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Full Version: Msn
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Snugglebum the Destroyer
For the last five days or so, I have been unable to use my webcam with MSN. It's been fine before that but now it doesn't connect at all and I can't connect to anyone elses camera either.

Is anyone else having a problem with MSN in general or is it likely to be something on my PC? I've tried the MSN site but that's not being terribly helpful either.

WARNING - The Snuggley one is a PC retard so please use small words and treat like an idiot when giving advice. Thank you.
I generally just shake my fist at Bill Gates and wipe my system every eighteen months when all the crap finally builds up beyond my highest tolerance. There's probably a problem with a virus on your PC; try running a virus scan.
Free online virus scan here:
Sir Psycho Sexy
Reinstalling software usually fixes things too, try that. Course you might just be unlucky, MSN sucks like that...
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Okay - I virus checked the whole lot and I thought it wouldn't do anything as I last did it all on Friday. I found no less then 10 viruses on my PC. blink.gif

Ahem, I'd like to thank Polo for making me do it again, AIM for installing Wild Tangent onto my PC (which BTW is a bitch to get off again) and finally I'd like to thank my boyfriend who looks at copious amounts of porn while I'm away and all the little nasties that come with it. dry.gif
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