends dreams he dies all the time. Probably more times out of the week than he has dreams he doesnt die. Its always from trying to save someone else though....

As far as I know I've never dreamt I've died, though I've been not paying attention to my dreams lately....

I had a dream the other day I took a trip to Florida and me and my friend went to the beach, and I was wading out into the water and I flipped out because I could see my feet.... I'm not use to clear water tongue.gif
*Bump* because this dream was just too weird to not talk about.

It started off really nicely. I was flying back to England. I went through immigration and customs stuff fine (I was paranoid because I had a one-way ticket, but I also had my visa so I shouldn't have been), and started looking around for moop. I found him outside the airport, and we decided to walk all the way to Paddington from Heathrow. Yeah. With two huge suitcases. I don't know why...something about nice weather. Somehow we ended up in the middle of nowhere...walking along the side of a snowy cliff in the dark with two chavvy girls.

Anyway, that ended...somehow. Not sure how. Then I was on my way to England again (guess my brain decided that the last time sucked and I needed a do-over). I found moop in the customs area (how did he get there?), and we started looking for Astarael. It was the first time we'd seen each other in a year...and for some reason we were going to spend that time showing her around. We found her...she looked like my friend Alyssa from high school. was about 40 years later. moop and I had 2 kids (agh nooo nightmare!), lived across the street from my parents (who had this seemingly neverending yard sale), and I was constantly mad at him. He also wore shoe polish in his hair.

My subconscious must be stopped. blink.gif
Mr Sandman...
... has been bringing me the weirdest dreams this week. I've been having really vivid lifelike dreams that absolutely knacker me out. The other night for example, much of it just highly waking-like stuff from a collection of days (or days to come ), but the most vivid pieces were me waking up for work at 11 on a friday, today in fact and through stikes etc having to walk into work. Along the way I met many people I knew and stopped a lot. I got to work at 4 but was met by Ryn who led me upstairs to a roof exit the building doesn't have, I was then introduced to Leo McGarry from the West Wing who introduced me to President Bartlett - Martin Sheen. We talked, I dont recall about what and then Charlie Sheen came up and we had drinks. I got panicky about work but was told it was ok so enoyed my time, went to bed determined to wake up early to catch up only to find when I woke up that it was Thursday and I was late for work...
Thats when I shot awake at 5.45 this morning an hour and forty-five early knackered and really pissed off. All I can think is that I'm watching too much West Wing and Two and a Half Men. Maybe more insight will follow...
I should never eat at night. It nearly always brings on nightmares and I never get a proper nights sleep.

-The first nightmare of the night involved me going back to the family home for unknown reasons. Step-mother kept Dad in the house and I could hear them talking as the window was open. Any dream involving Step-mother and old family home always has the feel of a nightmare. Just getting ready to drive away when I woke. Ah, hello 2:15am.

-Second nightmare was housesitting a haunted house. Think doing homecare at the Bates residence and you'll have an idea. If it wasn't for it's inherent spookiness it was sort of a neat home. Eventually fled after staying the night and then for whatever wierd reason went back. Walking over the fields toward it in daylight it seemed much smaller than 4 levels and also seemed to be watching me as I approached. Letting myself in through the mud room I could hear the house groaning as if in a high wind. I had the feeling it was going to collapse house-of-usher style but for some reason I was packing knicknacks in storage boxes. That dream ended when the doorbell rang and it was the housekeeper. She had something nasty to reveal about the laundry but strangely she was brandishing a small teddybear. Look at the RL clock. 4am.

-Third nightmare had something to do with feeling like you'll fall from a height. A mad scientist type decided he'd help humanity by distributing a serum that would bring mild fears to full fledged phobias. How this would be a good thing was never revealled. Good morning 5:20am and how are you?

-Last dream was actually kinda nice. A good friend and I sat drinking coffees together at the coffeeshop and brainstormed where to get me a second job. An idea I've been playing around with so to have money to one day attend a matameet. wink.gif Ah, there goes the alarm clock. Right in the middle. dry.gif

I dreamt that my class had been taken on a school trip to the British Museum to study the trenches and we were all standing on an orange metal staircase being issued gas masks so that we could go into a large black tunnel with some sort of amazing unknown experience. I was really quite scared of going into it and didn't particularly want to because gas masks are very scary but I was going to do it anyway because everyone said that it was really great.

I had been given a gas mask but hadn't put it on yet. Before we entered the tunnel we had to go through security like in the airport. Everyone bleeped (which meant they were ok and bomb free) but when I walked through the machine didn't bleep and the man standing there began to search me. He made me take off my shoes and stripped me down to my underwear. He thnen started pointing and laughing at my face and so I ran back to the orange staircase and started crying to my friends.

It was a really upsetting dream and has put in a bad mood for today.
I had several dreams all rolled up together last night. It started off that Jonathon Ross and myself were laughing in the back of a limo because we couldn't do the finger snapping, and because I had an audition for songs of Praise, and he found it very amusing. Then it turned into being shown how to make aboriginal weapons, and then it turned into being on a farm with my Mum that was full of stuffed cats and horses, and the other little girls who were with their mums kept going missing. It creeped the hell out of me especially when the farmer came out of a cupboard with all the missing girls and said "Be careful, men will take your darlings away."

*shudder* horrible.
Here's a weird one. Don't quite remember all of it, but here goes.

(Forgot some)
Traveling down a highway. Ever notice how everything seems so 'airy' and 'open' in dreams, and the laws of physics kind of neglect themselves? Also people don't really care what the hell you are doing unless you think they will? I was sitting in the back seat of a car, going really fast down a highway. An impossibly steep and curvy highway. Now I'm traveling down some really big bridge.
(More fuzziness, can't remember most of it.)
Okay, somehow in a school. Fire alarm. Everyone rushes outside, despite the fact that there are no real signs of an actual fire. Probably the crappy fire alarm system whacking up again. It did that a lot when I was a kid.
The sky is overcast. Clouds hang higher in the air than normal, but for some reason they seem to go right over the three-story school. They are also like a blanket- Thin, evenly spread. Covers almost all but a few breask, but it is somehow very bright outside. Light seems to come from nowhere.
The clouds turn yellow. Nobody says anything.
Suddenly, all the coulds are very quickly vaccumed away- Left, the school blocks view of them, and they are apparently gone. Everyone freaks the hell out and runs back inside. Now, for some reason, as everyone is inside, flying saucers attack. I stay away from windows, because apparently aliens with the capability to make vehicles for interplanetary travel don't have the technology to see through a six-inch-wide brick wall.
(More fuzzy)
Okay, the place takes on a darker mood. Everyone is running, crazy-like, around a locker room. At this point I'm not still sure if everyone is being chased by aliens. Or anything at all, really. Tiny TVs are everywhere, displaying static and white noise. I cover all the TVs I can see with Post-its, maybe they are cameras too, or something. A crowd of people rushes out of a door to my left. Me and my pal (Apparently, my best bud is with me there, maybe just walked in while I wasn't looking) sprint out the door.
A small, maybe twenty-foot-by-twenty-foot field. Surrounded by trees. A single stick is laying on the ground. I pick it up, and slam it on the floor.
Huge wheat field. I slam it on the ground again, a path of flowers in a straight line, about two feet wide, replaces the wheat.
Every once in a while the same sequence takes place in my dreams:
I am going full speed down the motorway on a motorbike but not actually steering it, i am just about to crash into something wall, pedestrian (on the motorway?) vehicle whatever when i find myself at the top of some stairs. And im always terrified but in the back of my mind i know its a dream but cant stop any of it and cant stop myself feeling scared and the dream carries on with me in a state where i am somewhat detached from my body but in touch with my feelings.
I am then transported to a staircase and i am at the top. The staircase is always in different but is always someones house who i know. I begin to walk down the stairs and the overwhelming feeling strikes me that i am going to fall down. I try to stop myself from walking but cannot. Then suddenly, I trip and fall fast and straight hitting a few stairs on my way down before i hit the ground i wake up.
I had a dream about books last night. Some higher evil mind controling power was trying to get everyone to think in a different way and so they put all the books together on a shelf and it changed all the words in the good books because the "bad" placed books had words that snuck into the other ones.
Dreams are cool even when they are scary. I like it when i dream it fascinates me
Ok, this dream starts out in realife(it kinda blends together), so I'll put the actual dream in italic...bear with me, it's a bit confusing..

Ok, my friend came over yesterday, and I wanted an idea for a new desktop, but had no clue what to make. So she took a hat, and ripped a peice of paper into 6 peices, and wrote names on it without me seeing. (At the end I saw they were "Bam","Billie","Gerard","Family",and "Mata". So, without looking I pulled out Mata. I was like ok, I'll make it tonight. So at 10 I start looking online for pictures. Nothing. Get bored. Decide to watch some animations. Find pictures of him in Vote For My Pic or something like that. I start copying and pasting when my mom walks in.(this part is kinda weird/funny) She's like, "ooo, who's the cute guy in paint?" I'm like "uh *lmao!!!!* The guy that made Matazone". So then I get to the "early pictures" and paste them, and she's like "Is that the same guy?" I'm like, yeah. She's like, "you know he's gay, right?". I'm just laughing so hard now, I'm like, no he's not. At least I don't think so. She's like, "yes he is". No he's not! "Ok, it doesn't matter, turn the computer off and get ready for bed" I'm not tired. "Yes you are" Nuh-uh "Go to bed" Lemme call this one dude from school first. "It's 10:30, it's too late to call. " I called Diana at 11 last night. "Go to bed!" ...fine..
So I get to bed and fall asleep. Dream time!
Ok, it was like a meet in Florida, accept Florida was under water. I was there, this baby, a bunch of people who I had no clue who they were, and two versions of Mata. A gay one and a straight one. So we walk on this dock type thingy, and it starts raining. We run, and get to this retaraunt type thing on the other side. The waiter dude was like"what do you want, fish or fish?" Fish. So we start to eat, and this girl who's like 20 something and this dude who's like 25ish walk in. The girl has a sword type thing made from a sword fish's nose (or whatever its it) She comes up to me, and was like "I am Canada, fear me!" I thought Canaday was a state. "yes, but its also my name" uhm, ok, what do you want?"To killeth thee" dude, what I do? "you at my fish" uhm, ok, i got here first, not my problem. then she like starteds attacking me with the sword type thing, and everyone disipeared. It was like really weird, but I won, so i kept the sword. Then Mata and Mata go to the bathroom. They never come out, so this one dude from the restaraunt go in and make them come out. Turns out thye like fused together, so it's look like a Mata with redish blackish hair, wearing leather. It was kinda scary but funny. So then we go back to the dock to go to the otherside,( dunno where we were going, but we never made it) and Mata was pushing the baby's stroller. I think it was his kid, not sure, lol. Then the dock like flips over, and the baby drowns. Then this fish comes out of nowhere and eats Mata. Then everyone that's left runs around in circles like an idiot, and then I woke up.
It was really freaky, I get the feeling I'm leaving something out....oh well.
El Nino
I don't remember what I was dreaming about. All I remember is waking up and hearing this scream, an endless, relentless high pitched screaming, like the screams heard in old cheesey horror films.

Sometimes, I wonder if this life I live, is the dream.
I dreamt about buses. I was dropped off at Surbiton bus station and was wondering about which bus to take. Then I began contemplating the route of the H37 because I couldn't understand how it got round to Surbiton.

I think I woke up from boredom.
I dreamt about Bush bombing down Germany and then me killing him for it. I woke up sweating cause the last thing I remember was sitting in the death chair on death row. Extremely scary...
Most of my dreams are lucid. As a child, if I was getting tired of being chased by a giant whatever, I'd just stand still. That way, I figured, I could get my arm/ head bitten off, wake up, then go back to sleep in a different dream.
QUOTE (I_am_the_best @ Jun 30 2006, 03:30 AM) *
I dreamt about buses. I was dropped off at Surbiton bus station and was wondering about which bus to take. Then I began contemplating the route of the H37 because I couldn't understand how it got round to Surbiton.

I think I woke up from boredom.

I have those dreams all the time, except they're vaguely disappointing when I wake up. As in, "Oh, I've just finished my history assignment...oh, I am no longer asleep and I still have to do my history assignment."

I had an immensely complicated dream last night involving a secret government program that utilized dinosaurs and undead bounty hunters. It was so complicated! A minor character, for example, had a cheating husband who left her and then died a year later. The only thing he had left at her home was a pair of motorized clogs with pressure sensors that could tell when you stepped in and moved for you (he was disabled, I think). She was convinced that his spirit was present whenever the clogs began to move without the aid of a foot and refused to leave her home (which, for some reason, was on the top floor of a terrible hotel) until her husband's restless spirit caused the clogs to move. Even though the tyrannosaurs were closing in.

Also, a grand canyon log flume was involved. And pterodactyls.
QUOTE (elphaba2 @ Jul 16 2006, 05:23 AM) *
I had an immensely complicated dream last night involving a secret government program that utilized dinosaurs and undead bounty hunters. It was so complicated! A minor character, for example, had a cheating husband who left her and then died a year later. The only thing he had left at her home was a pair of motorized clogs with pressure sensors that could tell when you stepped in and moved for you (he was disabled, I think). She was convinced that his spirit was present whenever the clogs began to move without the aid of a foot and refused to leave her home (which, for some reason, was on the top floor of a terrible hotel) until her husband's restless spirit caused the clogs to move. Even though the tyrannosaurs were closing in.

Also, a grand canyon log flume was involved. And pterodactyls.

Isn't that the plot to Lost season 3?

Last night I dreamt of handing in projects and other interesting activities. There was a really long road next to a river I had to walk down to get there, and it was really busy so I tried walking down the side where there were less people and ended up falling in the lake.
...My dreams were strange last night.

First i found myself in a tesco and had to run around and buy all the bacon i could so i could feed it to some homeless people outside. I could see them all through the big windows and they were crying and begging for me to hurry up because they were so starving.

My dream was that I was visiting a museum. It would be a really cool museum in real life. Apparently, my brain can imagine some pretty cool architecture. It was a museum, though, and even in my dreams they bore me. So I started blowing stuff up.

The one two nights ago frightened me, though. I was around 30, stuck in a white cubicle on the forty-somethingth floor of some office building in Seattle, working for a company I had otherwise never heard of. It was a white-collar nightmare. All I was focused on was filing a report on something I couldn't understand, and my co-workers did nothing but bother me with their small talk about people I never really cared about in the first place.
I had a very long and complicated dream last night, but at the start of it I put down my bag and jumper, and at the end of it I remembered I had put them down but I didn't know where they were. I woke up and woke my friend up to see if he had seen my bag or my jacket.
My dream scared me..My cousin was coming from Germany for vacation. Made it here safe and everything...Got on the plane to go home, and it crashed. Somehow he was the only survivor. 9 hours later (dream time!) they sent him on another plane. No clue if he made it or not. Then my mom decides to send me to Germany all by myself. No complaints there. The pilot started to leave the airport, and the plane shakes. Then he turns around for an emergency landing, and it flips over, and everyone goes flying everywhere. Then we all get off...and we're safe..but somehow that's alot scarier when you're dreaming it instead of reading it...
{Gothic Angel}
I have had 3 dreams in the last couple of weeks which follow a basic plot line for the third Pirates of the Carribean movie. I think they're finally introducing subliminal advertising in sleepy time blink.gif

I also recently had a matazone-related dream where some people met up at a theme park, and the bloke on the roller coaster insisted that Cand sit with Greeneyes and I sit with moop (This is cross-pairing of two couples for those who aren't aware). None of us were pleased, and snoo laughed a lot. Then Ryn got aged by one of those "how long can you hold onto a vibrating stick of metal" games.

I don't think that one is real because neither cand nor Greeneyes like roller coasters. And cand had an English accent.
I dreamt about a music festival I went to earlier this year, being at a beach (it was actually in Oxfordshire) and on Orkney at the same time. To get to and from the beach, you had to go through a large house (I think it was that of a friend of Mr T's I have been to). A couple of friends had cycled to the festival from Weston Super-Mare (sp?) where they live, and said it only took 25 minutes. I was fully clothed and wasn't going to go into the sea (it was at night time) but then I saw a load of seals so I went in and because I was wearing baggy jeans, they filled with a big bubble in each and the tension was enough that I half walked on water. My trousers got soaked in the end, but the feeling of walking on the water was great.
So these seals came right up onto the beach, and I was swimming (the first dream ever when I have swum) and I put my hand in one of their mouths and their teeth were blunt like goat's teeth. There was also this orca swimming about, and instead of a blow-hole, it had a trunk like an elephant's trunk and blew out water. It went under water and I tried to sit on its back but when it re-surfaced it was an inflatable toy one. Someone said something about "I wouldn't go on that if I were you" (everyone else was in the water already) in a scornful way, so I got out of the water and my mother met me on the beach to take me to the doctors on Orkney (it all suddenly changed so we were at Orkney) and I walked through this big house and said goodbye to the old ish man to whom it belonged (I remember being scared of him earlier on in the dream) and went out of the door, when I woke up.

I am sure it is ridiculously phallic in some way...

Edit- I looked it up. Being in the sea (a very male symbol) is linked with the womb and safety with your mother and swimming towards the shore is a sign of spiritual rebirth. I couldn't find anything about the seals, but whales (let's just say a killer whale is a whale, not actually a dolphin) are also symbols of the womb. Frued believed they were linked with incest and Jung a fear of being devoured by the mother. The whale regurgitating the dreamer/ Jonah represents spiritual rebirth. I wonder if the water counts?
The doctor's appointment seems to have little significance, as does the setting.

How odd. I felt very happy when I woke up, very mellow and .. chilled out. Surprising as I was being hit with a pillow.
I had a dream that a friend of mine, his girlfriend, and I went into a large cash-and-carry store and decided to steal large amounts of stuff. Blank CDs, cases, and food were hidden in satchels and trolleys, and the two of them somehow got them outside without paying. For some reason, I then found myself outside the building, running around the perimeter. I soon arrived near the entrance, and heard someone call the security guard into the building. My brother-in-law appeared in front of me, and seemed to realise what was happening. He told me quickly, but sternly, to get into the car.

And then I woke up!
Apparently, in my dream-world Mata has a small blonde afro and wears glasses. For some reason, he also lives on the first floor of a brick building, and in the place of furniture he has randomly stacked wooden crates. Strange.
You know ive just remembered that i had 3 dreams last night but cant remember what the hell they were about....
I have been dreaming very vividly recently, and getting frustrated in the morning whilst trying to figure out what is real and what was dreamt.
I had a very...erm...special dream last night. We were going to someone's house--I think it was someone on my dad's side of the family--on this road that I think is on my school bus route. At first, there was just this stuffed deer laying on the side of the road. Like, not a stuffed animal, a deer that was shot and stuffed. +shiver+ Then there were just more of them, mostly deer and bulls and dogs that were the size of the bulls. I remember telling my brother to move some body part at least twice, because he was about to get skewered by an antler or horn. I think finally we started walking, but I was still looking down at the animals, and I told my dad that I understood why someone might want to stuff a beloved pet dog, but I didn't understand why someone would want to stuff all their deer and bulls, too.

Then, somehow, we were in the house. There was fried chicken, but for some reason this part of the house was sort of like the foyer to a business or something, and I think there might have been a gymnasium to the right and a statue of Mary to the left. My mom asked if anyone wanted drinks, and I did so she told me where to go, but for some reason someone who I think was Maggie Gyllenhaal (sp?) was ahead of me. So I just followed her, and a lot of my extended family was in this one room we went through, watching one of my cousins (I think) play Mario on my paternal grandma's really old Super Nintendo. Then we were in this basementy-kitcheny-thing and Maggie got her soda and left. I got mine, but then my cell phone vibrated and I discovered I had a bunch of text messages, which is weird because practically no one has my number. They were all related and the only one I really remember was from John, which said something like 'Proof you're bi?' and I got really mad at my friend Kelsey, who I was sure had told the entire school or something.

Then my mom yelled about chocolate pancakes so I woke up.
There was an alternate universe where it was the norm to have downs syndrome, whenever someone in 'our world' had a child with downs a woman in the 'other world' had a child with perfectly normal intelligence.

Hmm cant remember much else

i was sitting in a bus station...then.... nope its gone
I dremt that I was Harry Potter, that Hermione was in a choral group, Ron was in a (pretty good) rock group, and that a guy kept on trying to attack me so I had to use kung fu to stop him! 'Twas really rather odd.
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