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Full Version: Hello, My Name Is Vgb9, And I Have A Twisted Mind
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Fish Head
um, hi, this isnt the first forum ive ever been on, so i know how they work. however, i do need some friends
Hello and welcome. I'm sure more people will be along shortly to make you feel at home. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask
Hi, welcome to the forums, have fun. smile.gif

*tapes to the nearest available surface*

Taping is traditional so it must be right!
Fish Head
well thanks biggrin.gif how do i find a "guide"?

Welcome! *catapults ice cream at you from a giant spoon*

If you want a guide just ask and people will more than likely pop up and offer... I would but I'm quite attatched to mine and I don't think he'd want to give up his cage!
PM anyone if you need help, we're all pretty nice (just watch out for Jimi)
Watch out for Jimi? What are you implying there, snoo?

Hi Vgb9, pleasure to meet you. If you join the Cult of Brother Black Sheep (which I highly recommend you do) then you will notice that I die at least once every post.

Join, and you may get put in an animation. JOIN... NOW...


Here, listen to some 'Cher'.

*Sets up hi-fi next to Vgb9*

Earplugs everyone!

*Turns on high volume Cher*
QUOTE (JimiJimi @ Apr 6 2005, 02:36 PM)
Watch out for Jimi? What are you implying there, snoo?

You with your brain washing of noobs! Let them choose of their own free will to join CoBBS if they really want to, they have a right to an oppinion so let them make their own rather than giving them one!
Fish Head
blink.gif the cher is melting my mind and frying it at the same time, leaving it in a semi-liquied semi-solid state, much like that of the plasma found in stars. tongue.gif
*looks at VGB's profile*

Girls, Computers, Pissing People Off, Arguing, Debate, Nintendo


Meh, welcome anyway. Just don't pee people off too much. That's my job. wink.gif
Fish Head
maybe we can share it biggrin.gif oh, and i prefer to be called VGB9
Hi! Have some Spangles!!! We're all nice and bouncy and stuff. Welcome to the family!
Fish Head
spangles? what are these sapngles that you speak of?
Spangles are like Glitter except they NEVER come off! This means that we can always spot you and you are a part of these forums FOREVER!!!!
Fish Head
go spangles!!
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