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Full Version: You Belong
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How can the mere presence of somebody
Ease your greatest pain,
Brighten your darkest corner,
Turn a frown of stone into a smile of gold?

How can hearing somebody's voice
Dull the knife of self doubt,
Polish the windows of self confidence,
And make all your problems fading whispers in the past?

How can leaving somebody you've only known for a minute
Hurt for hours on end,
Bring your heart down to the pit of lonliness,
And transform your rose-tinted glasses into mere echoes in a cavern?

What is this ability? Where does the power lie?
In the five cubic feet of space they occupy next to you?
In the vibrations sent cascading in your direction?

No... The power lies
In the shared bumps in the road of Life,
In the diamond of respect in the rough of time,
In the feeling and knowledge, that
You Belong.
Wow. That's beautiful. I love the gentle rhythm and all the metaphors. I don't really know what to say, I', not very good at this. It was really good though! smile.gif
Loved it. Very beautiful indeed lol smile.gif well done. smile.gif
That is the truest expression I have heard in a long time.
I love it, it needs publishing

Rainbow x
*Stretches and wakes up from long nap* Wow, I've been not active for a while. Thanks for your comments. happy.gif

-Cerin (FeralPolyglot)
really good. its beautifal. keep it up lets hear some more biggrin.gif
It is pretty. I like the rhythms of it, it flows so beautifully. But personally, I think that a few of your metaphor/simile things seem sort of unnatural and forced. Hmm... maybe it would work better if the metaphors had a sort of central theme.

For example, the line with the rose-tinted glasses to echoes in a cavern. If I were you I would change them to either both about color or both about sound. It is a bit confusing having both.

Other than that, it is quite lovely. The message in it is beautiful, and very true. Keep up the good work. tongue.gif
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