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Full Version: Chu?
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yo everyone...>.< i hate being new. do what you will with me *crunches into a ball of protection*
Yay! I got here first!
*hands over a kitten*
Stop by the cult of Brother Black Sheep sometime, and welcome to what is possibly the strangest place on the internet...
kitty! i shall call it Joseph and we shall plot world domination!
nuh-uh. I'm already planning world domanation. I'll let you have 2% of the profits, though.
hello and welcome.
Hiyas! (you remember me so much of my friend from camp already, hehe). Have some baklava!
QUOTE (spiderseatingmealive @ Apr 4 2005, 01:05 AM)
kitty! i shall call it Joseph and we shall plot world domination!

I think about 60% of the people on here are plotting world domination of some kind or another

But yeah, Hi and stuff
Hi, welcome to the forum, enjoy.

*tapes to ceiling*

Just a warning, your sig is a little large, the usual guideline is no bigger than the height of your av I believe (although it is an awesome sig). smile.gif
kk thanks for the advice ^.^

i wonder if i chop it up it'll work...>.< not on the right comp i can't do that now.

Indeed, it may be groovy but it'll be a case of change it lose it.

Welcome to the forum, the exits are nowhere to be found so have some ice cream!

*lifts you into a swimming pool filled with ice cream using a crane*

enjoy and stick around!
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