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The Inventions Game!

In the hustle and bustle of the year 2050 people may not have time for ordinary things we do now. Here you can describe an invention to help the people of 2050 enjoy our everyday things in the little time they have for leisure activities.

The last person to post will give the name of a product we use today and the next person to post will re-invent it for ease of use. It can be as crazy as you want it to be, just try not to let your invention run on magic. If you really want to you can draw a little picture to go with it.

Here's an example of how it's played - if the previous poster asked the question 'How will people enjoy cups of tea?' at the end of their post, the next poster would reply with something like:

"Cups of tea will be reproduced by the portable 'Cuppa 3K' system, processing hot tea to any specification. The variables of the virtual tea are 'milk amount', 'sugars', and the more expensive model will even have a dial to select flavours of herbal tea.
How will people communicate?"

And so on like that.

The first of this game might as well be How will peole communicate?

Also I apologise if anything like this has already been done, but I did some searching and didn't find anything, so hopefully it hasn't.
Monkeys will be bred with phones instead of one of their arms, so they will dial, bring your phone to you, and even answer.

How will people listen to music?
The vibrations of the music will be made into picture using methods such as the harmonograph and people will only have to look at the picture.

How will people eat?
Food will be transmitted via optic cable. Once it reaches your end of the optic cable, it turns into wood, which is then burrowed into by woodworm. Inside the wood is a special chemical that mutates the woodworm's genes into that of the plant or animal from which the desired food came from. Then, through a series of electric shocks the plant or animal is mutated yet again into the food you wanted, smashing out of the wood, where it moves into a special feeding tube inserting into the subject's belly button.

See? You're getting the hang of it!

How will people access the internet?
The brain will be replaced with the Google implant, a chip that is installed in the brain and replaces 90% of cognitive functions and all of memory with it's wireless ability to search Google and tap the results into the optic nerve.

How will we go shopping?
By 2050 shops will have to close down because of the rate of produce manufacture increasing dramatically. The millions of tonnes of produce will be kept in underground warehouses, some nearly the size of Russia. These underground warehouses contain teleports (which will be common household things by 2050), which produce is thrown into. The teleport teleports the produce to every teleport on the planet, and by trial and error will eventually reach its destination (this procedure will take only a fraction of a millisecond). Once it reaches its destination a crack team of nuclear ants carry the item on their heads to right to your front porch (ie the porch at the front, as houses will have several porches back to back).

How will people clip their fingernails (it's completely random, I know)?
Nanobots capable of destroying keratin will do it for us. Unfortunately, this also means we will have no hair, plus horses will have no hooves should the nanobots go 'rogue'.

How will we wage war?
By playing videogames. The games will corespond to real troops on the battlefield (See Southpark)

How will we grow flowers?
Flowers will be simialar to all those new pets robots, they will grow eventually if you repeatedly press a little orange button, otherwise they are self-dependent.

How will internet providers answer tech support?
They won't. The internet will be so advanced, trouble-free and so easy to use that no one will be able to afford it.

How will people earn their money?
They won't. Zombie hippies took over the world and have instated their "share the wealth" ideology. We work for nothing but get everything free.

How will we learn?
We Wont, at birth we are put into a machine and after a miniute or so we hav everything in our brains that we will ever need to know.

How will we sleep?
We will be hooked up to a dependant machine that stops time to let us sleep. It will only stop time for that purpose.

How will people visit Matazone?
By then matazone will be so amazingly amazing that it wil be a country, people will visit the island and things like the forums will be actaully halls!

What happens with out bodies when we die (if we do wink.gif)?
your sentence doesn't make any sence but oh well smile.gif

our heads will be placed in small boxes and locked up. There will be no conversation as instant messaging and text will have become more popular that speach. Emotions will be a thing of the past and everything done electronicly. Thats my theory anyway smile.gif

how will we live (houses flats in the sky etc)
We will be so into our work that our cubicles will double as houses. The tough part will be trying to sleep in that little manilla folder with your name on it.

How will big-time restaurants have advanced?
Wendy's will be a city. KFC will be a county (or state). Burger King will be a country, and McDonalds will be a continent.

What will money be in the form of?
Money will be in the form of shiny red buttons, but when you press them they shoot a laser-hologram of a President (or Prime Minister), depending on how much the money is worth.

How will life become more cushy than ever (I.E. hovering LA-Z-BOYS)?
The LA-Z-BOY 9000z3x2 Mark 7 will eliminate all possibilities of stress, by tapping into your brain via a surgically implanted wire in the head rest and constantly stimulating your happiness. Remember kids, with the wire there are no worries!

How will we read?
Newspapers will be a simple chip in our brain, updated every 10 seconds, and books will be in the form of bananas - eat them and learn.

What video games will be out, and how are they played? What system?
Final Fantasy 90 will finally debut, in which the dialogue is still overly sappy, and the combat system way too slow, but the soundtrack will win a grammy, for the fifteenth time in a row. Doom 17 will come out, requiring a massive 200 terrabytes of ram, and immersing the player SO completely, that people actually die playing it. Maxis again comes out with the most fatalistic game ever, you can't actually win, you can only play until you eventually lose or become bored. And Windows directx30 has flaws...who'd have imagined. Of course, Playstation 15 has a lot of new features, in addition to being able to play all types of media ever available, they also have the ability to tap into your brain, learn exactly what kind of game you want, and develop a game that is almost, but not quite, exactly like Indiana Jones, for atari 2600.

What will politics be like?
The party in power will be the Liberate the Weed party. Although, surprisingly enough, all the junkheads who voted for them didn't realise that they were actually an anti-gardening party who were pro-weed.

What will films be like?
you will be able to watch films as holigrams and get PART of the movie. (given the options etc.)

how will we get around?
Not in hovercars because that will be outdated technology by then. We will get around in large stairlifts which can travel the universe in under an hour. But traffic can often be busy on these things, and youngsters pressing 'eject' buttons on old people's carriages will prove an hilarious laugh.

How will we eat pie?
Pie will simply hover into our mouths with baked-in digestible hover-pad-thingies.

How will we mow our new space-lawns?
All the grass will have been genetically modified so that at the point where it gets too long, it gets a sudden urge to chop itself in half.

How far will political correctness have been taken?
The Burger King will now be the
"Gender-neutral burger political leader of no specified degree of power".

How will we save files?
If a file escapes from your computer (there will be a bug in windows DRT50 which allows files to escape), depending on the type of file (there will be .wav discrimination at the time, and they will be frowned upon) in order to save it you must jump across the road with a butterfly net and trap it.

What kind of security systems will there be?
Security systems would be so high that you yourself couldn't access your hair dryer without a spleen examine, eye scan, lip scan, voice scan, breath scan and even entering a password at least 5,000 characters long.

how will we order take-away meals
you will order take-aways by using ant and dec (DIE) as your personal robot-Grumio's.

how will people worship bands?
(me planning for the future)
sacrificing young of a goat.

how will we watch TV?
by lying down on people while they tell us that (shock horror) someone's actaully dping something interesting in Big Brother (not that i watch it....ITS TRUE I DONT!)

oh poo..
How will we read the newspaper?
News... paper?

You think that they'll still be around? All the trees on earth (and many surrounding planets) would have been chopped down and distilled into one small piece of paper in a scientific experiment to see what was the most papery paper.

What sort of firearms will there be?
Cool stuff that turns you into ash, and the Anytime launcher (You know, from Predator)

How will we find the lost remote?
With a click of the fingers, it will emit an ear-piercingly high series of bladder-emptying 'woo-wooing' noises.

What sorts of instruments will there be?
long ones that go "Bleep Bloop!" and " wizzzzzleees".

What pets will there be?
Judging by early 20th century fiction, my guess would be the same as normal pets, just wearing space helmets. Also on the moon there will be space-snakes. Also wearing helmets.

What size will mobile phones (and all other technology, for that matter) have shrunk to?
"Now where did I put my laptop? I swear it was right next to my Starburst... Wait, did I eat it?"

What kind of clothes will people wear?
we wont. We will be heads in jars.... Ahhhh i cant wait....

What will happen if we dont pay our bills?
Laser-repo men will come and buh-zap! your stuff away.

How will we make concerts look cooler ( I dunno, atomically powered super-smoke machines?)
as we will live in space, we will have supernovas going off in the background and people will chuck comits at each other. The singers on the other hand wont have anything to sing about because its all been done before.... many times.

how will we communicate over long distances?
Isn't that an obvious question? The Blimternet! Like the internet, just with added Blim.

What will be the new black?
A strange type of dye that constantly shifts colors.

How will we build houses?
uninspired pizza guy
Due to current greenhouse trends, we will have to grow geneticly modified trees into the shape of houses, much like the hedges of today.

Will cloning be "The thing"?
do you mean *how will we clone things?*

if so, then we make a superwoman that bears a clone to the thing it does.

how will we do cartwhells (which i cant do)?
laser targeting.

How will we buy food?
we wont, we will have a bracelet that takes air and turns it into energy therefore alleviating the need to eat food!

how will we travel?
Nikola Tesla's flying machine and/or flying monkeys.

What will people have to brag about?
different versions of what we brag about!

what will people get for punishiment?
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