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Full Version: Meep.
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Museum Girl
Hallo. I am the woman whom the trees loved, and my special power is not to be bored by museums. I am easily enraged, so much rage! I also like reading difficult-looking books and intimidating the first-years who want to use the library computers when I have library duty. I am the prefect of your soul.
Oooh! Oooh! I got here first! *squeeeees*

*duct tapes neatly to the ceiling*

Welcome to the forums, have fun.
*hands museum girl a kitten*
welcome, have fun, and all that stuff!
*hands explosion-proof suit*

Wear this and enjoy!

I'm Ange, btw happy.gif
Greetings! Welcome to the forum. Please check all notions of time, space, and sanity at the door and enjoy your stay. smile.gif
hello and welcome.
Hello, please wipe your shoes on the mat provided
Museum Girl
*runs away with kitten*

*realises is duct-taped to ceiling*

Hi everybody! (Hi, Doctor Nick!)
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