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Full Version: Us North East Meet?
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I am if'y as well. Honestly I cant say if I can go till closer to the meet date. I should be heading up to Boston around july 4th so if I go to Boston I don't think I will want to make a 10 hour drive up north twice in one month. What date do people have in mind? If it was closer to the July 4th weekend I could possible make it through on the way to Boston. We're planning on stopping in NY and DC anyway.
Well, the date is not set in stone - we had chosen that date because it seemed to work at the time for the most people, but we can still change the date a little, if everybody else is okay with it. I know that I'm good throughout July, I believe that Trunksgirl is as well.
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I would love to go, but I probably won't. I don't think my mom would let me down there... and i'm gonna be away in July. hopefully if we have another I'd be able to make it... but don't expect me to come to this one... sad.gif
I really don't know, if my parents go on there own vacation, then yes I can, but it would depend on when they went.
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Eh, anytime that's not the 1st through the 19th of July would work for me. I'll be up in Oregon during those times. There was several resent deaths in the family so I can't change that. And since philly is only a few hours away from us, I'm pretty sure we could stop in for a hello. Anyways, keep me posted.

Okay, if everybody who is interested can either post the dates which are good for them here, or pm me, we can try and find a date which will work - include dates that are good from July through Augest, please.
Little Green Goth
Anytime after the 19th of July.
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